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Alpinestars Motegi Leather Motorcycle Suit at

Order your Alpinestars Motegi Leather Motorcycle Suit at!

Kristina here for thank you for joining us today we are looking at the brand new alpinestars motegi one-piece race suit it’s constructed of a 1.3 millimeter full grain leather and it has perforated leather panels on the front of the torso the upper leg here a little on the arms and on the back of the suit you also see the 3d mesh on the back of the

Collar that rolls down to the aerodynamic hump and then there’s also perforated panels on the lower parts of the leg here moving back to the front of the suit this is a multiple stitched race suit so you know you’re going to have maximum tear resistance you also have plenty of flexibility when you’re wearing this suit you have the arabic stretch panels that go from

The torso down the sleeve here the arabic stretch panels are also on the lower part of the suit they start at the crotch area here and rolled down to the back of the leg for added flexibility you also have the accordion stretch panels that are full leather grain here on the upper knee and then on the back of the suit there’s a few more behind the shoulder and on

The lower back now this talk protection this suit has plenty of protection throughout the entire suit you have siiii certified gp protectors on the shoulders and elbows they look like this and they have the injected molded shells with a dual density foam for knee and shin protection you have the alpinestars one piece siiii approved gpr shin and knee protector now

Throughout the entire suit the motegi has integrated pe foam that looks like this on the chest the side of the torso on the sleeve and on the hips for added protection last but not least the alpinestars gp knee sliders that are attached to the exterior of the suit it has a wide range here of velcro where you can place it where it’s most comfortable and where it’s

Going to add the most protection for you for reinforced protection on the shoulders you have tpr protectors on both sides let’s turn the motegi suit to the back as we mentioned before it has the aerodynamic back hump it is fully ventilated so not only does it keep you cool it also helps prevent resistance with the wind and helps you have a smoother ride on the

Lower part of the back you have added padding here with perforation on the sides there’s added padding on the tailbone as well for reflectivity you have low light reflective on the lower part of the hump on both sides of the sleeve and on the side of the leg here this is a full-on motogp style race suit you didn’t used to see these before only the pros used to

Wear these until out plan star’s release them we’ll take your race suit you can also see with the alpinestars logos diet into this suit that it enhances the motogp look now let’s get to the inside of the soup a velcro closure here with the ykk zipper and on the inside you have a full-on mesh liner that is removable and washable there’s also a few pockets on the

Inside and it has built-in stretch panels that match the outside of the suit stretch panel so that’s another thing that’s going to help you move in this suit the alpinestars motegi rate is available now at this suit is for the high level racer who is looking for great protection nice ventilation plenty of flexibility and overall comfort this suit

Is also available in a non perforated version and a two-piece suit four different colors available euro sizes 48 264 and the price at line at or give us a call at the number on your screen thanks for watching i’m christina will see you guys later you

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Alpinestars Motegi Leather Motorcycle Suit at By BikeBandit