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Apollo 110cc Review and Specs 2018 00 Pit Bike!!

This is just a quick informal review of the Apollo 110cc pit bike. So far it has been a great bike for the price I paid. I would recommend this bike to anyone who is beginning. This bike’s oil should be changed right away after being purchased and all the bolts should be tightened down and inspected. Hope this video helped with your decision. I will have videos coming soon of me driving the pit bike.

Mm that’s nice that’s really nice oh wait what wow those cinematics sucked either way welcome back to another video today we are reviewing the apollo 110cc now as you’re telling i am pointing at things but i’m not actually talking i’m doing an overdose of what was and those handles i hate i’m going to replace those with aftermarket same with this sticker it’s

Going to get rid of the apollo but again this is an over voice so this isn’t live i’m talking after the videos been taking i just figured that my video sucked and i’d rather talk later because i can read specs off the internet and act like i know what i’m saying right well anyways to start off this bike it has a pretty nice build i couldn’t complain when i bought

It i only paid $600 i would not pay more than 800 i’d say keep it below 800 if you want to get a good deal anything over that you’re probably and wasting your money now most videos out in the internet there are 240p and review of the apollo 110cc they’re garbage they lie about a lot of things this bike you can’t complain for the price it runs amazing cranks first

Start and it goes fast approximately about 30 miles an hour fast you can’t complain with that honestly for a pit bike that’s fun and the weight is okay so i’m about 6 foot 130 pounds pretty skinny and when i sit down on it it’s not that bad it’s tall it’s tall compared to me so it is a big bike just keep that in mind that paul is run bigger than most chinese bikes

And that’s another thing it’s chinese just quick warning most people don’t like chinese bikes but that’s their problem i don’t really care either way moving on this boat the front tires are 14-inch and the back tires are 12-inch i believe i think mine though are 17 inch in the back is 10 inch i could be wrong but that’s what i’ve led to believe this has hydraulic

Brakes really nice brakes glad they have them this is a semi-automatic does not have a clutch and personally i like that’s a good beginner bike i’m not very good at riding dirt bikes because this is my first dirt bike ever so overall glad that is it’s all up to switch gears and then all down the last one down is new track if that makes sense this is about 75 kgs

In weight so it’s heavy i don’t know what that is in pounds because i’m american like most people around here it is a chain drive overall i think it’s a one-person seat i don’t think you can fit two people on there if you are then you’re a little bit crazy for trying to fit that but um it’s a four-stroke and overall if the oil that comes in it please change it out

Right away it’s garbage so that’s what we did the gas needs to be unleaded but other than that i hope you guys enjoyed i hope this was a helpful review personally i think you should get the bike it’s really nice i would buy a brand new i went buy a used because i don’t trust people but um other than that it’s got a 3.2 liter tank so if you needed that to know that

I forgot to spit that out because you know i’m reading off another page in anyways basically if you’re thinking about if you just need a bike i would get it and yeah hope you found this helpful and i’ll see you in the next one peace you

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Apollo 110cc Review and Specs (2018) $600 Pit Bike!! By Alan White