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Another Pocket Bike?? The Chainsaw Pocket Bike

What Pocket Bike Should You Buy? Video:

Go mountain to the best family on youtube i hate that alright guys so this is kind of an end of the vlog intro but if you guys are thinking about subscribing go ahead and click that button because on this channel i like to give stuff away and i got another new project for you guys what’s going on guys welcome to today’s video today we’re going to be picking up

Another pocket bike i got to make this fast so because i got to run in the bank cash your check and get some cash let’s take you on this adventure got the cash baby the best thing about banks though so now we got to get over to his place by 11 o’clock got the pocket bike dude check it out he wasn’t really too down with me in film so i just decided to leave the gopro

In the car nonetheless got the bike in now we just got to get it back check out that fire over there it’s pretty crazy he pointed that out i didn’t even see it but yeah like i said i just didn’t even want to bother him with the camera because i really wanted the bike but i’m on the gopro right now because my big camera is going to die i’ll go into more details

About the sale when we get back i kind of want to see how close i can get to that fire so this fire is like right around the corner so let’s go check it out quick i say screw it the fire is right on the other side of the lake through it alright guys so we got the bike back now let’s talk about it a little bit when inside for one second so like i mentioned

Before you never really know who’s going to be cool with the camera and who’s not so i’ll kind of go over what the seller told me about the bike so this is the size comparison to the x7 as you can see this thing is tiny yeah i mean this thing is pretty much as small as it gets the seller told me that he owned the bike 20 years prior to selling it to me today and

He said it started off as an electric bike that kind of explains why it’s so small and now it actually has a chainsaw engine in it he said it’s very quick and that the engine size is a 90 cc i’m cool with that i mean this thing is tiny you can only expect so much from it the tires look like they’re in decent shape for being so small but this is kind of cool in

The ad i wasn’t sure how this worked but this is actually a little shorty we’re all short this pipe is but it’s massive in the back it’s pretty cool and then it’s got a key start and there’s your pull starter the seller also told me that he was a mechanic so that makes me feel pretty good about actually riding this thing but yeah guys i’m pumped about this thing

I think i’m gonna go all out just like the x7 unfortunately as you saw before it’s the dead of winter here right now so i won’t be painting anything or customizing anytime soon i’m still thinking i want to take it out and play around with it in the snow a bit just when you thought the channel couldn’t get any better now we got double the projects double the bikes

Double the fun and double the snow i just shot my garage but check out the pegs i just noticed this this thing is just modded to the bone although i’m freezing my brains out right now i still want to let you guys hear this thing run once when he started it for me he mentioned you have to pull out this little compression plug right here it is a chainsaw engine so

The back tire is going to automatically fill when i started i figured it wouldn’t start it’s freezing out here like i’ve mentioned a thousand times already but now i have this premium starting fluid and this is how mod of this thing is so you mentioned there’s no choke on it you spray wd-40 or whatever you starting to it you have into this little hole right here

This is my first time doing this by the way guys so i swear right when i got it started my memory card said it was full i’m just not used to the dslrs taking up so much frickin memory yet but let’s try it again look at the marks from the tire this thing made just off those little rebs that little thing did that as you just saw major power here i’m psyched about

This oh and by the way i could see someone calling me out for this you actually press this in and not out to start it also in this video i wanted to mention the giveaway again i’m giving away this hoverboard and the president trump bike please guys take this stuff off my hands it doesn’t deserve to be driven in the snow although this is pretty fun right now i’ll

Leave the link to the video in the top of the description alright guys so it’s actually freezing down here right now i hope everyone enjoyed today’s little adventure and i guess the message for this one would be if you’re thinking about buying anything on craigslist like a pocket bike perhaps just go for it and i know a lot of my viewers are too young to drive

Still but a lot of these sellers will actually meet you at your house and if your parents might not be comfortable with them coming over to your house just meet them at like a convenience store and if it’s your first time just bring a friend it’s no big deal honestly 99% of the time the deals are flawless they go through no problems lastly if you’re not subscribed

Yet hit that button because i mean look you

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Another Pocket Bike?? The Chainsaw Pocket Bike By Dylon Desbiens