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All right guys so i just got tagged in a tweet and this tweet goes help me comprehend please anyone all gamestop backwards emg this is the biggest stock market crime in history now right now it’s not down to the grain but this is very very sketchy take a look so emg construction of course backwards gme now if you go over to the next picture you will see emg partners

Again backwards gme ltd it all seems as if it’s sort of supposed to be a coincidence however if you come down here and take a look at the registered office address change you will see that it’s cardiff cf14alh now if you come over to the next tweet she goes and explain this amc traders ltd struck off registry as well as an address change to the same place jc citadel

Properties ltd changed to you can see it right here jc citadel properties ltd come down to the registered office azure address changed cardiff cf-14 8lh in the second screenshot amc traders ltd cardiff cf-14 8lh now she closes this out to say eco and edf are the two of the larger energy companies in the uk here you see it it’s connected once again spelling them

Backwards offloading all their trash in other countries to start a war this is huge you can see right here fde service ltd and citadel secretarial services limited now let’s let’s do a little bit of digging so if you come over here you will see the question on google who took over edf energy edf energy is owned by electricity difference itself 85 percent owned by the

French government now if you come over here you can see that our bearer shares legal in france and we’ll touch on that in one second but it says here the issuance of bearer shares is prohibited in france nominee shareholders are not allowed in france well now you guys might be wondering what are you digging into what are nominee shareholders okay so the registered

Owner of shares held for the benefit of another person aka the beneficial owner the beneficial owner may choose to appoint a nominee because it does not wish to have these shares registered in its own name or it may be required to appoint a nominee now do you guys see where this is all coming together in a conflict of interest and again share the video as soon as

This is done this would make sense as to why where these shares are parked if they’re parked in the uk why they would have to switch the names and appoint a name in order to hide shares that are not in their name right so the easiest thing for them to do is to spell them backwards and you’re seeing it break down time and time again now this isn’t the last thing

Right this isn’t the last thing to close out the video trust me i got something else for you all right well let’s let’s take a look at the filings again okay july 19th of 2022 for gamestop in february 2nd of 22 21. now let’s pop over to the chart now these two big blue arrows that i have mapped out for you guys are exactly where these filings occurred right this

White line that i have drawn out for you guys right here okay so let’s let’s take this out so we can see it better and this line right here notice the pattern that happens as soon as these shares are parked right notice the pattern that happens as soon as these shares get parked okay this isn’t the last thing to pay attention to okay when we were tracking cycles

We kept looking at what these were right why did this reset a cycle every time why did these big use reset a cycle every time let’s jump over to amc you guys aren’t gonna believe this so as if there’s no correlation right let’s take a look at the amc date so june 22nd of 2022 and september 7th of 2021. let’s pop over the chart take a look at these two dates does

Anything here look familiar familiar to you guys and i’m gonna sit back and wait for you guys to uh hit the like button not only but tell me if there’s something familiar to you take a look right right as soon as these shares are parked whatever they’re doing behind the scenes you see the same downfall the little direction change isn’t fooling anybody right the

Little beginning of cycles and this is exactly why we talk about cycles playing out inverse at certain points guys honestly i wasn’t expecting to make an amc video today or have any dd for you guys this just popped up on my twitter so if you find anything nuts on twitter make sure to tag me in it because i would love to put the puzzle pieces together and find out

What the citadel and these hedge funds are doing this then leads you to the question right how many more of these filings are out there that are in other names and these shares are being parked let me know what you guys think about this in the comments down below make sure to share the video and hit that like button consider subscribing to the channel and turn

Post notifications on we gotta get this out to everybody asap i love you all lottery stocks out thank you

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