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Belstaff Endurance Boots Review at

Belstaff Endurance Boots Review

Virginie with revzilla and today we were to take a look at the bell staff endurance boots available at so on the table in front of me are the endurance boots from belstaff this is going to be the top of line boot that we are seeing from belstaff what you have is an engineer style 3 season cold weather there is gonna be a waterproof liner with this and

You are gonna have a micro fleece interior so it’s not necessarily a boot that you’re going to wear into the warmest months of the year think fall think winter and then think springtime so first things first let’s touch on sizing sizes will range from a 41 to a 47 and if you’re using belstaff size chart these are gonna fit true to size they’re gonna have a normal

Width to them and you should have no surprises with sizing the one thing i’ll note they’re available in one color belstaff calls this black brown i think that that is crazy this is what i would call an antique brown it’s just going to look like a brown boot that’s been worn and patina’d so it has a real supple feel to it but it also looks like it’s a boot that’s

Been worn a few times already now that’s because part of the is going to come from the leather that’s being used here it’s a full grain wax buffalo leather which is going to set itself apart from some of the other boots that we’ve seen in belstaff solana now if you’re not familiar with belstaff this is a company that has a long and rich heritage in the motorcycle

World so what you get if you’re looking at the endurance boots these are to come around the $500 price point this is a premium offering and it’s really for riders out there that want to put a premium on fashion as well as protection for their motorcycle boot now we also saw the wit wood boots they’re gonna be a slight step down from this they’re a shorter more

European-style done in a suede leather and they’re gonna come in around the $400 price point but the endurance boots are really gonna be the top of the line that we’re gonna see from belle stuff at this time so let’s break down what you’re getting here like i said earlier this is gonna be a full grain buffalo cat or buffalo hide to this and it is gonna be done

In a wax buffalo so it has a really soft supple feel and they’re the sole on this is gonna be a norwegian style stitch sole and it’s gonna be stitched to a leather last and that leather last is then going to be glued onto a vibram lug sole so if you take a look at the from seoul it’s a really great grip pattern that done in that lug style and one of the things

To note about this it’s about a 4 out of 10 on our scale of rigidity so it’s gonna be extremely comfortable for you to walk around on all day while still giving you enough support that you can ride a motorcycle and feel confident in the level of protection that you’re getting with this now it’s not going to be beefed up you know the way we’re seeing some full-on

Enduro style boots or you know even really more traditional boots in a done in a motorcycle style but it is that mix of fashion all-day comfort and reinforced protection now some of the steps up that we’re seeing over the the wit wood boots from belstaff you do have reinforcement at the toe you’re gonna have the extra layer of leather which is a carryover from the

Wit woods and as we move around to the heel cockpit on this you don’t have that zip up entry point of the bet so you have a full reinforced heel cockpit now you’ll also notice with this engineer style you do have the antique brett or the antique style metal buckles and you do have the leather straps so you do get some fine-tuning with this now well there will be a

Zip entry point on the on the medial side but you can fine-tune exactly how the boot fits your foot and if you need to you can tighten it up just a little bit around the around the ankle as well as up around the calf now taking a look at the medial side you are gonna have a full length zipper and you will notice you have a gusset behind here and this is going to

Be that my per x liner that we are going to get full waterproof protection with this and this is a coming to play with really that seasonality that we were talking about earlier this is gonna be that two to three season cold weather and you are gonna see on the inside there’s gonna be a full micro fleece lining which is gonna add warmth to the cooler months and

With that waterproof membrane here this isn’t something you’re gonna want to wear into the warmer months now zipping this up one of the things to note is the slim cut to the boot across belstaff slime we’ve seen slim cut jeans you know very popular right now if you want to be the cool kid in town you got to be wearing skinny pants ladies and gentlemen and what

They’ve done here is they’ve designed their boots to work with those jeans so the jeans can fit over top of a slimmer boot without looking big and bulky underneath so for those of you writers out there that are focused on putting a premium on fashion as well as protection for your motorcycle apparel the endurance boots from belle stafford definitely want to

Consider now if you would like to read what other riders have to say about the belle stop boots click the info button on your desktop or mobile device which will allow you to read other rider reviews from folks that are already out there putting the endurance boots through their paces if you have more questions for one of our gear geeks as to which pair of boots

Is right for you and your style of riding you can always give a shout eight seven seven seven nine two nine four five five or simply shoot us an email see us at thank you for joining us for this look at the belle steph endurance boots i’m spurge enjoy the ride you

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