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Big Names Go Head To Head In Canada | Grand Prix Cycliste De Montral 2022 Highlights

The Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal is the second of the two late season Canadian WorldTour one-day races, after Friday’s GP de Québec. The undulating course around Mount Royal Park in the city centre has 4669m of climbing across 224.2km, and will be great preparation for those targetting the World Championships in Australia later this month.

World tour racing of return to canada two days before the peliton headed to montreal for the second of the two big one-day races approaching the world championships with the time trial a week away in australia the road race in two weeks time this was the last big opportunity for everybody to warm up for the battle for the rainbow jersey with a 221 kilometer race

Around the city of montreal in canada the grand prix the 11th edition of the race with craig van avermatt starting as defending champion with the number one on his back having not won a single bike race however since this very event three years ago a really warm day on canadian roads and a good six-man break up the road headed by antoine duchenne riding his final

Race as a professional cyclist andres leknison was in there as well and uae emirates helped after it have been three different teams working at the start of the day led by jumbo visma azure dozer and ineos antonio nibely the first to be dropped from the breakaway antoine du chen followed soon after leknerson would then leave de la croix behind conserving

Advantage of just over two minutes but that didn’t last too long 25 k’s to go and it was all back together with just under two laps of the 12.5 kilometer circuit remaining an attack went it was simone velasco in the light blue of astana and frederick vondel of bora in the green a maximum gap of 40 seconds was closed down but not until the final lap but fernat

Still with one teammate and it took a danny martinez attack to kick things off on the final climb of the day two ramps remained after the final main climb yates had a try and five men ended up leading the race going into the final couple of rounds barton art david gordu there behind hormanbaldi would try to join the party but he’d be well marked mauro schmidt

A teammate of andrea badjoli also up the road doing a great job final kilometer there today all together with 400 meters to go cordu waited found an opportunity with a bit of space and after almost six hours of racing he’d be the first to launch the sprint bugatta closing it down closing it down well but at this stage many fans were probably expecting what

Fanart and the yellow to come around him but no for not unable to do it bajoli not there today showing the sort of one day form that took him to monument victories in lombardy and liege just over a year ago 14th victory of the season his first win since the tour de france well and truly back and looking very good ahead of a fight for the rainbow jersey in

Australia in two weeks time winning and capping off a brilliant bit of work by uae emirates fanart in second by jolly third with yates and gordon the top five pogaccha versus fanart will that be a duel we’ll see again we’ll have to wait to find out a reminder that those world championships in australia are on the way from wollongong the peloton leaves canada

After two fantastic races next stop australia

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Big Names Go Head To Head In Canada | Grand Prix Cycliste De Montréal 2022 Highlights By GCN Racing