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With the caboose tapenade water in the days of lug goggle at lyon a comparison video regarding stock brakes and performance brakes specifically for our motorcycles i’m committing a motor issue in yamaha and max one five five go pero whether interests are arrow’s amnio’s big bags and so on gusto genuine anatomical guys all you have to do is to share this youtube

Video take a screen shot cordova a limited a screen shot share in your youtube video take a screenshot opposed send know you screenshot dtos a facebook page go for a chance to win this sticker numero edek silicon this is the manufacturer of the brake pads that we are going to review today a word 500 pesos ship where the pneuma panettone so with luck guys and we’re

On to the review so your mother bought a new moba style deters my playground area and subdivision i mean except upon among markers connecticut on young women i see net up queer and and gap number what number is the go one meter samaritan 100 number 10 so because of being a total braking distance not eight i’m gonna 10 meters suppose you keep measuring a toe in

Leaning in a toe so it will adding zero so once the duma onion and max nadine’s red jonathan yoga in non maximum boom arting of levers front and back para ho chicken tikka hitting an event on ginobili braking distance avenger subin at in china but loom basis para accurate iam adding experiment okay so your mother what they first train at the end just move on a

Team on break at about 40 km/h we’ll try to run this back for 40 km/h apply the maximum brakes once we reach the eighth measure danza sinnott up not in bandar on okay so first try again 40 km/h mona okay okay so six meters in between six and seven meters so we’ll try it one more time okay second attempt six meters in between six and seven meters one more time

Okay third tried third drive aha okay so that concludes our 40 km/h breaking distance for stop brakes again it’s in between six and seven meter guys so let’s check out nah man i know you affect cut back back but it palin said i make bricks at all you know if apple is nothing break resistance again max not and this is from ealing so if you want to check them out you

Just stop ealing in your facebook page buddy tiny ma break vanilla for different types of bikes different types of big bites from kawasaki honda yamaha our emission are stagnant breaks dependence i used depending on commuter pan racer and so on and so forth bob’s erratic pattern of even in new and so it it chiron yeah topanga disciplines fine young piranha bucks

A mammal nakagawa no comparison at angle cone a of spartan breaks a puppet opposing indifference no material net or a score produces that breaks the guinea gamut on yamaha and what’s not there so i’m getting for muna that was polygon okay guys so your mom was in a pangolin opinion brake pads knee and maxim stuck brake but saying children a stuck brake fence

Can sew it to use a front guys lillian is gonna tow so as you can see it’s still fairly new my bike is 1000 kilogram so buggabugga patent break but stato pilot need to subject but sahara pandas are organic brake pads in vietnam casino material they tend to be compressible so it because a be an come back a subpoena by another the keep it tipped so what happens is

During braking in business i got you pregnant in you but on a ppp moon etobicoke chiffon maggot i hope you get the idea so that’s the disadvantage of using organic brake pads at the same time in veneto plastic bag angus a nothing in a llama toe so who must give a new dito you may have some on a physical changes dito on up into a tackle tackle metal holla one man

So marilyn lay your man pintura that prevents it from a passenger to me when think alana okay so union disadvantage sangat enrichments an advantage so monito attempt in a kimura submarket yes wadi degla initial otto 150 to 200 pesos so you know organic breakfast and in a gamble now in max nothing as start front brakes saira banus had opened the lumen maha bought

The nominee on stuck rear brake so very nice and voila tinto alcan de hanuman dunes are real fix yeah i these are made from ceramic material i don’t know if we can notice but mirage amana copper fibers a dog yarmulke makino not given your bronze bronze pods not off those are copper fiber and this advantage dominating dynamic novel eunha no not so money personally

Or happen to bug the tina arrow and we re inna allaha wa so again guys we papa did nothing brake pads are from indignant bucks finish on it – no manual brakes not illegal so it to use a front brakes niganda honey – guys ceramic a garden you matting front brakes tapas you matting backflips this is zinc coated but zinc coated gym brakes advantage nato methodically

Before too much feed but matt a girl before cholera in advantage dome engaged and ceramic laguna bank a pnina you ceramic brake pads depend to have more like before comic palutena brake pads under normal driving conditions papas i’m done brake pads nato guys this is new technology gamma gamma is not not in a park not in the nrs new cup technology and you see a

