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Boss Hoss Cycles

My name is david cheshire owner of bosshoss cycles of houston this is a motorcycle dealership the first bosshoss dealership here in houston texas we sell america’s first v8 production motorcycles the bikes and the trikes whoo-hoo we also have a full service center behind us in the back as you see right here it’s our showroom floor which has the bikes and we also

Have a line of scooters lance power sports scooters 50cc all the way up to 150 to 250 cc certain parts department is in the back apparel section of over here on your inside is that a big part peril is a big part of the business man or apparel it is probably a third of the business over here is our front counter with our administrative office here in the front and

Also back over here to your left that’s part of our staff our two girls over here jennifer and renee this is between it’s on 610 between broad street and telephone road approximately four and a half miles east of the astrodome okay in this location has been good for you this location has been great for me just except for the economy yeah numbers like it because it’s

Easy access it’s visible it’s a it’s a good location because of the space the in and out access to the property into the business come in and one gate unload their bikes or pick up their bikes and trikes who not really other gateman they can leave okay this was originally a sailboat place this was originally used to sell boats enter whoo and i remember this this

Building and the business for a long time i’d come by here and see many sailboats parked outside also still those inside the building that’s why we’re with 34 foot ceilings great because the masks were up inside of the building it’s all insulated it’s a great building you had held up in a hundred mile an hour winds in hurricane ike hmm so i’m very very pleased okay

The building these these are our lines of scooters we have from lance power sport that come with a year warranty on them we have a full service center here at boss hoss cycles we have customers that come as far as austin texas to bring their scooters to our store and have them serviced this area off to my left is these classroom we teach basic rider sports each

Weekend it’s state certified we have sort of fine instructors from the state of texas and we teach the guys that girls how to ride motorcycles that’s the parks department that we can order parts for our customers we can be in direct contact online with the factory boss hoss factory in tennessee and we cover to your business to that’s about a third of our business

On so this is our service center we services trikes and the bikes mark j is our service manager and sonny underneath this strike is one of our technicians move through sonny reyes this is one of our custom-made boss hoss 57 trike this is a one of our 41 willys bodies we’re going 2008 ls2 motor all little block motor whoo we have an overhead traveling poised and

We can pick up the bodies the flames and move them down to the next station and these are our lives for our motorcycles please put on and then raised up so they were working on our work benches we work on not only boss hoss motorcycles and trikes we work on choppers harley-davidson houston police department’s patrol motorcycles we work on their motorcycles we do

A lot of service on even the little scooters we do full service on lance powersports scooters that’s a thousand square foot storage upstairs where we store our lot of our accessories a lot of our parts for the motorcycle a lot of inventory is stored up there we also have a overhead crane or chain hoist that we can put motorcycles up there or engine blocks new

Engines whatever we want to use that area for we got enough space up there to utilize this is this rig is our our rig that will use a transport we got two floors in a 40-foot stacker trailer with a elevator and it’s fully self-contained daytona sturgis myrtle beach laughlin riley we had about six major rallies a year i want to thank you again for allowing us to

Do the interview and good luck in your thank you we all we all need i now wish to extend that luck to everyone that’s in business in america amen

Transcribed from video
Boss Hoss Cycles By David Gerber