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Best SportBike Motorcycle Street Tires = Sport Touring Tires? Pirelli Angel GT Tires | MotoVlog

Why you should get sport touring tires for your sport bike motorcycle for street riding instead of fast wearing sport bike tires.

Let’s go for ride you are watching psycho cruises all the one motorcycle channel subscribe today psycho cruiser videos brought to you at 6 a.m. eastern standard time you know i got a new set of a repsol orange wheels brand new oem if you didn’t see that video go check that video out included in a link in the description and comments section of this video i’m

Going to be changing the whole color scheme on this bike as you guys know i’m doing a pearl pearl white fairings i got the repsol orange wheels i’m going to have some some orange of levers some orange rear sets and i’ll just just changing the look up a bit for some different man but i’m going to be putting some mob sport touring tires the parolee angel gt tires on

Those those repsol orange wheels and really a lot of you guys should should consider doing that because to be honest with you you know if you guys are doing a lot of commuting out here on the streets or you’re like me you live out in ohio we don’t have a ton of twisties you know more the center of the wheel gets more worn out than the sides of the wheel you know

Chickens like some of you guys refer to as chicken strips and like the late front of people to have chicken strips and all that yeah i did a video on that by the way being funny with it go check that video out in the description and comments section of the video if you want you want to laugh on that but to be honest with you you guys that they don’t do a whole lot

Of twisty riding and just do a lot of commuting you’re better off going with the sport touring tires and with the pirelli angel gt tires those tires are going to wear better in the center of the wheel because it tires are going to last longer for you you can probably going to be able to bang out maybe 70,000 possibly miles out of the rear wheel on that compared to

Like if you went with the uh if you went with a dunlap q3 tire i had done left q3s on my cbr 600 double are awesome tire but they wear fast they were out really fast and it’s really pointless i mean if you’re not doing it like i said a ton of twisty riding and to really get those if you’re commuting a lot on your bike and like i said not riding it twists pointless

To to put those tires on them because you’re going to have to change them out like after probably a good you know sometimes three four thousand miles so if you want to blow a lot of money on tires then they obviously you know get those cue threes but if you want to save some books and not have to switch tires so often the sport touring tire is going to be a good

Better bang for your buck and you can get them out actually i got them for about the same price as the q3 s i’ll include a link in the description a comments section of this video to where you can get you a set of the pirelli angel gt tires for your bike if you check the forums the guys praised those tires they say they’re also i mean those tires you can ride in

The twisties just as well as you came with the q3 they’re sticky good sticky tires but they wear better in the center of the tire so you’re gonna like said you’re gonna get more miles out of them if you want to see more of my videos go to my website psycho cruiser comm click on the menu tab my videos all my videos are categorized in the various playlists and on

One of the playlists is reviews and i’ve done reviews on all different types of things that you maybe will be beneficial for you so go check that out hey subscribe to my all the motorcycle channel hit thumbs up if you like this video share this video with your friends and i appreciate you guys for you potential riders out there get your ass out there and get your

Motorcycle man get your endorsement so you can have fun like i’m having out here on this lovely day and ohio out in the country and i hate guys i appreciate each and every one of you i take care and i wish you guys all the best and stay safe out here check out my other channel psycho cruiser motovlogs where i’ll discuss anything and everything not just motorcycle

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Best SportBike Motorcycle Street Tires = Sport Touring Tires? Pirelli Angel GT Tires | MotoVlog By CycleCruza