Village a poodle anita ok um second aha neto marin company pencil cody a mahogany pen to digitally called union axle beam adhesive yeah so you don’t break pad pin rest lanka detour in a bit gamma to maha param barber asylum so voila chemical depot zagat lab mccoggins ahankhah see guys but mrs or no cap technology ‘no young new class in and bonding non brake pads

Aghanim back plate haru bhushan ammonium brake pad muhammad ali calcium benetton class in akuma gamut chemical para batman game brake pad hindi tire shore baja kamala’s the hindu nina pham dina contella panda cap so you know advantage number go technology non-factor become brake pads as co-producer luma so-eun so with that guy’s gotta be the nothing to say in

Maths nebosh kagawa or the title review so breaking their stats so guys i can deena i think trial parody to starting breaks now a bit kanaka happen young ceramic brakes not in and the petticoat echoed corner insha for about 12 to 15 kilometers so most probably the brakes are already knock abed thought cannot even say breaks kept a mini-break inch a bedding so

Enough abednego setting into cousin avram the man cunha even after liam film breaks horribly good so we will just repeat the experiment today as you can see in and ii told it to set up methane will repeat experiment run at 40 km/h break at that line and see the braking distance weendigo but rocket on at the test sparrow travel around on top alarm and a bag with a

Legume brakes me and max nothing check nothing huh okay attempt number one actually the conditions today are different from yesterday oh mulan canina made juba silent posada farrow hopefully mijita nathaniel difference from yesterday’s attempt to today’s attempt and a panettone maintenant ceramic okay attempt number one ceramic breaking action in three two one

Go so open see nothin in between four to five liters think of me impregnating okay that’s number two attempt number two let’s go let’s go okay so again in between five and six peepers let’s try it one more time odyssey hug yourself ahead up so and again five and six meters so i think yesterday it was six and seven meter so the total braking distance is less

Than one meter so you know have a birthday bonus attempt lang i’m just curious let’s try to run this back at 50 km/h and let’s see the total braking distance yes one more attempt makes it last time premature guys bottom yahagi zahara benet no difference no brakes kaha for a smoke break today so just one bonus attempt and let’s back up let’s go okay so again six to

Seven meters distance you’re adding attempt for the fifty kilometers per hour that concludes our ceramic brake pads eally comparison as compared to the stock brakes but it cations are gained by high so it was no i think comparison and i think stock brakes versus the performance ceramic brakes so while we’re talking about my experience regarding the brakes let me

Just play the stock brakes as compared to the performance brakes legate academy the civilian so what are my thoughts regarding the brakes so monica and max land and other undergone users but napa passenger named brake fill in your image of squishy iron sponge major melon ball there’s a chance name brakes and organic so i am suggesting that you choose the ceramic

Ones or better to change it to another brake pad material in order for you to upgrade that braking experience para supplemented carrera para semana que haga i’ll summon an extra set number gilad so my healing mahkumat is a calzada well new car alamut engage stomach upgrade gun brakes so no matter this video just to clear things out this is not sponsored by alec

Philippines banila co young brake pads name on my own money father is a yo-yo anumana me miss out new superga meet my stock breaks so una paris again brake feel ok mahila kalyan brickfield para mccann ok no confidence in braking because it once the papa takayama be less if you are confident in your brakes madlyn you move up again to you model so number one then

Upgrade using the a-league ceramic brakes brake feel hollow while using ceramic brakes mathematical kasi home life now ceramic brakes as compared to stock break though untouched judge passed mahalia ceramic brakes as compared to the stock ones but they tend to perform longer and they tend to wear out longer so in the agra janicoo put-put ki-suh lead him by eight

Miscellanea and last but not the least even third on my list is the braking distance or the stopping distance a given element is a drone shut not in a 1 meter human difference non-stop brakes as compared to the performance ceramic brakes kasai guys battery napintas it was no sat upon boy young 1 meter in a distance that could have been a child crossing the road

That could have been a stolen haha get masala saga coming po nakamura zarab unknown and hindi mona pop insane in a good model in india get komara cambridge sarcoma senior panoramic policeman brakes kaiser cement land or spittle bogalusa yamaha mohammed or well here’s a hint a in fact but police now ellen breaks moral and ethical dina manzo without guys i hope man

A noble use olive oil i hope i shan’t we do for the education of all the riders out there also guys if you like these kinds of videos don’t forget to subscribe and also don’t forget to share this video to your friends and relatives and your core tigers out there so with that guys before see you later

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