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I have been using this pair of riding gloves since June 2019. So we decided to share my ownership experience with you. I hope this review will help you to decide your next pair of Motorcycle Gloves.

Hello everybody hello youtube welcome back to our youtube channel bahali backpacker she’s on honor and he’s covered up and today golovk will be reviewing a pair of gloves which he has been using on our tours and if you have already seen our touring videos then you might have already noticed the pair so over to you google thank you very much so this video is

All about my ownership review of the spdr aries full gauntlet leather touring glass so without wasting any more time let’s directly dive into the review a speeder is known for making good quality riding gears such as jackets pants knee guards balaclavas thigh bags and gloves recently they’re making helmets too spartan progear is the official distributor of

Aspida here in india aspira in greek means shield and they have named this model after the greek god of war ares the aries model comes in three colours black with red accents on the index and modular fingers and red stitching the second one is black grey and white the third one comes in black white and fluorescent green the last one comes in black red and

White the little fingers and the wrist straps have a speeder branding on them which looks nice what looks even nicer is this rubber piece below the knuckle protector with the a of speeder the model name aries is not printed anywhere on the glove there is just a piece of paper stitched under the size tag on the right glove which says batch number 22 ar02 and it

Has cello tape on it these are full gauntlet touring gloves made of premium full grain brazilian leather which come with carbon fiber finish knuckle protection and sliders for fingers these come with double layers on the joints little fingers and the palm for added protection there are foam inserts on the dorsal side and on the outer lower corners of the hands

The indice medullar and annular fingers have three separate pieces of leather stitched together like fish scales which eases the movement on the clutch and brake levers the thumbs have two pieces of leather instead of three there is an extended piece of leather on the palm just above the wrist strap which i use to pull and adjust the fit there are two pieces

Of fabric patches on both palms for enhanced grip on the handlebar these patches have silicon as peter stamping on them which are gradually coming off each glove has a triangular plastic loop attached to connect them with this clip hook so that they don’t get separated during touring or storage we can also use this feature to hang them on a riding jacket or

Pants leather has high aberration resistance hence provides good protection in the unfortunate event of any undesired crash full gauntlet gloves are designed to not only protect your hands but also your wrists and the forearm region below the wrist these leather cuffs or extensions are made a little loose in case you need to tuck in your riding jacket sleeves

Which is recommended for safety these two velcro straps secure the cuff on the forearm and these are very secure indeed these will fit you perfectly with or without a riding jacket as these are quite adjustable the quality of the velcro is quite premium too these cuffs come with foam inserts for protection from impact and aberration these velcro straps on the

Wrists fasten the pair tightly on the hands and are not supposed to allow them to fall off or come out in the event of an accident proper fit is extremely important this is why you need to buy a size which fits you perfectly i mean to say that you need to look for a snug fit for both comfort and safety leather has a tendency of expanding so it is recommended

Not to buy a size which is loosely fitted when you try out the sizes please make sure that it is not too tight either you may not be able to identify this during a trial of 5 to 10 minutes but a tighter fit will inevitably cause pain and strain during long rides these gloves come pre-curved from the factory so theoretically you do not need to break them in as

Claimed by the brand but it took me a few days to soften the leather to my comfort the leather is perforated to provide decent ventilation which makes it unusable in rain leather and water generally doesn’t go well together but these can handle some drizzle and light rain if this ever got drenched in the rain your hands won’t stay dry but if you dry these under

The shade they will be good to use again but it takes quite a lot of time to dry out so please allow me to sum it up with the pros and cons and whether these are worth your money looks in design the design shape and color combination looks really good and it goes well with any bike and the other safety gears safety good leather carbon finished protectors foam

Inserts double layering on the joints make these gloves quite safe and inspire confidence comfort the leather is soft and of good quality which feels nice on the skin the shape and ergonomics both are pretty good too hence i find these quite comfortable during long rides it absorbs handlebar vibrations also number four is utility these have decent feedback on

The handlebar the clutch and brake levers and the switch gear now it’s time for the cords so number one safety so many brands make touring gloves with these things called palm sliders which are a protective piece on your palm so what happens if in case of a crash when your palm falls on the ground you slide and that protects your hand from any kind of vibration see

If your hand falls on the ground and if it locks against the rough surface of the road or the asphalt then what happens your wrist might twist and break and it also may like scrape your hand so these palm sliders these allow you to slide along so that it doesn’t hurt your palm but the aries doesn’t come with those number two is comfort these have been constructed

Thick and heavy for protection and that’s why my left hand starts to ache a bit when i repeatedly use the clutch during heavy traffic otherwise it’s okay in winter these are very very comfortable but during long summer rides my hand starts to sweat third utility these don’t have any smartphone screen touch sensitive layer of any sort you have seen other touring

Gloves which come with a layer either on the tip of the index finger or on the thumb also or both but the areas they don’t have those but after using it for a year it has somehow started working on phones some tuning gloves come with an attachment on the fingers called visor wipers which is self-explanatory many gloves come with a piece of rubber on the side of

The on the side of the index finger with which you can wipe the moisture of the water droplets on your helmet visor but the aries they don’t have those this last point may not be considered as a corn but still i would like to mention it so it’s not particularly about the spda it is modern only it’s about all full gauntlet gloves when you wear a full gauntlet

Glove you cannot wear a wristwatch with it so finally is it worth your money well i think yes you can pay 3825 rupees for the style comfort utility and protection that aspira is providing at this price point but yes at a higher price there are better options in the market you

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