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Building new jumps and sending it on my pitbike, I build a new jump on my pit bike track then shred the Honda CRF 110 and cake electric motocross bike before sending it on my dirt jump bike! Would you hit that jump?

Hello everyone today is gonna be epic i’m back down at the field i’ve got a selection of fun stuff we’ve got the crf 110 i’ve got my jump bike and the cake laid down there and behind me is the landing that you couldn’t see for ages because it was so overgrown i come down it yesterday shrim dit proper good and now we have a landing the other side of it is a kicker

And we’re gonna put it in place and then start off the session on the pit bike track that how fair so let’s get into some pity action to start the day i’m now around the other side of that landing and as you can see i’ve got half of a kick a ramp here this is actually the ramp that i’d built to jump up that multi-story car park that time which is pretty cool

But i’ve realized if we use just half of it it’s a perfect size to be a step up onto there so we’re going to get this tuned up make it work and then this can be part of the pitty track so let’s get building well i’ve just come over to the wood zone i’ve got here full of loads of stuff that i can use for the ramp and dara nice we’ll just turn up we’re going to

Do an elbow because obviously corona times you don’t touch everyone and now we can meet one friend you know so if you’re in your household you can go and meet a friend for the day so darren’s come down for a session i’m going to try and make that ramp work for the pitti so let’s grab this go and build it my plan though darren is to put one of them across there

You see and then just put a tiny bit of wood down to there or something for the top tire it’s actually insanely out of line but whatever it’s gonna work for the day our ghetto extension piece is on that’s looking good we need to make fix at the bottom here so we’ll use that yeah perfect now the ramps actually off the floor here we’re putting in some stilts on

The side good make it work pretty good here we go then time to hit that pretty massive jump for a pity any test run quick okay second gear it is then yes look how impressed hope is sat in a special chair that’s insane that works so good okay let me hit it again that’s epic oh it’s so good let’s try and get some stis on the go then oh yeah is so sick down

Let me try and whip it out a bit no way that was a pretty whipped actually i’m stoked on that it’s big but it feels nice on to see if i can get a know if it can on the school oh that’s scary that’s so big sketch maybe get a cleaner what yeah that’s so sketch i’ve seen his cool thing like axel hodges does he whips and then grabs the fender this is my attempt

To that now we should go in session the track though for shells i’m gonna get an overtake by hitting the big jump oh no it’s not right darren’s just had a good idea to put this kicker in front of that tiny little table that’s around the back so it could be the ultimate track so let’s take it down there and have a look that’s so steep maybe i’ll try it

On the cake quick this is where the cake is better than the pity because it’s more like mountain bike size i’ll try it on the pit i persuaded darren to have a go on the cake let’s see how hardy bottoms it out yeah yeah what a bottom up oh that’s sick that you heard it though now you know that it’s chill you just have to get a little bit further i need to

Go a little bit quicker i can get it again cleared and i’ll get a nice shot of it yeah yeah way better sick right the airbag kept staring at us i know we did it in the last vid we’re gonna blow it up for a few jumps so here okay we’ve got the bag blown up now saina do some gopro mounted tricks on the jump bike would have been rude not to hit the airbag really

While i’m here so stoked that the fields actually cool now though trappin yes down on his first jump on this thing for ages yeah that’s enough yeah see backflips are easy whoa so dumb darrin’s in oh fire oh boy on fire what a guy i didn’t work i love front seats but they’re scary every time i’m gonna do a dave mirra special and do a flip x off one hander down

All right i’ll get it how did you like those maneuvers let’s send you down the rolling in there oh nice one on that mate that was real good we’ve done a fun little session on the bag now we’re gonna cut it and then go to the skate box finish off what day we’ve now come to this little skate park here on mercy island i was here the other day in the how i see it

Video and i’ve never ridden it on the jump bike so let’s get into the action this hips we’re good to boost white lips of things oh that’s well good actually try and get a few more little back to back tricks oh oh well good well fun little part that bar was so late then can’t believe how much pitying i’ve done today okay little zuma john that look fully bloody

Pity finger that’s from the throttle just constant winding kind of blasts that hip again that’s where all good here’s a blue stitch to free then okay i went way to then we get that again i’ll boost in and three no hander out ah that was proper no way there’s a little kid behind trying to do a back flip for him do you want to see a back flip cool okay here we

Go they were stoked on it so stoked look that they’re leaving that’s how stoked they are watch this the smallest quarter pipe in the world foot jam tailwhip kind of look at my foot landed so uncomfortably hope you see that thing there that’s called a pyramid going to a downside whip and then a normal whip on it here we go downside normal oh yes okay i’ve got

A finale tiny bit slower though i’m going to get a boost on that hip bit of a tabes and then 540 land backwards and fakie out oh that’s so cool okay i can’t you finale i’m gonna table in again 720 out of the finale oh super sketch not nice looking but what a finale to an amazing day pit biking abs jumps and skate park & mersey island epic on that bombshell

That is the end of the video i hope you guys enjoyed it they have your sniff release and comments and we seek new subscribe see you next one

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