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Best Adventure Motorcycle Gps For 2019!

Best Adventure Motorcycle GPS For 2019 –

Hi i’m chantal from over yonder adventures today i want to share with you our thoughts on our favorite travel gps the garmin gps maps 64’s over the last 12 years todd and i have spent a lot of our time traveling we have ridden the length of north and south america on motorcycles driven some of australia’s outback back packed our way around asia explored some of

Africa by vehicle and hiked trails in remote australia we’ve used a number of gps units during these adventures but ever since we tried the garmin gps map 64’s we haven’t looked back first up is its durability our government gps has spent 18 months clamped to the bars of a motorcycle and numerous months clip to our backpacks in all sorts of weather and terrain

From patagonian blizzards to equatorial tropical storms this unit has proven itself reliable in all weather conditions during our motorcycle trip our travel gps durability was truly tested it experienced many motorcycle falls it was dropped and it was shaken on rough off-road trails living in its cradle for days on end but never once has it fall our unit now

Looks very well loved but it is still intact and functions just as well as the first time we used it deck ‘only it has a compact design but still has all of the features you can want the garmin gps map 64’s is a great size in fact it fits into a motorcycle jacket pockets it’s compact design makes it comfortable to hold and carry whilst hiking in difficult terrain

Or navigating around cities you can count on this unit to help you find your way out when you need it most even though it is a compact design it still packs a punch with all the features you would expect from a travel gps the gps map 64’s is a full-featured unit with both gps and glonass incorporated with its quad hellix antenna and highly sensitive receiver the

Gps map 64’s pinpoints your position quickly and locks on to your exact location whether you’re deep in the jungle or wandering the streets of a congested city it comes with a four gig internal memory as well as a card slot for additional memory this means you can preload many maps on your device before hitting the streets making your navigation smooth and simple

The govern gps map 64’s has a clear 2.6 inch screen which is easy to see even at a quick glance and will keep you heading in the right direction my personal favorite feature of this gps is the breadcrumb feature this allows you to see where you’ve been and so you can always retrace your steps up you can also choose your transport method for navigation on the best

Routes you can select from hiking motorcycling driving and numerous other methods you can also select to direct route or follow an existing route it’s all your choice the gps is also water-resistant and in all the storms we have been caught in over the years we have never found water ingress to be an issue and of course todd’s favorite feature is the fact that it

Runs on just two double-a batteries this means you don’t need to worry about failing expensive battery packs you can simply purchase a set of double-a batteries from a local convenience store anywhere in the world stick them in and you’re away again we did of course find rechargeable batteries the best option to save on costs and waste and we’ve found that good

Quality rechargeable batteries can last up to about 24 hours of use in the unit thirdly this unit allows for geocaching we love geocaching and having the world’s geocaches at our fingertips was a fantastic feature for us there are 250,000 pre-loaded geocache sites for you to explore and solve all over the world some of which are mind-blowing and will take you to

Some amazing hidden gems you won’t otherwise get to see lastly we love the free maps never worry about paying for maps as you can download free maps easily from open street maps and the garmin gps map 64’s has such an intuitive an easy-to-use interface that you’ll have all your new maps loaded and on your way within minutes these maps allow you to navigate to a

Set of coordinates on a map in a direct line meaning you get to make your own way there or the gps can use the maps and raney their own existing roads and trucks this direct writing feature really helped us when we were looking for specific free camps but there were no actual trucks to get into the camps after many years of use the garmin gps map 64’s remains our

Favorite travel gps with its compact and durable design amazing features geocaching locations and the free maps this is the only gps you will ever need for travel click the link below to buy yours today garmin gps map 64’s the best travel gps

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Best Adventure Motorcycle Gps For 2019! By Health and Wellbeing