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Barcelona City Tour on Bikes – Baja Bikes Review

We are about to take a tour of our salona on our bikes on bike to bike tour which is very exciting and we are at budget bikes getting set up we are in the neighborhood of a shoma there are many many different neighborhoods in barcelona and this one’s really cool during the store it’s also very touristy back here along torah scholar throw the pool service and the

Arrow on our tour we are standing in the very heart of the catalonia government destroyed critical destroyed you’ll be busy is where all the catalonia decisions are made an interesting you know this is where the romans discovered by salama 2,000 years ago barcelona is governments actually world by women spain and right now we are in vilonia for a very important

Time when they really are pushing for their independence and this is where all the major decisions and actions take place we are now standing in the most central part of the gothic area of barcelona gothic area means is mainly from the middle ages this is the plaza 30 and actually there’s nothing royals to do about it in 1879 there was workers rebellion and they

Built this place to make it more lively and alive this is now the funnest place to come for nightlife bars cafes and whatnot and this was 1879 and this here is one of the most original lamps from antonio gaudi himself when he was so very young placed here as a sign of making this place up to be the fun spot that it grew to be and here is his original what we are

Now standing in the port de barcelona at the legation so this is a statue of christopher columbus and there are many jokes about christopher columbus because technically if you did start here for the new world interestingly enough there is a restaurant in the globe underneath hmmm and a lookout point this friday is not a popular spectrum at all but it was built

In eighteen eighty when the full court area and this particular spot is where the world expo was the very first world expo was to create a new style of barcelona which was also rebuilding oh sorry el area and this is a financial building we are now in the port of barcelona so this entire area was actually built in the 1990s for when the olympics came to barcelona

If you look right there that is the saint of the merryman of a seaman actually and that’s actually where the water used to be up to and now is this whole section we built here we are now standing on the main part of the battle of citadel this is back in 1740 this is where the battle where catalonia actually lost its independence to spain and in the bath either so

See some remains and this is called the magic fountain something that reminds them of what it wants us to be here the entire fortress was actually destroyed during the battle today this is citadel park back when they built the statue of the super columbus this park was also built in exact same time around 1888 in time for the world expo and today it’s considered

One of the best places for green areas there’s a zoo for families just a common man series of mammoth it’s just a great place for families and kind of add essential parts of western we are now standing in the olympic park area this was all built for the 1992 olympic games and here this is one of barcelona’s beaches before 1992 this was i should very industrial and

Ugly and many people i didn’t even come here so since then barcelona has fully changed their viewpoint they call it the barcelona has now turned it to i to the beach and these two towers represent the olympics cookie too and it’s all still part of the port in the beautiful military

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Barcelona City Tour on Bikes – Baja Bikes Review By Marina Kuperman Villatoro