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Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film 900 Rugged Series Intro with Justin Pate

This is a product video for avery dennison sw 900 rugged repping film sw 900 rugged wrapping film has a unique texture that looks exactly like bed liner coatings this unique feature also means that it has special install protocol compared to other sw 900 wrapping films so be sure to pay close attention to the following information and tips first off the details

Product name sw 900 rugged film type premium quality cast film the liner 90 pounds stay flat with easy apply rs the adhesive long-term removable thickness 4.5 mill it comes in four colors roll sizes 60 inch by 75 feet and here are the uses for the prep phase of the installation of sw 900 rugged film the first step is to remove the hardware on the vehicle this can

Range from emblems door handles mirrors and antennas the next step is to clean the vehicle first use a general cleaner to remove the dirt next using a greaser to remove any oil from the surface and put extra focus on all edges especially under hoods and behind doors once the vehicle has been cleaned to a pre inspection to look for damage and confirm if the paint is

Oam in good condition and under five years old a good tip is to make measurements of each section of the vehicle before install then on a wide worktable with the roller section of the sw 900 in rolls the liner side facing down during this process then label each panel accordingly sw 900 comes in four colors onyx black bedrock grey our screen and combat green the

Adhesive layer is clear and comes with easy apply and rs features this makes it very slidable to set it on the vehicle apply firm pressure with a squeegee stroke the textured surface is very scratch resistant and if wrinkles occur during the install they can in most cases be fixed by pulling the film off the surface then triggering the memory effect with heat due

To the textures be sure to make j-shaped relief cuts when possible to avoid the film splitting if using knifeless tape note that 4 sw 900 rugged even though it has a textured surface the cast properties allow for a very clean sharp cut texture surfaces particularly the sw 900 rugged has a very low surface energy so overlaps should be avoided if overlaps have to be

Used prep the bottom layer with a degreaser then dry with heat make the overlap wider than normal at least a half inch and heat the top layer what’s applied even then the overlap is risky and not warranted by every dennison note that the sw 900 is directional even though it can be hard to see now we are to install and the first step is to check that the panel is

Big enough then trim down any excess film with the liner on due to the low initial tack simply pull the backing paper on one corner take it down then release the entire layer which is called going cowboy or cowgirl sw 900 rugged can be easily picked back up and then the installers pull to each corner and this is called the making a bed technique this will create

A wrinkle-free glass like state of the film as this is achieved moderate recessed areas should be applied first this technique is called the palm the flat areas should be squeegeed second for material loose on the edge spread the tension out evenly first then tack it on place to the edge after this simply apply the flat areas in firm overlapping squeegee strokes

Always go over the area once it’s been installed with an application glove to feel for bubbles the majority of sw 900 wrapping films can be applied to deep recessed areas however the rugged series even though it’s cast and not overly thick has unique properties due to the textured surface then make it unsuitable for extreme stretch this is primarily due to the

Differences in tension points on the surface this means installers need to adjust their standard install techniques accordingly which you will now see for open sided recessed areas that are very steep like on the side of this hood the installers should work the film to the edge in stages be sure to use the thin buffer like a monkey strip and work evenly to the

Next body line the unique texture means that minimal to no adhesive lines will be seen through the top layer at each stage be sure to heat the film first to relax it then continue squeegee once done go over the area with heat to check for bubbles for minor recessed areas where the film bridges the gap the sw 900 can be formed in with a combination of heat and

An application glove then simply cut the film way on the empty edge and be sure to seal the deal with a finger or squeegee when s w900 rugged bridges a large complicated sections and remove unnecessary film from the middle this way the installer can pick the material up and feed it to all the edges when possible make smart relief cuts like where the molding will

Be put back this keeps tension to 0% which ensures long term durability now we move to curves and for moderate ones simply spread the material out with the triangle technique then pick the material on the edges and tuck it under the edge slightly cut the excess material away with an angled out cut then seal the deal with the heat leading the way for more severe

Compound curves lightly heat the film first then use the triangle technique to form the film on for any leftover tension use the shimmy technique instead of heat to relax the tension and even it out once to the edge pick the film up and relax it with heat then tuck the film all the way to the edge for raised objects like the molding by the wheel well use relief

Cuts to neutralize attention then tuck the s w900 rugged tight to the base if the raised object has a high surface energy like paint or glass be sure to masking tape it first when cutting keep the blade at a 10 degree angle this achieves full coverage without having to remove the hardware and always seal the edge with a micro squeegee side of the flex dream to

Get wrinkle free corners that hold for the long term the first step is to click the blade before cutting then set the corner with an application glove and/or squeegee always cut the corners first then transfer the cut to the opposite side of the section being applied and round the film towards the solid side with the application glove next heat the corner then

Squeegee away from it sometimes there will be raised objects in the middle of the area being applied in this case two door handles it also can be mirrors or antennas one option is to make a pre-cut out template and make the cutout before releasing the liner on the panel or you can make the cutout on the fly during the install once this w900 rugged has been relaxed

Around the raised objects use the triangle technique to pull at a 45-degree angle to both corners then make a minor pull in the middle to create 100% glass this is possible due to the very low initial tack and then it is a premium quality cassville be sure to use the tucking cut method at the base of all raised objects so there is no tension and always seal the

Edge with a bree dennison flex dream for a tight seal for all open sided recessed areas no matter what size or angle be sure to feed the film in and work in stages it maintains high work flow and eliminates any tension in the film for very complex curves like on the corner of this truck bed it is important to make a series of precise relief cuts before and during

The installation process when forming the film around the curves a good tip is to angle the cuts away from the area being applied so does it come short then pull with even tension at room temperature which should be between 60 and 75 degrees fahrenheit once formed heat the film to shrink it this is called the cold pre-stretch technique be sure to form the sw 900

From body line to body line on compound curves and use the shimmy technique to relax the film to the edge without using heat once to the edge tuck the film into any gaps where there’s molding then activate the adhesive with heat after squeegee always be sure to cut on the empty side so the film can wrap around to the solid side then use the hard side of the squeegee

With a combination of heat to form 8 seal on the edge with the install complete we now move to post install and even though sw 900 rugged wrapping film is very durable and unique is important to finish it correctly in order to maintain long-term durability the first step is to do a 360 degree check over on all the edges and the entire surface the moderate thickness

Of the film and the textured face can leave more air under the adhesive than with the majority of other sw 900 wrapping films for bubbles simply press them away or use an air release tool for sections where the sw 900 rugged was stretched a lot like on rocker panels bumpers and severe compound curves put edge seal tape on half on the sw 900 rugged and half on the

Paint use heat to seal the edge seal tape to the surface proceeding is critical and the temperature should be between 175 and 195 degrees fahrenheit post seeding is to be done on any areas where the film was stretched close to or past 10% it should be done on all moderate-to-severe recessed areas even if they are fitted for cleaning sw 900 rugged use the evidence

And aftercare products and you can refer to this bulletin for more aftercare info and here is the warranty and a removal info note that there are three zones in terms of warranty and paint that is om in good condition and under five years old is warranteed by avery dennison for more information on sw 900 rugged wrapping film you can go to the avery dennison website

Or you can follow them on instagram and facebook for new product launches and news this has been a product video for avery dennison sw 900 rugged wrapping film proudly produced by the rev institute

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Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film 900 Rugged Series Intro with Justin Pate By Avery Dennison