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Benelli bikes latest price update 2022 | PHILIPPINES | image and specification |

Benelli bikes latest price update 2022 | PHILIPPINES | image and specification |

Benelli is a chinese italian motorcycle manufacturer which finds its roots all the way back in 1911. fully owned by the xinjiang group benelli manufactures premium mid-displacement motorcycles and sells them across several markets across the globe in today’s video we featuring the latest price update of benelli motorcycle here in the philippines disclaimer prices

Are indicative prices only and may be different at the branch prices are subject to change without prior notice i’ll leave the link in the description for more information this is como 10 tv let’s get started the benelli tnt 135 is the smallest offering from the italian chinese motorcycle manufacturer featuring pocket size dimensions the tnt 135 is both an

Excellent beginner’s bike as well as a fun runabout for experienced riders equipped with a 135 cc four valve oil-cooled single-cylinder engine the tnt 135 boasts leading performance pumping out 13 horsepower and 25.6 newton meters of torque this affords the little bike plenty of smooth and controllable power the said mill is then paired with a six-speed manual

Transmission the tnt 135 is equipped with sharp styling accentuated by a muscular stance and an exposed steel trellis frame its standard version retails at 88 000 pesos the benelli tnt 302s offers a remarkable combination of capabilities for its competitive price point featuring hip styling which caters to the younger market the benelli tnt 302s comes in a

Variety of exciting color options the tnt 300 2s gets its punching power from a high revving 300 cc 8 valve four-stroke parallel twin engine featuring electronic fuel injection efi a dual overhead camshaft dohc and tli injection this street fighter cranks out 38 horsepower at 11 500 revolutions per minute with a high 12 to 1 compression ratio the deceptively

Simple and clever parallel twin design provides smooth torquey power in a lightweight package with an aggressive grout power is then shifted via a six-speed manual priced competitively at just 229 000 pesos the tnt 302s is an enticing option for those looking for a sporty naked bike for trips around town and occasional spirited rides on twisty roads with

Aggressive and eccentric styling the benelli 502c is an urban cruiser that will definitely turn heads no matter where you take it the 502c features a four-stroke twin cylinder liquid-cooled engine with four valves per cylinder and double overhead camshaft offering a smooth and linear power delivery for optimum performance and fuel consumption performance output

Is rated at 47.6 horsepower and 45 newton meters the bike has a wet multi-plate clutch six-speed manual gearbox electronic injection and a double throttle body measuring as far as safety is concerned the benelli 502c features double semi floating 260 millimeters diameter discs up front while the back end sports a 240 millimeters disc with four piston calipers

On the front and a single piston on the back the 500 2c makes a great entry-level cruiser its abs variant retails at 349 000 pesos the adventure oriented trk 502 is strong contender in the ever-growing middleweight adventure segment whether you’re riding across town or across the country the trk makes a suitable traveling companion the trk 502 is equipped

With robust 50 millimeters inverted front forks and a preload adjustable rear mono shock wrapped in a traditional vanelli steel trellis frame the trk 502’s 500cc parallel twin engine features dual overhead cams four valves per cylinder and churns out a respectable 46 horsepower at 8 500 revolutions per minute and 45 newton meters at 4 500 revolutions per minute

Bestowing the bike with excellent response and power across the rev range power is transferred to the rear wheel via a chain driven six-speed manual transmission the trk 502 and abs trim is priced at 359 000 pesos the benelli leoncino 500 perfectly matches sharp forms with harmonious lines all while excluding the pure emotion that benelli is famous for the

Leoncino represents an authentic and pure-hearted design concept that rediscovers the style and accessibility of the original all while delivering a contemporary motorcycle that provides a sporty and exciting experience a benelli trademark the beautiful steel trellis frame houses an all-new power plant from pesaro twin cylinder four-stroke liquid cooled 500cc made

By benelli this all-new engine is smooth and responsive with maximum power of 46 horsepower at 8 500 revolutions per minute and maximum torque of 45 newton meters power is transferred to the back wheel via a six-speed transmission the benelli leoncino abs variant is priced at 369 000 pesos the trk 500 2x is benelli’s most capable adventure touring motorcycle

Based on the trk 502’s versatile platform the trk 500 2x comes with a few notable defining features which set it apart from the base model designed to conquer various kinds of terrain the trk 500 2x is equally at home in the woods tackling gnarly rock gardens as it is gobbling up kilometers on end on the highway the trk 502x offers plenty of power on tap from

The 500cc parallel twin engine featuring liquid cooling dough hc and four valves per cylinder the trk 500 2x’s robust mill churns out a respectable 46 horsepower and 45 newton meters of torque sending power to the back wheel is a chain driven six-speed manual transmission the abs variant of the benelli trk 500 2x will set you back 379 000 pesos thank you guys

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