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Bike Brite Spray & Wash Motorcycle Cleaner Review

Testing out Bike Brite spray and wash motorcycle cleaner and degreaser. Cleaning your motorcycle has never been this easy!

What’s going on guys hill town here if you like me washing your motorcycle or your cars for that matter is not on your favorite chore list in fact for me it ranks right up there with laundry taking the garbage out things like that i love to ride my bike but i’m not wild about keeping them clean well alright two years ago i stumbled upon this product at the dealer

And many of you are probably familiar with it it’s called quick wash and i’d great results with this even removing bugs insects also it’s a grime on here just sprayed it on let it set him in it and then hit it with the hose real good now your bike’s covered in crap it doesn’t take it all off but it does a really nice job at it and i went online i was looking for

Something comparable to this and i actually found something called whoops bike braked and this was on the amazon it’s twice the size of the harley one but the price is comparable i think this was a box this was fifteen ninety five i’m not mistaken it’s twice the size you can also get the big think that one gallon jugs to refill these containers and you save a lot

More money doing that like i said if you don’t like washing your bikes this is a great alternative to that so i took my wide glide out today and i’m gonna hit it with this product and hose it off just to show you the kind of results you can get with it so you’ll get an idea of crud on this thing and i’ll hit it with this product and we’ll see what kind of a job

It does on it i did my my ultra limited with this harley product the other day and i got really good results with this instructions are a little bit different for these two products this one says spray wait a minute and then rinse it off this one says wash it off immediately this is also advertised as a degreaser i’m not sure if this harley one is i don’t recall

I don’t recall reading reading that on here but they’re both you know bike cleaners for painted surfaces too so let me go ahead and spray it down with this product and then i’ll rinse it off we’ll see what it looks like so i just dried the bike off real quick i didn’t do a super fantastic job of it but if you remember the before it’s extremely clean compared

To what it was what i’m even surprised by and i’m not sure if you could see it in the before shot but this headlight had some insects stuck on there from last season and it took all of that off and i didn’t use any any elbow grease whatsoever i just sprayed it on and hosed it off you can see the four tubes still have some still have some actually there might be

Pitting it might not even be grime but i’m so not perfect but it’s my opinion pretty decent if you don’t want to wash your bike the conventional way even the chrome look at the chrome on this thing how nice that came out now obviously if you use this stuff make sure you follow the directions it’s got some precautions on there one thing i am going to do i’m going to

Spray down the back wheel on this thing one more time i noticed when i was blowing it off i hit a little bit of sud residue on that back wheel so i want to get that off just in case there’s any ill effects from long-term exposure that stuff sitting on the surface so we’re gonna get that off but i am done so i hope you guys found this helpful just my own opinions

Of this stuff this isn’t sponsored in any way i went out purchased this with my own money so hope you found it helpful we will see you guys on the next video and there is pollen everywhere okay

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Bike Brite Spray & Wash Motorcycle Cleaner Review By Hilltown