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Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival – 2019 Part 4 – The Barber Museum

Here are a few clips from day 3 at the 2019 Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival (Alabama, USA)

Hello guys welcome back this is our last day at barber and were at the museum this is just the entrance area where all these just incredible louis cars are can’t believe it how many there are i’m just wondering if there’s more here than there are actually in britain now that’s an airfix model and they make a special rocket man that is exciting though

Area we have a split and another briton this is the restoration area it’s not like this because they expect it but they do some amazing work inside that room one of dave’s posters on that wall that that’s a great-looking hurricane x 75 and a bathtub triumph 21 an ss100 brough superior probably not the most valuable girl original triumph speed twin

And the scot squirrel as well a flying squirrel another one that’s two this weekend again from shipley in west yorkshire looks remarkably like in banks desmond’s scottish grieves some of these psas are just beautiful no an f1 wow i love that royal enfield and a hesketh and a stunning northing a vincent twin-engine in a norton wide line featherbed frame oh

And then this just this little seven are tucked away in the corner oh an another brough superior the bsa golden flashes just a beautiful bike a really cool gray flash with in albion gearbox rather than the birman gearbox that normally comes with the comet my clutch is incredible wow monks known just stunning thus dix 1953 triumph t100 see he actually

Shipped it down to barbour to be part of a auction but unfortunately it didn’t meet the reserve these three honda’s these are the first three pipes that he purchased and we see that number right down there be nc double a one two and three and then this is a black lightning replica actually stunning a bike while this is jerry’s p11 bumped into jerry last night

Ace corner so it was really great to see him and he had donated this bike of his friends to the museum i put a few details in the comments if you’d like to take a look just a fascinating story that is a cool weld i just love the patina on this old bug jerry wrote this around the campsite when we were down at quit see a few years ago does a 500 teen

Or when an alloy clipper from bsa trackmaster and then not one porcupine but two porcupines stunning matchless motorcycle races and a dave deakins dres detriment just awesome trying anna ryland field continental gt fella said thrustin on another train well that bite looks familiar seventy-five commando electric start just real exotic italian and via

Boosters but not an atlas i’m imagining that manxman will look a lot like this well hopefully except instead of ready would be the blue there’s a lot of shiny parts on that bike wow anna vincent black knight that’s a funky looking looking design isn’t it why would you hide that engine and a 59 bonneville here are the vincent’s our lovely comet i repeat and

A nedley series b hrd and can you guess what this is it’s a vincent lawnmower a black shadow series see this that beautiful egg levinson here an amanda watercraft well guys our trips coming to an end i really hope that you enjoyed this little mini series of videos from the barber vintage motorcycle festival we’ve just had an amazing time i hope you get the

Chance to go yourselves it seems like it’s got something for everyone and just an amazing time great people great time was had by all had a lot of fun and do hope to come back again soon possibly not next year but hopefully the year after if not and so please subscribe if you get the chance just hit the subscribe button and then if you click that little bell

You’ll get notifications whenever i post a new video and i post a video every sunday morning i hope you enjoyed this very much i’ll speak to you again soon

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Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival – 2019 Part 4 – The Barber Museum By The Mighty Garage