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Best Cafe Racer Gear 2019

Best Cafe Racer Gear 2019

I’m alessandra with revzilla and welcome to the best street cafe gear for 2019 street cafe riders really appreciate high quality design performance and of course a very distinctive style if that’s you you want gear that’s as classic as your ride but protects you in a really modern way so regardless of whether you’re commuting or going for weekend rides there are

So many options out there that are really gonna balance quality protection and of course heritage style today we’re going to look at two distinct collections for each rider type and help you make the right gear decision for you so let’s get started our first rider is a modern classic and they’re on a bmw r 19 pure if that’s you you again really value high quality

Design superior performance and you want it in a classic streamlined package and you should expect the same from your gear but there are other considerations to take into account like everyday wearability or what i like to call an on and off the bike look that will last for years to come so let’s get into our first product this is the bell eliminator helmet now we

Would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the bell eliminator because it’s literally designed for you modern classic riders at first glance it looks like a modern take on a classic auto racing style right but if you look a little bit further you’ll notice that it has really clean lines and really gives you that retro twist the other thing to note is that it has these

Vents at the top that are really distinctive and reminiscent of the $1200 ruby that’s been really popular in europe the other thing that we really liked about it outside of style is gonna be the fact that they turned up the notch a little bit on the feature set for this helmet so one thing to mention is this dual pane shield this is really good at keeping fog out

Whether you’re commuting or whether you’re doing weekend rides and hitting unexpected weather but what’s really impressive about this helmet overall is the weight it comes in at two pounds and 13 ounces and has three shell sizes so that’s really impressive and something that don’t see in this category so all in all it’s a fresh take on a retro look which is really

What the modern classic category is all about so next up let’s talk about jackets this is the alpinestars warhorse leather jacket and we chose it because it perfectly marries protection and subtle yet distinctive style now the first thing that you notice about this jacket is going to be the finish this is a 1.3 millimeter buffalo new buck and it has a super soft

Feel to it but it’s still really durable perfectly masking the seated elbow and shoulder armor that’s underneath it’s the perfect on and off the bike jacket and it really just can integrate very seamlessly into your everyday life now speaking of things that integrates seamlessly let’s talk about the rocker urban racer boots these have that classic everyday heritage

Style you might even have a pair of boots already that looked just like these but don’t quite give you the confidence to get on your bike and ride what we also like about these is that they have protection baked in and they also have a nice reinforced vibram sole so they really get you comfortable on your bike beyond that though they boast a lot of quality they’re

Handmade in portugal and the leather on the outside is nice and durable while the leather on the inside is soft and plush so that you really feel that quality as you’re putting them on and off what i like best though is going to be the fact that no matter what color way you get they patina over time so they really tell a story they’re gonna share those experiences

The more that you wear so i think that’s really special right you can look at these boots and say hey i took something these are our picks for the modern classic category we hope that we really help you demystified what to look for so hopefully that helps you narrow down your choices so that you can make that right decision for you our next category is the cafe

Style rider and they’re on a triumph thruxton if that’s you you probably do some commuting maybe some weekend rides but you do it in style now speaking of style cafe bikes have a really distinctive look to them but performance is not lost on their owners and neither should performance be lost on you when you’re looking at gear gone are the days where you really

Have to look to a vintage shot or levi’s to give you that authentic cafe look so today what we’re going to do is look at a few products that pay homage to that cafe style while also baking a ton of protection so first up we’re going to talk about this helmet this is the agv x 3000 helmet now if it looks familiar it’s because it’s what you think of when you think

Of a vintage helmet right the classic style in lines and if you’re not familiar this helmet is pretty distinctive because it’s a redesign completely updated to meet standard d-o-t regulations of what giacomo agostini wore during his racing career but as they say the devils in the details so little things like take for example the chin bar it’s contoured in the

Same way that all those was so that you can really get the thrill of getting your chin on the tank in addition to that they’re also just a ton of graphics right so a gv with this helmet is really hitting the nail on the head in terms of nostalgia and bringing you back to what you thought of when you first got into mike’s so next up let’s talk about jackets so

This is a speeding metal jacket and if you’re looking at this jacket it’s probably because you want that italian quality design but you want it in that british cafe package with the styling from the 60s and 70s but what’s also nice about this jacket is that it’s fairly unique in its design so first things first the construction is going to be a 1 millimeter goat

Instead of cowhide and what that means is that it’s going to be a lot less structured and more supple than its leather counterparts and that means that it’s going to break in a little bit better over time and really give you a nice feel the more that you wear it but what i also like is that speedy incorporated their warrior light armor now the warrior light armor

Is going to be more flexible and lightweight so that you can really focus more on your ride and less on the fit now speaking of fit that’s the other thing that’s kind of unique about this jacket a lot of the jackets out there that have this classic vintage styling are really boxy they kind of have just like an american cut being that speedy is a european italian

Manufacturer this has more of a euro cut so you’re really gonna get more of that sleek design with this classic cafe feel now speaking of classic we’re gonna have a look at the revit lumbar 2 now jeans are really important because they give you a lot more coverage and the reason we chose the key as opposed to regular pants is because they are really a little bit

More seamlessly integrated into your everyday life now when it comes to the lumbar twos they’re the two is because they’re the second iteration because they’ve been a really popular rider favorite for years and part of the reason for that is because they look like regular jeans when you’re looking at these between the wash and the cut they look like a normal gene

The only thing that gives them away is they’re reflective at the bottom which again is there for safety now speaking of protection that’s the other thing that really make these stand apart right you have a jean that doesn’t look like a moto jean but it has a lot of protection baked in so the main construction is going to be cordura which feels like a jean but gives

You abrasion resistant elements and then it’s also gonna have power shield in the impact areas which is giving you six seconds of slide time six slices of slide time in a jean is pretty impressive and even more so when you factor in the armor that comes at the knees and the option to add it at the hips so all in all from revit a really solid option if you’re going

For that everyday look but protection is still really important so those are our picks for street cafe styles for 2019 hopefully we helped you demystify what you’re looking for and highlighted the nuances between legacy design and classic styling with protection either way though no matter what you’re looking at you’re probably going to be covered for that everyday

Styling if you want to learn more about any of the selections in our 2019 gear guide series head over to for more videos articles and our expert opinion on everything moto thanks for taking a look at the best street and cafe gear for 2019 i’m alessandra i’ll see you on the road you

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