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Alpinestars Andes Outdry Touring Gloves – Fall Weather Review

Tested this out, honestly at first I thought these were fall weather riding gloves but I was wrong.

Which is this one this is the andes grand touring outdry gloves so we are now trying the andes andes are you gonna do any better that’s the question andy’s don’t disappoint me i’m gonna make the same trip mr andy’s oh god this one’s harder to put on though all right first impressions let’s go i don’t think this is gonna work feels very thin this one felt like

It had some stuff in it this one feels like there’s nothing inside i like how it looks i like the alpine stars and the elements there’s no bridge which sucks don’t think this is a hard knuckle but it’s definitely hard protection here and here which is nice the accordion style stuff is all over the place another alpine stars touch screen capable again it doesn’t

Work for well for me so i don’t really care about that all right guys andy’s touring let’s see how it does that’s oh this is cool i can use that as a pull tab okay i like that one again i don’t have high hopes for this glove because of how it feels inside feels like a gauntlet i mean my my summer gone let’s i can definitely feel the cold it’s not as bad so far

As the previous gloves they were unbearably cold they were hitting ice cubes cold so you know that’s that neck is pretty cold hands are still bearable i’m gonna say handsome are still bearable so i can handle that they seem to do better than that is i think i can actually maybe even put a liner underneath it to make it even better because like i said it doesn’t

Feel like it’s got well it doesn’t it doesn’t have thick thermals inside so i’m gonna have to check and see what makes it so good what’s that hold him okay come on all right okay so it is chilly okay but my fingers don’t feel like they’re not they’re holding ice cubes not yet anyways i feel like it’s gonna come there soon but it’s definitely better feeling

Than the previous gloves which i had so this one definitely feels a lot better i’m gonna assume this is more expensive okay so my fingers don’t feel like ice cubes they don’t they really don’t my right hand it’s chilly don’t get me wrong but it does not feel like i’m been punching ice cubes or holding ice cubes actually it just feels like they’re chilly they

Um you know they’re not they’re not warm so from the extensive testing on this glove versus the other gloves these ones hold out better they they definitely hold on better they’re not as bad as the other ones okay fingertips are quite chilly large championship that’s surprising this one just feels like hard hard plastic inside or hard rubber inside you know

It doesn’t feel like some insulation or thermals or anything inside the previous gloves had thermals well it felt like it had terminals let me correct that and it did for for keeping me warm this one feels like it has nothing it literally it literally feels like my summer gauntlet gloves i don’t know the name or whatever but but that’s what it feels like but

It as it does a better job of keeping you warm so that’s interesting and i think it’s those perforations that the other glove had i think those are allowing the air to come through which is not what we want of course we want wind blocker and warmth if possible

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Alpinestars Andes Outdry Touring Gloves – Fall Weather Review By Reginald Sharma