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Angry Hunter : Motorcycle Wolves – Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2010 Part 1

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Another day out in the plains of africa mm oh man the grass is really tasty today don’t you think steve it’s okay yeah you’re breathing in my ear again came back off a little bit oh yeah sorry bro just you know you smell so good your new cologne i love it oh yes it’s called oh dude pile well what the was that you oh never mind it’s probably just an airplane

Whatever no seriously man oh god serious you’re breathing in my ear again can you stop doing that it’s really distracting son son it’s your father from cabela’s dangerous hunts 2011 i’m back you never left you son of a i have a new mission for you i want you to join the orion club you mean the order of orion no as prestigious hunting club on the planet i started

The order of the orion club is it a ryan club or order of the orion or what that’s the order of the orion order club for men if you truly are a man you will do whatever i ask you to do and travel wherever i ask you to go to become a member all right you’ve convinced me let’s do this let’s hunt big game in 2010 son yes dad let’s do it your name is jack now i don’t

Have a clue what your last name is probably jack’s son of no my net last name is awesome hole we could tell as a child you were gonna be a real loser so we changed your last name so you wouldn’t be associated with us i don’t even think that’s legal nothing that i do is legal son oh son we’re gonna fly you in on a helicopter and use a cb to talk to you while

You’re flying in no i’m on the cb in the helicopter right now son alright jump yes hunter sense oh yeah my let the lord show you where the animals are son oh dad found a nice crown and ice scrape here pretty fresh pretty fresh and it’s from amateur good eye son will be grading you on this so far you’ve gotten an f my oh wait there’s a big buck oh yay good job

Sangha you killed a lung go claim that lung all that shit’s my lung what the hell’s our pronghorn it’s a little golden statue of a deer yeah because pronghorn so i noticed a severe lack of wolves and other dangerous animals what’s the deal with that no son there’s no wolves in colorado this time of year they all travel in south dakota for a motorcycle rally called

Sturgis have you ever been to sturgis son no never it’s where people go ride motorcycles and the wolves i’ll go there too in the wolves party with all the people who ride motorcycles i would be very interested in going to a wolf slash motorcyclist party do they play spin-the-bottle they do they play truth or dare yeah good party games so the dares are not very

Creative it’s usually just i dare you to go rip out rutherford’s throat and so they all go rip out his throat that’s pretty much the end of truth or dare and then they have sex oh a log aah aah whoa whoa wow see you trying to walk losing your stupid shitty ass balance whoa whoa sharks and alligators and death oh oh did you fart yep oh god damn it i can taste taste

It taste my ass oh i made it across uh-huh you dad wow this is the best hunting game ever oh a minigame that’s so cool i always wanted to play a hunting game with an aunt and game i disagree that’s not cool son it’s stupid oh it’s awesome oh no kinda job son you’re brilliant hunters wow just shoot your bullets off into the sky at nothing that clever there’s

Really quite beautiful countryside son you know what really makes it beautiful though the shotgun yes it adds a much-needed loud bang this via would just be worthless thank god for the gun and the destruction of everything oh yes god knew exactly what he was doing when he in yawns yes did you know that guns are actually approved of in the bible really oh yes in

The book of what i believe it was book sixth book of the book of smith & wesson that hard shot reminds me of the time that you told me we’re going to become a dancer it felt like a bullet shot me in the heart a riverdance was really popular okay i wasn’t the only one all those irish adonis’s up there dancing their house – stop it son you’d it’s like a an ak-47

And you shooting multiple bullets in my heart right now there’s a pretty large rabbit warren in that thicket yes let’s go up some rabbits oh yes goddamn those rabbits i love a large swollen rabbit warren yes die oh die you stupid little rabbit i can smell that stew already oh boy i certainly can’t wait to cook all those rabbits i filled full of buckshot didn’t

Bring into a nice stew that’ll be tasty right it will be tasty all right so i’m out of line quick quick son get them out line oh yeah that was smart that was smart son the way that you shot him with your gun that was very clever yeah i was i was debating not shooting him for a moment no no that would have been foolish it was smart that you shot him i mean i know

I have a lot of options in a game like this and shooting should probably be like my last recourse it should be yes you should have offered to play parcheesi with him ever see that movie called scent of an starring richard gere and al pacino no i never saw a scent of an oh it’s a great movie wonderful acting

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Angry Hunter : Motorcycle Wolves – Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 Part 1 By Game Society Pimps