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BUELL MOTORCYCLES is BACK in Production without Erik Buell

BUELL MOTORCYCLES is BACK in Production without Erik Buell. In a Press Release last week Buell Motorcycles announced they are back in production and planning 10 new models by 2024. Erik Buell has no affiliation with the company. #BuellMotorcycle #ErikBuell #Buell1190Platform #RidingintheOzarks

Hey this is mike with riding in the ozarks and buell is back beale motorcycles are back in production in america yes that is how a press release from buell motorcycles that was released from fuel on february 18th starts out i know i thought beale motorcycles were dead too last i heard they had gone out of business about 12 years ago yes i know eric buell started eric

Fuel racing but those motorcycles were just for racing and i didn’t really keep track of ebr after that well ebr went bankrupt in 2015 and the assets were sold off in 2016. they’ve been making limited production motorcycles since in 2020 buell developed their first dirt bike in collaboration with sappala race team and won the ama hill climb national championship

Okay so let’s get into this press release from the grand rapids michigan-based buell motorcycle company fuel motorcycles is back in production in america the new buell motorcycles will launch 10 performance models by 2024 model year the exciting models will be representative of the superbike performance and handling expected of the legendary buell brand exciting

Times ahead for fans of american motorcycles the ceo bill melvin makes sure to mention that they have the fastest american production motorcycles hand built in the usa that they are building out those platforms for more touring and adventure models than expanding the displacements to be competitive with other global brands fuel motorcycles upcoming models will

Include variants for dirt dual sport touring and cruisers while expanding the line to include medium and small displacement motors buell is also in the initial expiration phases for a high performance electric model and is open to collaboration ideas with other companies he claims buell is known as the american brand for high performance innovation and adventure

Fast is fun again on a buell we will continue and expand on that we have already launched a dirt bike with sapaula racing that won the ama championship and buell will be dominating the nhra this year ebr motorcycles acquired the buell brand in early 2020 and began developments to bring buell back beale will be present at daytona bike week 2021 at j p cycle’s

Destination daytona mega store visit the buell booth for gear to view current models and learn about the developments of the fast and fun american motorcycle brand buell is back and racing to the future i took a look at the buell motorcycle website to see what they were up to the 1190 rx looks like a sport bike and even though i’m not into sport bikes i thought

It looked like a sport bike should the next bike i looked at was the 1190 sx which is described as a street machine now i’m not in love with the looks of this bike but the specifications are something i could be in love with these bikes have a 72 degree v-twin 1190cc engine with 13.4 to 1 compression ratio putting out 185 horsepower and 101 foot pounds of torque

This championship dirt bike is based on the same engine and i must admit a championship dirt bike on its first year racing is pretty impressive i was pretty impressed with the images i saw on the website until i saw this they are calling this a sport touring model and is planned for 2023. i understand this just a concept picture but my god this is ugly i mean

People have called the pan america ugly and the rebel 1100 butt ugly but can you imagine what they would say about this i would rather have no image than this floating around on the website when i was making a press announcement i’m excited for buell i’m glad they’re back from what i know and i’ve never owned a buell but not for the lack of wanting one it looks

Like they have a proven performance oriented platform to build off of and grow i can see them building a dual sport adventure bike on this platform and being successful as long as it doesn’t look like this concept image i definitely think they have an opportunity in the sport bike and street bike world a lot of people were very interested in the prototype bronx

Street fighter model from harley davidson and i hope it is just on the back burner but a buell alternative would be awesome now as far as the dirt bike segment well they’re going to have to get into smaller displacements to be competitive in my opinion so that’s going to take some work i’m not sure how this existing platform just shrinks down and it’s as simple

As that when it comes to dirt bikes just because they built a hill climbing bike on this platform doesn’t mean it’s ready for production as a dirt bike now i think the hardest market will be the cruiser segment for them to break into they’re going up against harley davidson and indian and those guys are giants compared to the defunct buell motorcycle company

I’m all for competition and more choices but this is a big hill to climb remember this new company is buell in name alone eric buehl has no role in the company anymore fellow youtuber monkey butt rides street bikes and dirt bikes so let’s see what he thinks so 10 bikes by 2024 seems very aggressive buell says they will have variants in dirt dual sport touring

And cruisers which of these segments do you think has the best chance for them to compete in and that they should focus on first so when i think of the buell name i think of racing i think of performance and i think a beautiful street fighter naked type motorcycles i do think that their goal for the number of different genre bikes that they want to have in the

Time that they want to have them in production by is super super ambitious so all that said i just looked at some pictures of the 1190 rx hammerhead as they call it man that’s their full fairing superbike that thing looks absolutely amazing 72 degree v-twin um it’s got a dual injection uh fuel system i think it’s got really good horsepower and torque numbers it’s

A good looking machine man if they went into mass production with this thing and combined that with a worthy marketing campaign i mean i can’t believe that this bike’s been around for like seven plus years and i bet you there’s so many people that don’t even know it exists and i think they’ve been keeping the production numbers down low just to meet homologation

Requirements so they can actually race the bike but if they would go into some mass production and really market this thing i think that there’s genuinely an appetite here in the u.s for an american-made bonafide superbike and the street fighter version as well which has the same engine just more of an uprighter upright position it kind of reminds me of the

Old-school buells from back in the day i personally think that this genre bike is their best chance for really mass success and i mean it’s it’s it’s so close to home for them racing and performance and they could then branch out off of the success of the hammerhead and the street fighter they could branch out to the other genres of motorcycles that they want

To get into i seriously think that that hammerhead if they could get the production cost down just a little bit so they could charge a little bit less money for it i think that would be here in the us a very serious competitor to the pentagon v2 i really really believe that my concern is can they really put out 10 different models by 2024 and that the fit and

Finish will be high enough to compete with these other major brands and i don’t just mean hurley and indian we have honda suzuki ktm and the list goes on i’ll be watching closely and maybe there’ll be a beale in the future for me but for now i’m just going to keep watching for our bargain used one if you like this video give it a big thumbs up if you do that

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BUELL MOTORCYCLES is BACK in Production without Erik Buell By Riding in the Ozarks