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Boss Hoss Rear tire Removal

I couldn’t find a video showing how to replace a rear tire on a boss hoss so I made one

You my name’s anthony stonecipher and i’m going to walk us all through replacing the rear tire on a 2002 boss hoss with a small-block your first step is to jack the bike up now i use a sock and a simple jack stand over on this side this is your first step you’ll see that little tab see if i can get a good picture of it see here she is that’s your lift point and

You’re going to lift up the bike the hydraulic jack preferably a floor jack and then put the jack stand on your frame i like to use a sock kind of keeps everything from getting scratched once you get the jack stand inside are on that side it’ll be sitting pretty normal so you come to the other side and you jack it up i use the water pump think that’s bad i don’t

Know i haven’t been told otherwise but get a jack stand on that side it will float your front tire you can replace the front tire at this point but we’re going to be doing the back tire as we see she’s ready for a replacement so this video will break up from time to time and i will try to show us all how do you replace our rear tires on her bikes because there

Usually isn’t a lot of shops in any town that will do it all right so we’re back in my garage and we’ll continue with the tire replacement okay as you can see here i’ve used these simple jacks screw tab to lift up the back you don’t have to lift it up a bunch just enough to get the tire off the ground and you’ll know it’s off the ground one can spin it so after

Getting it floating you want to remove the seat the seats held on my screw here here here here and here now that’s kind of like one of those cooking shows where they’ve already got the finished product in the oven i’ve already taken them out you also need to take off your bar if so equipped with a screw here and here now you’re gonna want to remove the bucket

From behind the backseat and it has two screws i don’t know if we can see them down in there just two screws so we’ll get rid of that and then we’ll move on to the three screws on the back okay so i’ve got the three screws out of this and i turn around so maybe you’ll pick it up better but you’re gonna want to support your fender as you’re taking out those screws

And you lay right on top of the type now i found i also have a broken rubber mount that i’ll have to give some attention to and it looks like it caused me a bit of issue but now your fender is just hanging now over on your throttle side just inside the fender right here you’ll be able to fill up your hand a clip that’s the wiring for your brake light and your

Running light for the license plate you’ll have to disconnect that and then the vendor should come right off okay so we’ve got the rear fender off something like that and this is that plug just simple pull and pull our next step to get this wheel off as these chrome covers here which you see i’ve already loosened on both sides what i like to do to kind of make

This go a little easier when you go take the pulley off is go ahead and loosen it up a bit so the tigers push forward and give it exactly one full turn so look like that one full turn so you know it needs one full turn when you set it back okay now we’re going to loosen up the axle you’ll be taking a cotter pin this nut here on the brake side and i’m using a 1

And 3/8 however it has been modified before so it could be the wrong size and my first mess up so when i showed you the bike jacked up what we should have done is remove this now keep in mind this bar goes on the tire side okay it will fit on the other side but it will also rub if you do that so i’m gonna go ahead and take that bolt out that i forgot earlier but

You should probably watch this entire video and then come back and see how it was done okay some recap from the last couple of minutes what i’ve done here is i’ve taken off the brake caliper it’s just the two bolts and it’ll come off the holding bar and that will just slide out of the hub the whole thing just is one unit just slide out we are going to need to

Clean these parts before reinstall or okay so we’re gonna try the axle out i know it’s really bad video here but it’s a pretty simple process i prefer using a wooden dowel rod i don’t have a wooden dowel rod so i’m using a piece of half-inch copper it’s a soft metal and it’s better than using a piece part and still i’m also using rubber mallet okay so i’ve got

The axle out pretty painless what you didn’t see on camera is i left a tire up and i put a wrench under it kind of put it back up and she slid all the way out will notice and it’s got some bushings over here now on this side we also have the brake as you take it out make sure to keep track of where they go i suggest get a piece of cardboard and place them out in

Order in the correct direction well you get them back in there right they speak from experience i screwed it up last time okay so we are back on the hood pete the clutch side of a bike and we’ll call it gearshift side and we need to remove the belt cover that will allow for the will to come out through the back of the vehicle now the last time i did this i jacked

It up using cherry picker lifting up on the frame and i took the tire out underneath the fender you can do it that way i’ve proven it however it is much more of a pain and i would highly suggest if at all possible you avoid doing so so take the fender off much easier you okay we’re back i was just yeah going to note for everyone this is a 7/16 here and a 7/16

On the back so that’s your ranch size for that i’d highly suggest you put the nuts and everything back where they go with the spacers because it’s a real easy way to keep track of which direction they go and which washer goes where i’m gonna go ahead and show you this part here however if you can’t figure how to get a tire off you probably should not be attempting

This but you tilt wheel over to one side you’ll be able to get that bushing take it off and that will allow you to disassemble the rest of it okay and you’ve got the complete assembly now you need to take off those allen’s and they’ve got bolts on our nuts on the other side you take those off then on this side you’re going to need to take these allen’s off and

It’ll allow you to have holes in order to get a lug wrench to take that off once you get that off you should be able to take this to any tire shop and their tire machine should be able to throw in a new tire for you or if you’re adventurous like i am you can get a harbor freight motorcycle tire machine and wrestle with it yourself okay so we’ve got the allens

All out now my suggestion to you would be to use the wrench to break them loose then use the allen to take the screw out but that’s up to you but once you get it all disconnected should come right off and then those holes you see there where you can get a wrench take the wheel off now when taking your wheel off or the hub off i should say you’ve got a few choices

And tools at this point walmart they have a 4-way that has these machined ends instead of being just cast they will fit down in there and it won’t make your life a whole lot easier but it’s up to you it’s under 15 bucks or an easier life last time i did it i did not have this tool and i used a half inch wrench an extension and a socket okay so it’s a little hard

To do this one-handed but if you sit on the tire you can break them loose pretty easy then after you get them broken loose lay it back down on grass and take them all the way out okay so they should be all just i know i said it with the rest your perks okay we get something we can actually take to a tire shop and they won’t be scared you may notice i mentioned

Taking off the whole leak that’s what i did last time found out it was lately a useless step so we didn’t do that so show you the difference between one tire the smell used and a brand new one that will be going on tomorrow all right i hope that’s helped you get it off by kenny lease and once i go to put this back together i tried to make a video there but you

Should be able to follow the steps in reverse put the wheel back together put the belt back on it put the brake system back on it tilt it put the bushing back on it of course you want to regress everything but it really just goes back together the reverse i will try to make that video none of the tire shops are open tomorrow’s easter wasn’t going to get this

Done till monday so i’ve used the trusty harbor freight tire machine there and got it on myself so let’s go ahead and walk you through putting your bike back together all right so i’ve got the tire cleaned up i’ve got the hub cleaned up she’s all ready to go back right here that’s valve stem valve stem goes on break side so brake side goes up now you can see

That with the pulleys on the ground as long as you put it together this way they’ll be done correctly and pointing this out because i myself the last time i tried to switch out the tire screwed this up put it on backwards had to take it apart very big pain in the butt so save yourself some heartache and remember valve stem goes up and that’s the site the brake goes on you

Transcribed from video
Boss Hoss Rear tire Removal By stoneciphes