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Altberg Hogg motorcycle boots

Just a little demonstration to show you the difference between me al’s bird hog dual-use boots on your right and the hog or whether original and on your left the hog light now the hub light is the first ones i got these just have a simple takes camera breathable lining in them it’s not waterproof but you do find that with the quality of the leather and applying the

Leather grips with a brush as per the instructions i’ve never had wet feet with these i’m i wouldn’t know that they weren’t multi because basically they are waterproof i’ve been some real real heavy downpours for hours and hours on end the only rain has ever gotten was a bit over the top now these have just had really high quality leather on them there’s a gear

Change patch over the top on both boots and special padding in the ankle area and a crushproof salt now this is my second pair of these the first pair i got caught under my motorcycle and diversity as moment is when i hit gravel and had a bloody under crossed or on top of my leg it was a quite a scary experience i couldn’t get the bike off me and i couldn’t get

My my foot out even i’m doing the laces i couldn’t get my foot out i was under the bike for about two minutes um it’s awesome help came without a doubt i mean i’ve already got pretty bad knee and leg injuries from the army without a doubt these save me from a lot worse injuries 24 hours in french a&e and i was able to limp out and carry on with my journey and

Though it wasn’t quite so much fun then so anyway the first and with the accident we’re a medium which is the size i’ve taken all my life but i realized with the outlive i can get down too narrow so i sold those declaring when i sold them that i’d had that accident in them but they were fine ned they were virtually no damage on them and i got a a narrow pair made

For me by the factory you also put extra padding in here but in the end i cut it out i didn’t decided it wasn’t necessary absolutely terrific pair of boots really i just think there’s just such a good pair of boots and a little bit making boots for a long long time up in the ocean walking boots military boots boots for the police you can walk in these when you

Get off the bike you’re not plugging around it dirty great big boots buckles and things this is basically very similar to their walking boot designs or their military boot designs well after that but when i went up to the factory and i came there i thought i’d nip him have a look i didn’t really intend to buy a pair of boots but when i tried the hub or whether or

It was just the other ones are good but these are even nicer they were just so much more comfortable i think the reason is is they do two different soles on both boots so you get the original and you get the micro or the micro light so i’ll know the micro lights up i thought just some sort of gimmick but actually it’s it just that little bit better quality salt a

Bit more shock impact absorbing shock resistant whatever you want to call it as you walk it’s just that a little bit more comfortable it has a deeper round which put me off at first but that’s all part of it and so with this pair as i was up there i’ve got the custom customized to how i wanted it as i don’t change gear with my feet i have a click tronic electronic

Gear to an it unit which i use my thumb to change gear this time i decided to have the gear gear change pache liftoff i had originally asked them to do that i might the other pepe the hog lights but they said the boot wouldn’t be quite so strong and they’d already had an accident with them they really didn’t want to leave it off but with this pair they said they

Thought it would be fine you know i mean it’s still a very tough boot and the other thing they did was the hog or whether comes with a waterproof lining well i already knew from my experience of the other pair that with the leather grips and the quality of the leather they are to all intents and purposes waterproof and for me riding in hot weather might cumbersome

Feet injuries i’d rather have something more breathable very amenable there was absolutely no problem no extra charge to just put in the the non waterproof lining and to leave the the gearchange panel off i also ordered even narrow because a new narrow is a better fit for me they’re just a bit higher than the other ones really very similar in design in other ways

In that you’ve got the softer panel here but you’ve got the the ankle protection in there which really works the crush resistant sole you can see by the soles but it’s it’s a really good salt to walk in as well you can wear these on the bike go to enhancing get off walk up the mountain if you want really really good quality boots again this mez never let me down

Never let got wet feet with these yes these are black boots thick leather if you’re wearing them in 40 degrees in the bar dana’s desert as i was this year your feet then i get hot but you get hot whatever big black boots you were wearing and you’re not going to carry two or three pairs of boobs around with you for different conditions but that’s by the by the camera

Sim protects lining or to munich or it it dries out very quickly just leave the boots in the shade dries out very quickly pull out the insoles and i just let them breathe and yep fantastic pair boots really really comfortable and you’ve got the protection and the comfort when you get off the bike and you’ve got to walk around i have a third pair of albert boots

Which is the military-issue defender ones which a lot of them turn up on ebay some time ago and i’ve got a brand new pair of those they’re very similar to these except of course they don’t have the ankle protection and all that and those ones i use for going out bird-watching in there in the winter again just a great pair of boots so like i say they’re really really

Good quality pair of boots now i have heard people complaining about senator service without the sometimes but i’ve it’s always been the other way for me i’ve just had really good service from them you know any little design to us they’re not adverse to changing it if they can and they’ll talk to you on the phone they’d rather you visit it if you can because they

Want everyone to get the perfect fitting pair of boots you know it’s not their fault if you were measure your feet long or you know can’t be bothered to to go up there and have a look they will you can if you buy this the boots without alterations like i’ve got you can send them back as long as you’ve only worn them in the house they’re exactly the same condition

Is what they arrived in so all you lose out all then is postage i can highly recommend these boots i think that’s just about warriors to say really happy motorcycling folks

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Altberg Hogg motorcycle boots By johnnymoto77