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Alpinestars T-GP Plus R v3 Jacket Review

Alpinestars T-GP Plus R v3 Jacket Review

Spurs here with revzilla and in this video we’re going to break down the alpinestars tgp plus rv 3 jacket available at so a few weeks ago i was shooting some pirelli tire videos and i talked about how their naming conventions are some of the most confusing in the industry and i think i misspoke because alpinestars gives them a run for the money the

Tgp plus rv 3 is going to be replacing the v 2 of the jacket with the same name and really what you’re going to see here is a affordable textile jacket from alpinestars sport in its nature think sport bike think you know naked sport bike but really what you’re going to see is a comfortable textile jacket coming in around the 240 dollar price point now we say the

$240 price point keep in mind revzilla does have a price match guarantee so you are guaranteed to get the lowest price and one of the biggest changes that we’ve seen going to the v3 is when we had the v2 we didn’t have the full textile version now with the v3 you’re gonna get an air version which is in a combined textile and mesh for riding in the warmer months

Of the year and we’re going to have the non air version which is going to be a full textile design and includes a full sleeve thermal liner that jacket is going to be more for two to three season functionality think spring think fall and pushing it a little bit further into the colder months of the year so you can fine tune which jacket is gonna be right for you

Based on the amount of time you spend riding in different weather conditions now from a sizing standpoint old smiley pants me q my left hand side is currently wearing it extra large he stands at six foot weighs 220 pounds and has a 44 inch chest correlates perfectly with the size chart sizes will range from small up to four xl and there are four different colors

To choose from so we already talked about the bump to the v3 now allows you to choose between the mesh or the air version and the non air the main difference there is the construction if you’re going with the non air it’s a full 600d polyester the the previous version of the jacket combines 650 and then 450 in some areas the new version is going to get 600 d

Throughout when you’re looking at the air version you are still getting 600 d in your impact zones down the shoulder across the chest down the the elbow but you’re now incorporating it polyester mesh throughout and you’re gonna get some stretch which is down the inner arm and this is going to be the same on both as well so extra comfort so really as we talk about

The changes throughout this they wanted to update the protection but also maximize comfort in what is a very you know everyday textile jacket when you’re riding this it should be something that you want to just throw on get on the bike and go out for a day ride as we’re looking down the collar the main change that you’ll see first is when we get to the shoulder

Protection they’ve now gone away from a hard tpu to a soft dfs shoulder and they’ve also updated the armor in the shoulders as well as the elbow so in the previous version they had gone with a c-level to hard armor it’s a soft armor but it has definitely more of a hard feel to it and the reason they had put this in the previous version of the jacket is they didn’t

Have anything else that had maximized air flow all the other jackets within alpinestars at this price point we’re using ace-1 armor but the c1 armor was super thick and bulky and it didn’t breathe so in order to get the breathability out of the v2 they had added this armor but it really didn’t fit within the price point of a jacket so what you’ve seen is they’ve

Actually gone to an updated ce-1 nucleon flex armor so what i like about this it’s a lot thinner than that sea level to armor it’s a lot more comfortable a lot lighter weight and it’s even more breathable so while you are going from a sea level to down to a sea level one that’s not something we normally like to see what i like about this is it’s more comfortable

For everyday use so when you’re wearing the jacket you really don’t feel like there’s any armor in there whatsoever because of how thin and how comfortable it is to use the advancements that we’ve seen in armor are a really top notch across the board i really like what alpinestars is doing with their nucleon line of armor and this new flex material really does add

Protection as well as comfort so because of that armor being so thin what they were able to do is actually thin up the profile on the sleeve so this sleeve is actually less bulky than the previous version they’ve cut down the whole lines you’re still getting a little pop of reflective the new logo across the top you’re gonna have mesh on the outside here out fine

Stores logo down the outside of the forearm and then when you get to your closure it’s going to be a velcro over zip closure to this and you are gonna get a little bit of that that gusset in there very simple ones designed but what i do like is they have slimmed it up to match the armor so the jacket just has a spelter feel but it’s still more comfortable to wear

As you work your way down the front what you will notice is the mesh on the front of this hand warmer pockets alpinestars logos sewn in across the chest just a light style update over the previous version mr. mchugh face i always strike the riding position for me you are now getting full stretched down the back of the shoulders even though the material looks about the

Same it’s now a stretch polyester that’s going to work down the arm so if you are more that full top and a sport bike again really maximizing comfort between the armor and the amount of stretch that you’re now getting in this jacket in a velcro cinch down to the bottom of the waist go ahead and face backwards for me taking a look down the back pops are reflective

Applying stars logo with the seat the main thing you’ll notice here is there’s no longer a foam pad in here so what alpinestars realized was that a lot of people were confusing that foam pad with a back protector and they weren’t actually putting a back protector in the jacket the foam pad that used to come with all their jackets was not a c rated back protector

Whatsoever so they’ve eliminated that pad which was essentially just a placeholder to make it look better when i was hanging on a hanger in the shelf so you definitely want to upgrade a back protector in this to match the armor like i said there’s a lot of great nucleon back protectors out there from alpinestars i think you could find one that perfectly sits in

Here for around the the fifty dollar price point so a nice upgrade to make sure that you’re matching the protection that you’re getting at the elbows and the shoulders just make you go ahead and face forward and i’m just gonna have you unzip for me taking a look at the inside again if you’re looking at the air version simple mesh you are getting a zip connection

At the bottom if you wanna match this with a pair of alpinestars textile pants and then just really comfortable to wear even if you’re just wearing this with a t-shirt underneath the main difference here is if you are looking at the non air version you will get that full sleeve thermal liner so you can go ahead and zip up so for me what i really like about the

New tgp plus are the three is the fact that you are maximizing comfort you’re getting a jacket that is easier to wear a little bit lightweight a little bit more breathable and that new armor really just works well for those of you out there that are you know looking at your first motorcycle jacket the price hasn’t changed over the v-2 and you’re getting a lot of

Key updates and like i said earlier like why you like what you don’t like to see the sea level 2 armor you know go to a sea level 1 i really like the armor that alpinestars is using in this especially for riders that are getting into the first motorcycle jacket they don’t want something big and bulky uncomfortable this is definitely a jacket to consider now for

Those of you out there that you don’t want to hear more about what other riders have to say click the info button on your desktop or mobile device where you can read other rider reviews from folks that are putting new tgp plus our v3 jacket you guys say that like 10 times fast to see if you can really nail it through its paces if you’re still not sure as to which

Jacket is right for you or your motorcycle your riding style you can always reach out to one of our gear geeks at eight seventy seven seventy nine to nine four five five or shoot an email over to cs at i want to thank you for joining us for this look at the alpinestars tgp plus are the three jacket i’m spurge enjoy the rod

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Alpinestars T-GP Plus R v3 Jacket Review By RevZilla