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Best Tire Pump For Motorcycle Riders: Dynaplug Pump Review

Looking for a tire pump for motorcycle travel? This one I am reviewing today might be the one you are looking for. It is small, compact, rugged and so far it works great, so I think this will be the one I carry from now on.

Hey everyone it’s me tim and today i’m gonna do another gear review this time i’m gonna be talking about a 12 volt tire inflator from dyna plug i’ve been getting a lot of requests for this video and finally had a chance to kind of take it out of the box test it out today we’re gonna go through what’s in the box because there’s actually quite a bit of stuff jam-packed

In here give it a little test run see how it works and talk a little bit about if i think this is a good fit for motorcycle travelers stick around so like i said today i’m gonna be talking about a 12-volt tire inflator this thing is super compact so right out of the gate i think it’s at least a good contender we’ll see how good it works i did get a chance to test

It out a little bit already but i’m gonna give it another go because my tires are a little bit low i’ll give you some of the stats on this before we see it in action and then at the end i’ll give you my opinion so like i said this is a 12-volt inflator it runs at 4.5 amps at 40 psi and a max psi of 100 which is pretty high i don’t know anybody that has a tire on

A motorcycle that needs to be that high so the kit that i have and they do have a few different options but the one i have comes in at $60 on amazon the kit itself is coming in at 7 ounces and the dimensions on this are three point nine inches by one and a half inches by three point six inches so before i jump into what is inside this kit i do want to say a huge

Thank you to my friend john for sending this to me it was a gift from him and i really really appreciate it i know i’m gonna get a lot of good use out of this thing so the first thing we noticed when we open up the box is this pretty snazzy tough ballistic nylon case this little carrying case super compact and seems pretty rugged and durable now when we open that

Up we have the micro pro inflator the pump itself also this little blue polyurethane coiled air hose we have a six and a half foot sae two sae cord that’s gonna plug right into a battery tender a lot of newer bikes have those hanging out of them already anyway you could always add one though it also comes with a dual combo cigarette bmw style plug two sae again

That’s going to be that same that you could just have hardwired into your battery and there is a fuse on that cord as a matter of fact if you don’t have one of those battery tenders hanging out of the side of your bike this kit comes with one so you can go ahead and plug that in hardwire everything in goes directly to your battery black and red and then you just

Kind of dangle it out the side of the seat or somewhere just kind of zip tied up so it’s not flapping around and there’s a lot of things you can plug into that chargers like cigarette lighters and then use like a 12 volt charger that you would use in a car you know i charge all my small devices on this of course you can use a air pump with it and a whole bunch of

Other stuff also in this kit nice little bonus item is some battery clips two sae and it also comes with a tire pressure gauge so this thing is really simple to use the black plastic side of the hose gets attached to the black nozzle it’s basically you just plug this into your bike plug that into the pump and you’re good to go and you can actually attach the tire

Pressure gauge directly to the pump and see what pressure you’re reading out as the pump is working really very simple to use it’s not overly engineered which i really like because there’s not so much that can break on this it doesn’t have a digital pressure reader or even a needle that could potentially become less accurate over time if the pressure gauge starts

Malfunctioning you can always just replace it with another cheap one it’s super compact now i will say a lot of the stuff in here is extra they kind of set it up so no matter what your bike setup is what your need is gonna be in here i will say you might want to leave two separate options in here whatever works for your bike and maybe the car charger one just in

Case for some reason you’re dependent on plugging it into somebody else’s bike or car or something like that now i didn’t start the bike because i was only a few pounds short if you were inflating a tire from absolute zero i would say you might want to run the bike for that just to make sure you don’t drain too much of your battery so one thing that i do like

Though is because this kit is set up with so much extra stuff once you take that out it leaves you with the perfect space to put some tyre plugs all your tools for tire repairs in here short of course a tire irons not going to fit in here but all your basic tire repair stuff could fit right in here and this becomes your little kit for that it’s small its compact

Like i said it’s not overly engineered so there’s not a lot that could break on it i don’t have extended use with it at this point so i can’t speak to its durability but it seems very well-made its rugged there’s not too much you could break on this i’m sure over time the pump would degrade the wiring but i think that would be a very long time before you’d see

Anything not working with this this this pump does come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase that’s pretty much it about this pump it seems to work pretty good i haven’t used it a ton yet but from what i’ve seen i’m definitely impressed and for the size you really can’t beat it packs quite a punch for such a small pump i’ve used a bunch

From walmart and they’re bulky they’re big they don’t last very long so i have high hopes for this one being in my in my side cases for quite some time i haven’t seen anything this small either that works this well so i used to use a bicycle pump but i got tired of that this thing works much better than a bicycle pump so that’s kind of it like i said i do think

This is a great option if you’re looking for a tire pump for motorcycle travel motorcycle camping things like that i will say one of the most common issues that i run into when i’m out traveling around is flat tires more than anything else i’m pulling nails out of tires the rear tire in particular fairly often so having a pump with you is absolutely critical in my

Opinion i wouldn’t even leave home without this to go anywhere not just on a big trip this is just always in there with my tools so i’m never left stranded because they have been in situations where i’ve needed a tire pump and either didn’t have one or the one i had didn’t work so it’s good to have something reliable in there to fix tyre issues that’s kind of it

For this video dinah plug the link will be in the description box down below to this exact kit there are a few other options and the price goes up from here this is kind of the entry-level one there’s more and more stuff in the other ones i think some of them come with plugs and tools to install a plug like a really solid option so you guys should definitely go

Check it out and that is it for me today i hope you got something out of this video if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything i post a lot of tips and tricks so you guys can have better motorcycle adventures and some inspiration to help you guys get there anyways i will talk to you guys soon ride safe

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Best Tire Pump For Motorcycle Riders: Dynaplug Pump Review By FTA Adventures