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BETA RR Rally Kit Bike Build

Introducing the latest bike builds I made based on the 2019 Beta RR 390 and RR 430. The Rally Managing Group and 2018 winner of Africa Race Paolo Ceci contracted me to turn their Beta bikes into Rally bikes in order to track all the roadbooks of national and international rallies that will be held in Italy in 2020 and 2021. The Rally Kit I installed is the same used by Mirko Pavan at Dakar Rally in 2019 and 2020 where he managed 4th place in the Malles Moto class.

Who say food is welcome back guys on my youtube channel we are back with another rally bike build this time i’ve had the chance to build the bikes for the rally managing group the rally managing group is the team of people that takes care of writing the road books and checking all the tracks for all the rallies that take place in italy both national and

International and i’ll share with you in details what we installed the first thing that comes to the eye is the rebel export so windshield we have a transparent section that gives us a nice view when we are riding and we’ll see where we are putting our wheels and we have done a headlight mask this headlight mask separates the 210 but led lights from the transparent

Section avoiding to have any internal reflection making it really nice to ride at night where we can have a high visibility moving on we have the patented nav tower it’s a bolton plug-and-play solution you don’t need to drill or weld anything you just bolt it on and this is the nav tower that has been used also a doctor by mirko pavan managed to get fourth place

In the mamata category so this is darker proof rally kit and it has an extreme versatility as it can be used for adventure riding so to place gps and other devices and also usb ports to charge our device or it can be used like in this case for racing and for the rally managing group to go and track all the road books looking at the instruments we installed on the

Nav tower we have the make the close book and if you haven’t watched it i’ll link it somewhere here the link to the video where i describe and show you in details the minitek road book holder we have an ico trip master we’ll turn it on here in the lower section we have two switches this one is the main power coming from the battery and it will power up the fuse box

And all the devices connected to it the second switch is for the lights for the headlight and for the internal light of the road book if we switch it on and off the lights of the road book and trip master and headlight will turn on the nice thing of the rebel exports nap tower is that elects you keep the oem dashboard so we won’t have to remove our oem speedometer

Where we can find information on the total hours or kilometers of the bike to command our devices the road book holder and the trip master we simply kept the oem switches that came in the box with these products this meaning here we have the ico plastic switch this will let us change screen with the red and set our trip master forward or backwards in the lower part

We have the road book thumb switch this will let us move back and forward the road book everything is nicely held in in place and ready to go some other cool features of the rebel export snap tower is the possibility to install gps antennas or the er kiev and erie track antennas here on top or below on the lower bracket but also we can use the lower bracket to place

Our spare levers or any tools we also have the usual six way fuse box with led error indicator i really like this because he let us have six power outlets so if we need to add any device we won’t have to go all the way to the battery and it can wire everything on the tower and this is extremely important when we are racing because if we have any issue with any of

The wires we can just work here on the front and we can remove the full fairing by simply using the quick-release because this relic 8 features for quick release so that we can remove the whole fairing without the need of any tools and just our hands a very interesting and useful feature in my opinion is the main power wire the one that goes from the battery to

The fuse box which comes with the kit it’s in gray this makes it really easy to spot it out on the bike as all the wires are in black so if we’ll need to replace this wire it will be very quick to do because we immediately know which wire has to be replaced the other accessories we placed on these betas are a full black sticker kit so that it would blend in nicely

With the fairing because the side panels are in fiberglass and made in matte black but also so that we could stick properly the stickers that we made with the motor earlier and rate the logos and the rally managing group logos that cover practically most of the bike to end with we have a salad a laval a seat cover this is not the usual factory rally seat cover as

The rally managing group is designing the rod books only for the rallies in italy and here in italy the weather is pretty variable and we get quite a lot of rain so we thought that it would be better to have a different type of material on the seat and this is a material that has more grip than the rally one so for the rally managing group as they’ll be a lot in

The woods we prefer to install this type of material okay guys this was a relatively simple rally build i hope you enjoyed the video and if you’re interested in any products that from the road book holder to the trip master to the switches the led switches or the fuse box or the full rally kit you can find all the products at revel exports calm i’ll link them in

The description and now we are waiting for ex-factory hrc daca rider paolo chichi who will come and pick up these bikes as he is one of the members of the rally managing and he is one of the guys that now tracks all the road books here in italy and also during the races he supervises all the special stages thanks a lot stay tuned cause more rally bike builds are

Coming and i’ll see you in the next video ciao

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BETA RR Rally Kit Bike Build By Manuel Lucchese