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BMX kids get crazy fun MOUNTAIN BIKE lessons | River and Wilder Show

The boys take their love of BMX to the hill and get extreme-downhill mountain biking lessons at Sir Sams ski and ride. Join River and Wilder as they learn about mountain bike gears, back-breaking, and the ready position. The boys take the magic-carpet ski-lift up the hill and then power down the beginner downhill x-country trails before attempting to take on the python! Archer entertains, mom rides and dad has a bike fail – so join us for a lot of family fun!

Welcome to the river and water show we’re at sir samskiy and ryze and we’re going mountain biking first we’ll get geared up how’s it going guys good then we’ll get lessons but i don’t need lessons and then they fall a lot then we’ll take on the python so come on let’s go you ready yes we’re here to meet randy who’s going to size us up for algonquin

Outfitter rental bikes and if you could just backpedal slowly can you touch your toes to the ground okay perfect so why don’t you guys grab your bikes and what we all know inside so we’ve got our bikes now let’s see if we can actually ride them remember if you don’t fall off you’re not trying hard enough you okay skiggy stop the bike completely in the dirt

Yeah before we head up the hill let’s see what archer’s up to hit my arm to stop the chain reaction are you a lizard basking in the sun yeah okay i’ll see you later i’m going inside why you come in and get some water no i don’t need it before we can go down the hill we have to go up it so we’re getting on the magic carpet you just walk on and wait and it

Takes you up the hill how cool is that we’re halfway up the hill about to tackle the beginner runs but first a few pointers from randy remember you’re not looking at your front tire you want to look 10 feet down the trail all right last tip is if you see a rock like this that you want to avoid don’t look at the rock are we ready to do this guys yeah all right so

Remember get in your cyclist ready position okay everybody stay focused oh look a deer yes falls happen that’s all part of learning but you have to get back up and keep trying nice work fellas now time to get some gloves daddy little wiped out the same as me i know i was like 10 feet above her in the drone how was it river good how was it awesome awesome

Awesome these guys are amazing i was getting blisters so it’s time for some gloves and it’s time to head back up the hill they say that bumps and scratches are just free souvenirs i had my souvenir so i had a feeling wilder was about to earn his you okay buddy yep luckily it didn’t land on my face i put out my hands nice new gloves look at your gloves did

They save your hands what does randy say if you’re not falling you’re not trying hard you know what i did i went over and i was like a flying squirrel over the top of my bike learning to ride was fun but it wasn’t always easy but we pushed on we just had to do this river what’s going on buddy you’re having a snooze we’re exhausted and in no shape

To take on the python so it’s back to the cottage for a little r r oh what are you doing but first it was time for some hand-eye coordination practice with frogs hello little moon pie it’s time to go mountain biking okay guys it’s day two and it’s time to take on the python hopefully hey guys it’s me wildham river and i are back at the summit

Randy’s going to put us through our pieces to make sure we’re ready can we leave field behind can we do this yeah i think we can it is said that the harder you work for something the greater you will feel when you achieve it and right now with our confidence building and your fear starting to fade or feeling pretty amazing playful on top of the world so

Goodbye phil and hello python all right team welcome to the summit of sir sams you guys want to do the python yeah you can see that’s our first corner look how big that berm is do you think you can handle that yeah let’s ready position hands on the brakes knees bent elbows bent looking where you’re going you’re gonna ride right up the corner like this are

You gonna go first cookie yeah aren’t you scared no you can do it oh what’s the matter squeaky oh wow well okay you gotta get rid of that first of all oh scooky always win the birch bark one thing that is sort of important here guys is that we do need to keep a good space okay definitely because probably one of us will fall well let’s hope that doesn’t

Happen but it might and even if someone doesn’t fall you still want to keep spread out okay i did it wow we’re halfway down and we’re really doing this it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you leave feel behind it i run up the side did you see me do that do you think you could have done that wendy wow we did it we conquered the python we’re

Like experts now like professionals even okay maybe not you jump on that leg i think you’re good what do you think okay thanks randy no worries bike sherpa can you see that yeah can you look at them they don’t know where to go they’re like tyrannosaurus rex let’s see how fast they can go we don’t want to be having turkey dinner first night archer you

Got some smuts on your nose that was fun let’s do it again boo it needs more archer oh look at him turn ah that’s better oh wait before you go don’t forget to like and subscribe and there’s something about a bell to get notified about updates but i don’t know how that works if you do you may want to click it if not just click a bunch of random things okay goodbye

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BMX kids get crazy fun MOUNTAIN BIKE lessons | River and Wilder Show By The River and Wilder Show