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Apollo 125 Motovlog | Ran Out of Gas…

First time running out of gas on the apollo 125…. Luckily I was only a few 100 feet from a gas station! Have to pay attention i forgot how small that tank is. Threw the dirt tires bike on the bike so i can do some more offroading and exploring, and also find some new bolts for the rotors! Met a harley rider who was interested in my apollo for his kid, Went to the wheelie lot and got some practice in, Met a new rider in the process! Hope you guys enjoyed the video! KTM450 Motovlogs soon! Stay Tuned!

What is going on guys we are back with another moto vlog ah finally on some nice fresh pavement really wheelie no way dude am i really out of gas right now so do what i just ran out right there well first time running out of gas on the apollo i bet your ass i’ll pay more attention now damn though that really couldn’t have died at a better place man that

Would have sucked if i had to push it any further damn he ran that red light some hour it’s a nice bike i love the all black looks good the are they listening to you though if you can’t tell we are back on the dirt tires and wheels uh there’s actually two reasons that i put the stock tires and wheels back on so the first reason is the brake rudder bolts the

Bolts that i need need to have like a step up below them and the bolts that i have are coned and i’ve looked and looked and looked for the right bolts and i just cannot find them anywhere so if it comes down to it i’m probably gonna have to have them custom made or something what it was doing is uh it wasn’t allowing the rotor to fully seat and it was causing

The rotor to actually like be warped so i couldn’t really practice wheelies all that great because every time i wanted to apply the brake it would just like throw me down because it would grab stop grab stop and uh it just wasn’t working out plus i’ve also been doing a lot of off-road exploring and been wanting to do more off-road exploring and to be honest

With you off-road exploring on street tires sucks so that’s kind of the two reasons why and in the meantime i will be looking for the right screws for those rotors that way i can still rock the street tire setup because let me tell you these dirt tires are nowhere near as nice and smooth as those street tires were about 35-40 miles an hour man this front tire

Starts getting a little hop in it five minutes later i don’t know what he said yeah speedway it’s an apollo yeah it’s a 125. yep there’s this website called uh yep they’re out of stock right now they went quick i really honestly man until i looked at the motor i thought it’s a little crf got 15 in my wallet right now man i would if they were in

Stock i’d just go buy me another one i got street set up tires for it too yep three and a half inch wide wheels street tires and everything he just keeps breaking my heart dude yeah you too all right we are off to the wheelie lot it’s definitely scary learning how to drop back and get the balance point on a bigger bike personally that’s why i started to learn

My wheelies on like a 50 so that way if you do fall off the back or something or something goes wrong you’re not very far off the ground even on this 125 i’m a pretty good distance from the ground especially when i’m back thirsty oh god i wore more of that water than anything probably got all my mic and everything here there goes a bike what’s going on are you

Riding back there on those trails i just found out about those like yesterday yeah you can’t beat them for the price man that’s what i want right there huh it’s all right i wouldn’t really call it fast but can you wheely it can you you watch youtube yeah that’s me yep you live around here yeah i live right over there i’m 100 street legal dude the kid’s cheap

How old are you 14. oh you’re young still the kit for it’s cheap it’s like 160 bucks if it’s got a title you can do it to that what was your name austin i’m kyle nice to meet you man be safe ah he subscribed hey shout out austin thanks for subscribing dude definitely need to work on getting the seat padded because this thing is not comfortable whatsoever

I said come on come on i can’t guys i’m heading home my ass is so sore all right guys the sun’s going down i’m gonna wrap this video up if you guys enjoyed it make sure to drop a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more i upload every sunday and as soon as i get this every sunday thing down there will be more videos i’m just i gotta set small

Goals for myself like one video a week because if i just overload myself and say i need to do three videos a week i know me it’ll never get done so uh small increments here one video a week and then we’ll move to two videos a week and uh we’ll go from there so until next sunday guys finnish friends on my face d

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Apollo 125 Motovlog | Ran Out of Gas… By KGRowlo