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All New 2014 Can Am Spyder RT! – 1st Real Test Ride! | TestRides

BRP Can-Am Spyder Roadster RT – All New for 2014!

All right a little dare you to guess what this is is a 2014 spyder rt this is a standard model doesn’t have any of the frills of thrills but this is going to be a demo but you’re going to see a lot of because i’m going to be riding this thing this year last night to put some seal boards floorboards on there if you guys are interested i will throw a link below

Really nice gentleman that owns and runs that company but uh yesterday i took a cognac colored our arty around the building in the rain so this time we’re going to actually take it for a ride still got the same weight period to hit the mode button that didn’t change for 2014 so we had a bunch of guys down here from the spider rider of america club the columbia

River chapter and a they’ll test rode this thing we’re gonna we’re gonna try out ourselves here it has no fuel or temp gauge there when you those are disconnected the digital version shows up in the lcd which most people say are more accurate wow this thing’s that’s some good compression braking of course i check after i leave damn beards are all over the place

Here okay that’s going fast enough to turn the crews on but here we go the take-off from these things lately different than they were before they idle just like a automatic wood but when you take off it like quickly engages the clutch so it’s almost like a manual that you let go the clutch kind of quickly on definitely a lot more torque love the compression

Braking it’s like riding a manual is nice damn heated grips on i’m pooping and high cotton now look at the idle on it the other ones idle around 14 15 this is idling a 900 by looks of it i don’t know what the temperature is out here it’s fantastic i just got a just my inner liner out of my first year keeping dean rainier jacket have that on i’m i take you on the

Same route i took the 2010 if i can get around this pacifica just these people off right away yeah this thing definitely has more torque good lord he put 11 miles on this thing today i think most of them were just riding around the parking lot on it let’s kick our shield up to get some some additional silence here maybe it’ll pick up the engine engine sound a

Little better you get a lot more even though the intake is now going up in the in the left nose it has a tube that runs up there it’s definitely got an air box bark to it which is kind of cool sounding it’s 55 to hear this idiot wants to race me along there’s six year i think poles from three grand and sixth gear that’s a turkey motor am gretz our get to be

Too much for me try cuz my gloves are so thin that’s got to go overall yeah feels like the whole thing’s wider it just maybe i know the nose piece is wider but it feels like overall the carcass of it’s wider it probably is i’m sure it is to accommodate for that inline triple for the most part you you feel like you’re right any other arty they just be me but

It feels very very stable the artis a kind of famous forget kind of they get this little tail wag thing going from the wind i’ve got quite a bit of wind buffeting around and this thing feels nice it’s very stable they have the the compression braking is incredible i love it thing almost has a tryout sound to it it’s literally the same route that i’ve taken you

Before that’s the cowlitz river still amazing you see all the damage of mount st. helens still down here this is actually a newer boat ramp the other one was where that wolfe park was back there sure looks desolate dead out here when that’s the wintertime doesn’t you i love the sound so different get a lot more antique town she bounces up to 70 miles an hour like

Right now yeah i’m really impressed really impressed i’ll ride you through wacky world here that’s our super walmart’s here one of two here in town oh dear god i pulled myself out in front of a feller here wouldn’t want that great name to come out after me that great dane wouldn’t come after the spider i’m the same color as he is man this has been a crazy thing

Of traffic today this is a saturday i can usually go test rides and just bomb right through stuff long night there buddy nice you are a knucklehead hey there pooch you guys seen what that idiot did and i don’t think that was just water that splash back on me it looks like mud that was very quick well actually quite long but i’m gonna make this video very quick

Test ride in the 2014 spyder rt standard model where she be i’m out thanks for watching guys take care now

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All New 2014 Can Am Spyder RT! – 1st Real Test Ride! | TestRides By Shawn Smoak