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Beeline Moto Test. Was taugt das Mini Motorrad Navi?

Seid ihr es auch Leid, Immer das Handy als Navi am Motorrad zu befestigen, stört euch die Optik, oder sucht ihr einfach eine simple Lösung, während der Fahrt ein Navi nutzen zu können?

Yellow also goes upwards that means that’s how it has to be so that’s 6.7 kilometers next drop point would be on the right are you tired of the mobile phone as well attaching the navi to the motorcycle adjust the optics or are you just looking for a simple solution to be able to use a navi while driving then you can the picture a motto be the right one for you the company is

A startup of two friends from london the slide rooms always with the big solution to drive through the area and so a mini navi for motorcycles and for bicycles was created you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket to buy the game a moto, the manufacturer for the plastic version wants to be 224 euros due for the gray beeline made of so-called gunmetal and 224 euros for

The silver version whether this high price is justified, i’ll tell you at the end in the conclusion environmental friend the game is delivered in a recycled cardboard box. let’s start right away that’s the slogan of the claim okay good the packaging biel a motor navigation of ‘motor cycle news’ black version let’s see what’s inside very easy ok there it is lighter twist

And lift that’s how the system is turned on a little bit how it is turned on later on put in oh that’s not me look at the little motorcycle you can see that is okay good so we have on the one hand that is a motto up here one off button and then there are three buttons as system or function buttons then there is the fastening pad for the handlebars we still have it just

Outside there are two types of fastening again a pad that means here again with the rotating mechanism and then here what can be stuck somewhere, probably with in three months or 3m mons that is the second fastening pet then you can okay then we have a ball 1 here i see a usb cable and a charging station relatively short and here again clearly turn right on plants and then

It is ready to charge here from 3m the fastening pad for exactly this type of fastening you can put it on euro then there are different dummies four in number that are good for this pad and last but not least jackie o god can do a little 10-q parts from tom knows his team and a quick start guide installation charging the individual assignment of the buttons pairing with the

Smartphone then let’s see how easy it is can not be attached to assembly because that is really good measure super simple so here we have that again a motor like the one just presented and then there is here the horse in principle with which you make it to the delicious and here you have seen the rubber of it, there are different sizes so i could certainly fix it here but

Maybe it works in the middle that we better of course he you have to make sure that the arrow up is then later here the green the yellow the yellow also goes up that means it must be running so something hooked and then locked to the right and that is why the arrow up must be perfect nice in the middle and yes the assembly is then actually member push up a little closer

There it is it shows the time and a little rocking back and forth well then let’s see what the thing can do the picture the app is installed let’s start the whole time a relatively simple view improve my red we don’t need where we put a dam in berlin kurfürstendamm it calculates a reasonable route that goes through the subscription on the bielern it says values ​​so

The device still has the route itself we do n’t get it we press it, too, it is good there 144 meters until the next lift-off process , it is of course still turning because it is not at all that’s it now i can go to here i’m done or i can now look at the analogue to the mobile phone yes i’m done then he asks me how the route was lasts 24 seconds 0 meter distance office

Tenant play that is clear package no rating and that was done and then you can tackle the new red in the as a status connected battery status 34 percent here it can decouple car backlight that is a bit stupid because it has no sensor in it that is the light does not turn on automatically if it is not there now but it always only goes according to the time namely sunset

16 20 you have to give no then it goes to distance units kilometer time format activity does indicator is not important and i made the mistake products right away see automatic redirection absolutely activate otherwise if we can’t do anything that is the app the app is relatively simp el and then also have a kind of result you can see where i am so important in terms of

User-friendliness, it is really great because the display is big enough, only now there is no light in the tunnel that there is stupid wallpaper light sensor is the display big enough and how long really important here that it is not overloaded with large advertisements that is, there is the point in my direction where my next change is the distance to the next point and

The route overall from then we will take a look we should drive straight ahead if you are it he calculates the new route at lightning speed and immediately gives new instructions ok then we try the same again from the front at the traffic light go left i don’t do i want to restart the tooth feel and it was up to me to go straight ahead so 21 22 3 seconds and he has the

New route so i imagine it to be perfect turning instructions yes that is great that is quite clear are of course ultimately also to ensure that you are not too distracted from the road traffic and is sensibly arranged the individual operating elements or display elements are not overloaded beforehand very logically i find that also with the arrow trainer white is therefore

Filled out then you are also the route if it is not filled out it is like before then you are outside the route and nothing is calculated or instructed you then see, as it were with the navi, if you sacrifice only the cardinal points you are you absolutely have to move ok next to out like a small offshoot hint just ignored but we take the next one in 95 meters, please turn

Left because of you please now left for you if you are up there gently how should this work, god sagittarius hear out 1.1 kilometers straight ahead and after a kilometer now turn right ok i know that there in front e so a blockage is the time of the road we have to decrease and will check game 1 again almost perfect it is very small fits almost every machine in terms of

Design the operation is simple and the image of a motor is unique in terms of concept but it can the simple arrow optics are not completely convincing for more complicated turning processes, e.g. a motorway intersection, the battery life is great, however, 40 hours do not take that much from the mobile phone the juice runs out a bank for the mobile phone should be included

On longer tours and then it won’t quite be like this simple what mainly bothers me is today’s price 168 or even 224 euros are already a very proud price for a display device without its own gps and so everyone has to decide for themselves whether the inconspicuous and quite chic design is experienced because one thing is clear about the scope of functions every cell phone

Sat nav or motorcycle sat nav dem biel pondered a motto yes that was it for today i thank mi ch at your place to see a new video coming saturday have a good time greetings from darmstadt

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