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Amazing 1984 H-D Electra Glide Classic in Fabulous Shape. Wahoo! TBT 17

Beautiful old 84 Electra Glide Classic with original paint. A very rare find. Wahoo! TBT 17

Foreign biker here and welcome to throwback thursday and look what we have today this is a beautiful 1984 electra glide classic flht this is the first year of the evo engines and these bikes and uh so let’s take a look at that nice tall motor down there it’s just a beautiful thing we think it has a five-speed transmission although some of the reading i did said

Some of them had four speeds i’m not sure without without running this machine i don’t know how to tell the difference but just look at this whole thing isn’t that just a thing of beauty just an absolutely gorgeous thing this is the it’s called the toy box the less hills harley-davidson all of these motorcycles are for sale down here these are all used bikes

Absolutely gorgeous place anyway a bunch of trikes here through one two three four five six there’s at least six trikes here but uh anyway just a fabulous bike isn’t it it seems to have very good paint yet uh you know there isn’t a lot of wear everywhere so i think the mileage is actually probably accurate 30 000 i think i said just a beautiful thing so what

Is it again well it’s a evil equipped it’s got an 81.7 cubic inch engine that’s 1300 and uh 37 cc’s overhead valve cams down here of course push rods bells in the head it’s got two valves per cylinder one exhaust one intake uh horsepower numbers were kind of hard to find on this i found everything from 50 all the way up to 70. so the minute the medium number i

Kept running into was about 64 64 horsepower the compression ratio is about eight and a half to one and this thing is supposed to have a top speed of about 90 miles an hour torque numbers on this for about 69 foot-pounds that’s 89 newton meters you know that’s pretty good amount of torque uh weight on this bike 761 pounds that’s 375 kilograms so it’s got a lot

Of mass uh about as much as the new ones do honestly maybe a little more you know of course that evo motor was a torque monster in its day and all you know they were supposed to be incredibly reliable what they lacked was power they said you know they couldn’t really build them up they when you build them they they had problems apparently but uh front tire and

Back tire as far as i can see anyway is a 130 90 16 both front and back and they look about that i can’t really find the writing on the back one disc brakes dual disc brakes on the front and the discs were i think they’re supposed to be 254 millimeters both the single disc on the bracket and each each one of these discs on the front they’re single pot calipers

So fixed disc floating caliper single piston and i’m thinking that’s what the rear was so there’s really no way to get a look at the back one but just just look at all the detail on this thing just a lot of really neat stuff there isn’t it i really like it i just i really do i’d love to have something like this you know the first year came out um if you have

A space for this in your garage get a hold of these guys at lost hills they were glad to help you out less it’s just a beautiful i mean look at the paint on this it’s just you know how how does the bike make it this long like that just a beautiful beautiful thing uh so let’s go over the let’s go over the dash here real quick very very uh 80s for sure

Analog instruments fuel gauge oil light neutral light high beam they’ve got an air pressure gauge there maybe voltage meter on this side this is probably a cassette deck yes it is if you’ve got any old cassettes there you go speaker button down here it says speaker on and spotlights over here on that one we’ll leave that off running up here start button engine

Button i’m not sure what this oh am fm weather band radio right there that’s interesting and then on this side high lows horned uh volume recall i think this is a oh that’s a cb okay i do not see cruise control i thought i thought this was a cruise control earlier but i’m wrong about that left turn signal on this side right turn signal on that side of course you

Know very classic i love the way it looks i just love the way it looks mirrors up here instead of down here it’s like i said it’s got the wind deflectors the crash bars front and rear very nice bumpers it’s got running boards in the front and on the back uh old motorcycles like this are just hard to come by in this shape i’m very impressed with this i uh i just

Love the way it looks phenomenal you know phenomenal bike i remember when these came out new and i just was amazed by them then and i’m absolutely amazed by this one you know this is a this is what i would call an analog motorcycle just it’s got it’s got everything let’s look at one of the bags here we can get them open oh the lids come on okay a little bit of

Wear there we’ll get back to that she’s really quite a good looking motorcycle isn’t she it’s just a thing of beauty got these little harley eyebrows over the lights 84 on the windshield a little eagle on the front there i don’t know if that lights up or not i rather doubt it but you never know the bumper just a gorgeous gorgeous motorcycle just a gorgeous thing i

Like everything about it some of the add-ons would be the bumpers the chrome up here the wind deflectors the bars this thing here and i’m not sure what that is um i’m not sure what these are i think uh anyway luggage rack on the back just a beautiful thing just a beautiful thing and i fuzzy biker am not going to ride that bike but hey thanks for coming to throwback

Thursday and you all get out there and ride wahoo all right

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Amazing 1984 H-D Electra Glide Classic in Fabulous Shape. Wahoo! TBT 17 By Forgotten Motorcycles