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Bobhead clothing @BOBHEAD


Hi guys welcome back to this new video today i am at lake of san cipriano it is a lake that is close to where i live, the weather today is not beautiful there is a bit of wind i hope you feel the same and also a bit cloudy i hope not to take the rain today, but come on i hope to make it, no guys today i wanted to talk about clothing motorcycle clothing in this case bob

Head, meanwhile, if you see that i already have something on but before starting i ask him to subscribe to the channel, come on 5 subscribers are missing to reach a thousand i ask the bell, and follow me also on instagram if you want, but now let’s go with the initials as i was saying at the beginning i am already wearing bobhead clothing, i am writing to you the names

Below because i don’t remember what they are called, this jacket in this case green and black and the matching vest which is real leather and fabric there are various versions of this also there is also the version with all black, this inv and the version with gray i will show you in detail the seams and the inside of this combination that is really well done here we are i

Took off my vest and this here is the diamond gray exists as i said before also the total black diamon those above fabric in this case gray or leather and all black fabric, i am writing all the names below as you can see the seams are done very well on the inside we have their bobhead logo and has a pocket the large one this part here with the clips for to be able to hook

And also a small pocket in this point here to be able to put the purse or the mobile phone in this case there is no closure here we also have two side pockets here with the clip closure and the two front pockets and two with the small logo , very pretty in this case i have the jacket is called fury if i’m not mistaken this green and black jacket also this has the small

Logo sewn here the two inside pockets and the logo here on the left side white also of this there are various versions now i will show you my other version which is white and black here is the version the white one is practically identical this as it is made and as you can see here too we have the logo the his bobhead we find him here in front in the pocket on the left

Side of the jacket the very good thing and this is that there is also the possibility of putting the projections both as regards the elbow and as regards shoulders and also the back protector we have all the pockets available in this case unfortunately there are no internal pockets but i would say not bad because usually it always goes with the vest that i showed before

Another very beautiful object that i wanted to point out is their helmet, the helmet is very light you can buy without without glasses, however, let’s say that its peculiarity is to wear it in this way the very aggressive bobber helmet even here we find their logo there is also my naturalmen you because i like to personalize my things, and we also find them here in front,

The openings are all fixed and they are here they are practically here we also find them here under the openings, the helmet inside is done really well really very high quality the closure l ‘we have the classic ring is really this helmet is really light believe that weights around one kilo and one hundred kilo we also find two openings even here i did not show you very

Comfortable, and the glasses are also personalized bobhead i show you worn as you see this helmet is very aggressive i have seen in its advertising often those sporster type forty eight 883 use it but also in other bikes there is another another youtube that has it and has a bike equal to mine it is really good i show it to me with my bike how you can see the aggressiveness

Of the bike and the helmet goes very well, of course if i also put on his vest we are ready to go to war i’m sc hopping i would say that the clothing is very nice in my opinion, and the quality is really very good and the prices are not even exaggerated. you will find here i know for registration all the links where to buy if you want to buy them just go to the site and you

Can enter as a discount code be testedimoto and you have a small discount i do not get anything but i do it for you so that if you want to buy it you have available. to finish we also have very nice gloves very light and very well ventilated, and as you can see we have all the dots to let the air pass and they are also well protected here too we have their bobhead logo,

Very nice made of rubber, the clip with velcro, we also have the logo on the protectors. let’s say this clothing is fine when the temperatures are high enough let’s say 18 degrees and above 18 degrees and above the clothing is very light so i think winter is difficult to wear so guys but if you want to buy these products just go on the website to follow the testedimoto

Discount code and you will get this small discount thank you for following me i hope you enjoyed the video see you at the next video bye guys

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