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Brain Dead | House M.D.

The team try to help a patient that seems to be trapped inside his own head… some might call it being ‘brain dead’.

Hey someone talk to me you don’t hear me talking to great heart for transplant oh my heart oh god they don’t know i’m in here hey genius i think it violates certain ethical laws to rip the organs out of a guy who’s still alive thank you thank you did you uh get back in your bed please mr house it’s actually doctor house this guy’s exactly there’s also a navy

Seal house but you’re gonna have to save up for that one really well that’s interesting but uh you’re here because you crashed your motorcycle not because i need a consult so get back in bed scrape my elbow seen a truckload of bike in it where’s this guy he’s brain dead no i’m not so drop it see that minimal brain waves don’t mean he’s alive i am alive i’m gonna

Hear you if you respond to painful stimuli hot or cold what you’re saying is random barely discernible i just earned it listen to him please no that’s just the amplifier’s internal noise level it’s not increased sensitivity no no no it’s not it’s me then why is his eye following me exactly following motion’s an involuntary reflex no you’re a doctor you should know

These things no no i’m not dead i need help i’m here i also know about locked-in syndrome it’s cancer no it isn’t yes small tumor in his brain stem causing perineoplastic syndrome it needs plasmapheresis can you give that to him no no i’m sorry i completely disagree with dr house please shut up i don’t which means i can treat him let him let him is that what you

Want absolutely did you send up a couple of bell boys where’s that going blood in your urine clogged up your old catheter peeing blood that must be what the insecure doctor saw oh damn it the surgery will get us more close oh we’re gonna put you out just so we can drill the hole oh that’s very thoughtful of you easy questions done before you know it is this

Equation correct well if you make a mistake i’m not gonna know that anymore are these lines parallel special relationships intact take a look at this circle there’s more than half of it shaded of course don’t forget to blink there’s more than half of the circle shaded sorry yes look at me lee again is more than half of this circle shaded blank come only blink

Back out can’t blink blink one way to communicate now that’s gone well played maybe there’s another way brain computer interface better known as bci the goal is to get you to move that cursor with your mind when you think up the computer records the pattern think up enough times it eventually learns what you’re thinking so start thinking up you in there

Are you trying did that just was that you he’s trying to talk something bothering you there’s still tightness in your chest as expected is it your eye as he’s saying no three times you only ask one question maybe he’s not saying no maybe he’s saying down are you saying that the pain is lower how low your leg your foot left foot check his let me see now

Yeah his right foot no bruises no rashes no cuts and there should be no pain is that a tingling sensation is it itching liver plus i plus kidney most likely sclerosing cholingitis oh god if only talbot said that wouldn’t be the happy ending do a biopsy to confirm i’m gonna numb up the area where we’ll go in for the punch biopsy where’s the new bracelet she was

Wearing the bracelet you didn’t notice that i was wearing it doesn’t work he noticed and you didn’t if you don’t like it it’s fine it’s not a big deal i like it that’s the point i’d rather have it at home in the jewelry box than getting peed on at work you got the patient’s urine on that arm when i was putting in the catheter why you’ve got a rash the brace is real

I figured so what if the rash isn’t just a rash what if it’s an infection if there were rats in that basement then the liver failure could be caused by leptospirosis transfers through urine rat p to him his pdu the infection would need an entry point look for any recent scratches cuts look next to his fingernail the infection destroyed your liver which released

Toxins that caused the locked in syndrome you were dying of a paper cut i hope you’re right this time we found rats in your buddy dave’s basement tested positive for leptospirosis means we’re on the right treatment so try moving a finger your brain needs to get used to doing its job again try harder i’m sure you’ve lost hope i know we’ve told you several times

That we knew what this was but this time we’re right concentrate move one finger for me welcome back i did it you

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