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Automatic Motorcycles | Moto Vlog

My thoughts on whether you should get an automatic motorcycle.

Let’s go for right you are watching psycho cruises along with motorcycle channel subscribe today some of you guys asked me should you get an automatic motorcycle what are my thoughts on automatic motorcycles i know this mostly newbies ask this question because you know experienced writers don’t want to automatic motorcycle and that’s a pretty cool house and

You know there are a couple of options out there that motorcycles that offer the automatic option and you know unless you have a disability or something that prevents you from being able to shift properly you know i personally in my opinion there’s no way no way in hell i could get a an automatic motorcycle dude it’s too much fun shifting the motorcycle you know

That’s one reason why i another reason why i wouldn’t want an electric motorcycle because i like shifty and you know it’s you know when i had the chinese scooter that was automatic and that was um you know who’s fun cruising around but it’s just so much more fun on a motorcycle shifty that uh i don’t know i wouldn’t want one and they usually cost more money too

You know when you have to add the automatic option to it i think honda makes them one of their their sport touring bikes i forgot which one it has the the dct automatic option to it and you know actually in purple rain you know prince you know that motorcycle he was on he was actually on a honda automatic i love shipping man i thought i don’t know how anybody

Doesn’t love to ship the motorcycle it’s just that’s awesome even on a little milo wr250r it’s fun shifting on that bike actually you know i miss shifting more on the wr250r compared to this cbr1100xx because first gear does like what up to a would like 80 or 90 miles per hour which i’ve never take it that far i don’t redline it and i use all the gears on this

Bike but it’s just uh i love shifting and for you new riders out there you’ll love shifting to once you learn how to do it it’s not a big deal guys it’ll be it’ll come second nature to you you know so you know tipping what i’ll tell you guys if you want to get your feet wet on two wheels and you want to feel comfortable on two wheels in traffic without shifting

Then you can do like i did i you know i even though i wrote motorcycle as a teenager when i started back you know as an adult i got a i got my feet wet with a chinese scooter to get me acclimated to ride with traffic on two wheels you know or not dealing with shifting which i you know probably could have i was really just being cheap to be honest with you because

It i just saw i just want to get back on two wheels and it was like frickin $1,000 for that chinese scooter oh g-force on this bike it’s awesome man oh yeah but yeah guys get get a bike with gears so you could have fun shifting like i’m having fun man you know and also you can’t do a wheelie on an automatic bike maybe you can i don’t know you probably have

To use leverage or something but we shifting that’s how you’re going to be able to do your willie’s man once you feel like doing wheelies on a motorcycle which i don’t recommend down here on public streets of course only in you know parking lots so that way you don’t set yourself up for a real up day out here but yeah guys that’s my answer skip the automatic

Motorcycle man unless you have a disability somewhere you cannot ship the motorcycle otherwise get a bike with gears but that’s all i have for you guys so if you want to see more of my videos go to my website psycho cruiser comm click on the menu bar my videos and i have all my videos categorized into playlists go check that out maybe you can find something that

Will inform you or entertain you thanks for watching get a motorcycle so you can get out here and have fun like i’m having out here wow and i wish you guys all the best stay safe and until next time moon says welcome to psycho cruises click the gold links just click on the pictures below to go to my recommended videos and my social media sites also don’t forget

To visit my blog and store at psycho cruiser dot-com if you have any trouble clicking on these links there are also provided in the info section of this video thank you and subscribe today i check out my new channel where i’ll talk about anything and everything not just motorcycle related psycho cruiser motive law

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Automatic Motorcycles | Moto Vlog By CycleCruza