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Awesome Womens Fight! BKFC 2: Bec Rawlings vs. Britain Hart

Bec Rawlings faced off against Britain Hart at Bare Knuckle FC 2! Make sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button for more non-stop action like this.

The tale of the tape for our main event women’s 125 pounders back rawlings versus break apart outside of having one bare-knuckle fight i don’t see any real advantage here once 29 128 have to its reach they’re gonna fight again here’s the outstanding jeff use – ladies and gentlemen from the mississippi coast coliseum live evening scheduled for five two minute rounds

For the police gazette diamond bare-knuckle women’s featherweight championship this fight is sanctioned by the mississippi state athletic commission commissioners had charged john lewis larry torjussen eddie hey and our three judges scoring at ringside john dickinson larry engle wayne spinola and presenting the police cassette championship title president of the

Bare-knuckle boxing hall of fame mr. scott birth and ladies and gentlemen the referee in charge of the action at the bell big dan burg liana and now ladies and gentlemen we got one final question for you what time but what biloxi mississippi it is time to introducing to you first finding out of the red corner tonight she wears black trimmed with pink and green

Cheek spans 5 feet 7 inches tall her official weight 123 pounds her professional boxing record stands at two victories opposite three defeats then across the squared circle her opponent fighting out of the blue cover tonight she wears black trimmed in gray and what her fishel late 125 point two pounds she stands five feet six inches tall she is an mla of 15

Professional fights and undefeated as a professional that one oh fighting out of brisbane queensland australia defending police boy scoot i want to touch gloves good luck to both of you both fighters look intent on a ferocious start line those fighters up to scratch toeing the line the bell in round number one black and gray for beck rawlings black green

And paying for britain heart we’re gonna see early on the veterans experience is gonna be the factor holding the center of the squared circle and his heart said she would do already circling thought has five fights as a boxer but for only two wins came the fighters that had no winners at all so i think she’s a little bit on the estimating bit rollins the ability

To box a jab from heart is that high striking guard for rawlings i’ve talked about that again saying she worked the body to the body combination from hearts cut away by rollins in a very professional move part did lana hard shot short right hand in peaches snap jab not getting through from heart you look at raleigh’s patients very pores in your meeting she’s seen

It all puts a really disciplined striking from one of our main event look at the legs of home fridge me she’s everywhere with her legs and to get bit that ron’s has come for legs of quiet that could be a little bit of inside being tension going right there but just experience that’s far from beck rawlings seconds round number one like all bouts tonight

Scheduled for five rounds fighters toeing the line around number two it’s high tighten discipline for always moving straight forward hard as she talked about finding angles circling moving staying on her bike then there’s that flick jab champ from britain heart that look like she’s stepping back when she’s trying to throw forward she has to step completely

In if that right hand with that jab that new punch went to from heart without his range tied into the clinch rosalina big punches on the inside and inside its where heart says she would have her advantages but she only had one hand available dead get rawlings has never fought professional boxing only pro mma reverse for hard only pro boxing no pro mma no mma

Training in fact for britain harden when you’re a pro mma fighter of course boxing on your hands are you working on believe she got ribbons attention with that right hand twenty seconds remaining round number two methodical study forward pressure from beck rawlings part certainly does not seem intimidated she hasn’t post week no she’s definitely holding

Her own special in the second left and for britain hard knuckle up says dan barkeley on around three by the granite tornado tarver on sean wheelock so pleased that you’re with us again watching throughout the world you can afc to a new era on pay-per-view the black hawk is busted up now as you can see look forward from her nose her mouth i don’t know which one

It is leading from her right nostril division media providing our production this has been a treat tonight as was b kfc one each unit only five seconds remaining round number three of our main event over the head i’m circling out we’re trying to find her best angle again flipping the jab the champion talked about she throws the jab as she moves backwards there’s

Brittain heart yeah see much you can’t make her mind over the place you want to go in a defense she’s able to block and affect deflect black tan from rawlings look at that and that’s exactly where hart said she would go to the body but as you see just not getting through the pedalboard let’s go box and rollins don’t pull down hart’s head for begins with rawlings

Would have been straightforward the theme continues in this fight and no heart expected that she talked about rawlings not counterpunch to me we’re gonna have to see the replay rule doesn’t slip by danberg leotta heart came out a lot on this couple good shots in the beginning of this round and bit rama’s power straight bride hannah from rawlings she’s finding

The hole for that right hand now over top his methodical stocking pressure from beck rawlings if you notice she cuts the ring off she’s not following her opponent and that’s frustrating because you’ve seemed to can’t get away from the pressure check left hook a moment ago from rawlings i’m fighting the heart to come inside again all over the face of heart leaving

Badly out of her right nostril bit rollins apart in that pressure right now she’s stalking she’s looking to learn that big overhand right barely missed just now heart staying on her bike does not confirm with those punches that’s where she is not working the body champ yep yep showing a lot of heart though she’s standing this fight she’s hasn’t quit and she still

Looking for that big punt that could turn around right there hold and do any effective punching inside off the wing indeed his background his heart though thrown back on the counter i’m trying to establish her jab again miss it with the right hand we go of our main event critical fighting championship soon from biloxi mississippi it’s been contestant but she’s

Complete she’s kept her composure throughout and i think landed most of all the clean punting here tonight britain heart is being game she has been scrappy she definitely came with self belief that she could the feedback rawlings she’s just not been able to find the way in to four britt.mark good one too it’s that jab as she moves backwards and just not been

Effective punched for britain hart in this fight and she’s now bleeding badly out of both nostrils are trying to turn up the volume here those in stages of this fight she’s had some success when bette rollins comes in and misses and she counters but that’s a risk she has to be dealing the tape 60 seconds remaining in this fight left jump on swelling quickly on

Hart’s face overhand right but still the for stalking pressure the clinch rollins right back out are definitely throwing bigger here in round five than we’ve seen since round one she know she means a shot right now she’s looking for 30 seconds left largely though hart has been reduced to the role of counter puncher which obviously could be a wedding formula

Doesn’t appear to be in this fight and just set in on a good body shot it might be a little too late can you see how effortlessly beck rollins expertly his way she cuts off his way she’s definitely skilled in this game five seconds but fighters looking for one more significant punch there’s a big left from heart and that is the end of this fight that’s the next

Moment between these two fighters lot of excitement in this fight both the girls came to fight both women getting the fight tonight ladies and gentlemen after completing the scheduled five rounds inside the squared circle our judges have sent a split decision our first judge scores the bout 48-47 in favor of heart our second judge scores about 50 45 in favor of

Rawlings and our third and final judge scores about forty nine forty five to the winner by split decision

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Awesome Women's Fight! BKFC 2: Bec Rawlings vs. Britain Hart By Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship