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Austin Butler REVEALS New Details About His NEW Movie With Tom Hardy..

Austin Butler REVEALS New Details About His NEW Movie With Tom Hardy..

Austin butler has stunned the world with his latest performance in the elvis biopic and it looks like there’s no stopping him now gone are the days when he was the cute boy next door on disney and now we have him as the resident biker boy today we’ll take a look at his full biker transformation alongside tom hardy in his new film the bike riders so sit back relax and

Let’s dive right in first up austin butler goes full biker in his new movie the 30 year old actor has been in the news quite often these days ever since he took a chance on his career and started playing roles that most would consider being too much of a risk he has truly grown as a nuanced actor in the industry like playing the king of rock and roll elvis presley

Now that’s something most actors can only dream of doing and damn did he absolutely smash it we guessed that all the praise and the compliments following his performances gave him that push to do more because austin just signed on for a jeff nichols movie and guys we might see him in his leather jacket era the midnight special director is making his directorial

Comeback after six years and this time he’s bringing the bikers to us and if the rumors are true then we’re getting some spectacular pairings in the much awaited film according to deadline the film will have tom hardy and killing eve’s jody comer alongside austin as his co-stars and we can’t contain our excitement to see the three as midwestern motorcyclists from

The 60s and as we know motorcyclists are known for their sleek leather jackets and their rocker style so we’re kind of hoping we see the trio in super cool costumes throughout the film the 60s were known for the typical motorcycle club uniform of leather vest and we don’t know if you know this but back then clubs like hell’s angels mc would have their name and

Logo embroidered on the back of these vests so the bikers could fly their colors as they pleased and since this movie is leaning towards an authentic historical recall we’re so looking forward to these epic styles and go-to garments so what’s the movie about while not much has been disclosed as yet one thing’s for sure if it’s a jeff nichols movie it’s definitely

Going to blow our minds nichols has actually been dreaming of making a biker movie for years and now in 2022 it’s finally happening he first opened up about making such a film back in 2018 when he sat in an interview with slash film jeff expressed his interest in directing such a film and said it was long overdue and that he had to do it back then he didn’t have

A script nor a storyboard all he had was a burning desire to create something for his inner artist and now years later he can finally say he made it the movie is inspired by a photography book published in 1967 and it follows an original story of a club of motorcyclists from the midwest danny lyon’s work influenced jeff and so this movie will be a biography of the

Club and its members and what their journey was like during the course of a decade starting off as local outsiders to fully transitioning into a sinister gang the bike rider seems like a tale of turning to the dark side as the world closes in on you betraying you and robbing you of your innocence while threatening your unique way of life the film will be produced

By tri-state sarah green and brian cavanaugh jones and will be executively produced by fred berger so yeah whenever this drops you best believe we’re getting the best seats in the house to watch this masterpiece and lastly how’s the movie coming along the bike riders was only announced recently so we don’t think a lot of work on it has started yet so far only the

Major cast has been revealed and a few shooting locations variety only confirmed the synopsis of the film last week so we think mr nichols doesn’t want people to know more about the movie until it’s out there for the public to see and we get it he kept his brainchild locked in his mind palace for years and now that it’s finally coming together he’s being extra

Careful with the details so that he doesn’t spoil the movie for his fans on monday film cincinnati announced that the shooting for the a-list cast film would begin in october of this year and it seems like the epic biker shots will be taken at the blue chip city giving the locals a closer look at austin and his epic face card recently cincinnati has been a top

Filming spot for many films earlier this year it was home to the cast of turtles all the way down a john green novel adaptation and now it’ll be the choice of background for a jeff nichols film brb moving to cincy y’all but no matter what we hope this film is another box office success and that austin rises above as a top actor in the years ahead and now moving on

To other news up first austin butler was reduced to tears while shooting for elvis sure the biopic has become old news but every day we come across new behind the scenes information and we just couldn’t resist not sharing this acting is arguably a tough profession to capture feelings and portray complex emotions while playing a character seems like an easy job to

Do but it can be incredibly exhausting if the roll is particularly heavy elvis presley might have boogied a lot on stage but his life was not easy to depict on screen while austin’s performance seemed effortless and almost way too natural the american actor went back home in tears after one of his recording sessions for the film and opened up about how grueling

The entire process was the carrie diary star recalled that while he was recording some singing parts for the film he got the deluxe package for fame 101 apparently music executives all sat down during his takes and criticized him to hell and back so that they could prepare him to handle real fame as elvis did that seems kinda harsh though doesn’t it but we guess

In its own twisted way it worked and elvis is now a box office hit next a blast from the past shocked fans as a photo of austin’s ex and next went viral having a weird relationship with your ex is one thing but having a throwback go viral of your ex greeting your current girlfriend is on a whole other level earlier this week a photo of austin’s former girlfriend

Vanessa hudgins did rounds on twitter as she knelt down to shake hands with a cute little blonde girl whom we later found out was actually young kaya gerber the picture was from the premiere of high school musical 2 in 2007 and it showed cindy and her kids meeting the cast of the film on the red carpet fans have been commenting on this epic twist of fate and have

Had whiplash seeing the two together with such a stark age difference gerber now 20 has been in a relationship with butler for some time now and it has been hilarious seeing v and k together like that little did they know they’ll have a certain blonde boy in between them years from now fate is weird guys but it looks like you can never escape it and finally austin’s

New photo shoot has a heartfelt cameo oh sebastian you do make our hearts flutter even now looking absolutely dashing on the cover of the man’s fall slash winter 2022 issue austin’s black and white suit and tie look is one for the history books and with his blonde hair all tussled to perfection yeah we’re gonna need a minute like how can a man look that good in

A talks it’s gotta be some sort of sorcery and of course when you’ve got a supermodel like kaia on your side then we’re pretty sure you’re breaking records of hotness all over after all mama crawford’s jeans are no joke kaya is pretty much her mom’s carbon copy in one of the photos from the shoot as butler tries his best to put on his model face it’s hard to miss

The cheeky embrace of his girlfriend who seems to be the star of the portrait even though her head and body are obscured from the actual view her unique wrist tattoo with the words i know was a dead giveaway as to who was the mystery woman next to austin this is one of the first official photo shoots of the couple and fans are now wondering why there aren’t more

Photo spreads of this ridiculously good looking couple but seeing as how adorable these two are and how they never shy away from showing off some pda this isn’t the last that we’ve seen of them and that’s a wrap for this video what do you think about austin’s biker look do you think his new film will be another hit or is the actor destined to be a one-hit wonder

After elvis let us know in the comments section down below make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more awesome content like this until next time see you soon

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