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Buying a 2021 zx6r Off the Showroom Floor

The Journey Begins! with how crazy the motorcycle market is, why not buy a brand new bike? it was a hard decision between this bike, GSXR 750, or the r6. but this bike definitely has the most bang for the buck..

Uh oh we i don’t know about you guys but today is definitely a special day for me as you can see as the title says we got a new bike 2021 zx-6r it has been a long journey for me to get this bike even though this is the third time i have had this generation of a 636 long story but it has been a long journey the first one was stolen second one i got on a

Stupid good deal ended up selling it because i was in my iffy stage of motorcycle riding uh of course i got the itch back again i got the gixxer sold it got the honda rebel sold it got the grom sold it and this is where we are now so i am more than happy i got this bike in galveston texas off the showroom floor with zero miles on it it now has 309.7 miles on it

Um i have written it every single day think the lord has blessed me without any rain well i mean it rains every day in houston it’ll be 100 degrees and it’s going to be raining somewhere in houston but and i’ve been trying to get a good day to film the sun’s coming out finally but every time i want to film the clouds cover it up but this is a beautiful bike

When the sun hits it it just really pops man i’m absolutely in love this bike has been on my screen saver of my phones for like since they dropped the color of it last year and i’m just i’m just glad to say it just feels so good to do something that you’ve had a goal to and you’ve worked very hard to get to it and and you finally achieve it um i pretty much

Bought this bike out the door cash um i financed like a thousand dollars or so of it like not much at all um i really just walked in there slapped the dealer the man with 100 stack of hundred dollar bills in the face was like this my bike called him on the phone um i’ll do more details on that um the bike was eleven thousand dollars one hundred and some change

Out the door even with paying all that cash that dude would not let me budge man i think i’m just a bad negotiator i guess but the dude wouldn’t let me budge i think if i came in there with a different attack i’m still getting used to this stuff uh this dealership talk i’m not very good at it i feel like i’m just not i’m just kind of like a target sometimes with

Some of these guys eyes but regardless i wanted to bike i’ve still got a very good deal on it the sticker price was nine thousand three hundred and ninety nine dollars and then you know sales and taxes and all that like i said it was 11 and some change and even with it being 11 some change out the door i see some dealerships right now selling their stuff for

Um this exact bike and it’s not the abs one for like 11 500 msrp so even after sticker you’re going to be paying like there the the motorcycle market right now um if you guys are watching this video during this upload date is absolutely ridiculous for some reason dealerships think it’s okay to sell used bikes with five to ten to fifteen thousand miles on them

For the same price or even more expensive than a brand new bike then the brand new market msrp of that bike i don’t understand the motorcycle market or if these dealerships are really just that big of savages but there’s no point right now i’m buying a used bike unless it’s like oh six maybe maybe 08 and under then you can maybe save some money but even then

People are asking five thousand six thousand and even seven thousand so you’re better off in today’s market just getting a new bike i hate saying that somebody can argue with that against me but it’s more headache-free you get what you get um you get warranties you get you get a title you don’t have to worry about stuff um and you get to take it off from the

Showroom floor right now this bike has no mods on it whatsoever i have not modded oh i lied i lied right there you know i wear jordans and i don’t want to be scuffing my up that’s kind of whack but that was the first thing to get to the in the mail i have ordered the exhaust already i have ordered the fender eliminator i have ordered the um tst industries

Tail light um with the freaking gears on the gears with the light indicators you don’t know what i’m talking about integrated into it i have ordered a new windshield um i’ve ordered the shogun’s flame sliders um what else did i get i don’t know man the the list goes on man like after paying all that money and then going home i wouldn’t spend like almost a

Thousand dollars on freaking revzilla it never ends man it never ends um but this bike this has got to go this bike this is i don’t i like i don’t i might show you all the exhaust but there’s no point of even showing it because it sounds absolutely terrible and these japanese people need to stop putting this stuff on here and if they do put it on here they need

To make it adjustable so you can take it apart and just shorten and buckle it back up to the back zone instead of we having to spend a thousand dollars for some pieces of plastic or metal not a thousand a hundred dollars for some little plastic pieces just to put your that’s ridiculous um but yeah this bike is not going to stay stock at all whatsoever man look

At it i’m so happy guys i’m so happy um i i just don’t know what to say lord the god god is good lord is good look at the glitter and the paint man the black has glitter i just noticed that some of the blue actually has glitter in it too oof man so as you guys probably heard me i was talking about that zx10r and that was my original goal and i just could

Not afford the bike as much as i wanted i still want the bike the bike looks awesome it looks like darth vader this is the absolute meanest looking bike on the market if you have a 2021 zx10r you are a lucky guy well actually maybe you’re not god was looking out for me everything happens for a reason because there was a recall on that bike the salesman said he

Couldn’t sell that bike to you if he wanted to or if i’ve overpaid for it because there is a recall something with the oil sensor or something with it and that sounds internal so i’d hate to have to buy that bike i have bought that by brand new have modded it and put all this effort into it and have to wait to go ride it to get it back from the dealership because

It has a recall this bike did have a recall in 2019 or in 2020 or something for the horn that’s all that it was was for the horn the hornet fell off and i see the horn right here still mounted i think they changed locations on it possibly um but jesus man like i said this bike has 300 miles on it curry let me turn the key off on it and i’m just more than happy

Um i will go ahead and do a review on it in my personal opinions now that i’ve gotten the bike and i’ve ran other bikes there are multiple things that i’ve realized that i’ve liked even more and some other things that i realized that i dislike even more about this bike sadly um i have first got this bike it was my very first motorcycles i was a beginner when i

Had bought this a bike back in 2019 the one that i got stolen and now i’ve written multiple handfuls of other bikes that have a little bit more knowledge under my belt and preferences i can come back now coming back to this one um it gives me a different perspective on the bike but i’ll get that into another video um the exhaust sadly has a 10 to 15 day weight

Um m4 is backed up and i guess i just gave away what exhausts i’m gonna get but i’ll leave i’ll leave out y’all gonna have to guess the what type of m4 exhaust i’m gonna have um but either way i gotta wait for it um everything else should be coming in soon so and i’ll do a separate video on that i’ll do a i’m gonna do everything myself the install i’ll do all

That the sound check but before i do that i’m gonna talk about my opinions on this bike and that’ll be it for another video but i really just wanted to show you all the new bike man i just really want to show y’all what it is and how god has blessed me and thank y’all for all y’all support i know most of y’all can hear from the sc page and stuff like that but

This is my bike man it is beautiful it really is all right so like i said guys um i’ll be getting into more details about this bike on another day and my reviews about it and the things that i like and dislike about it that i’ve noticed and i’m gonna try to do that obviously i’m gonna do that before my exhaust gets on so y’all can drive and hear me talk as

Well i will be buying a microphone soon finally um that’s not my fault i’ve already bought one and the adapter for the gopro but for some reason it would not work so i have to return it and buy a different a different type of setup i’ve been trying guys i’ve been trying i would love to do some more motovlogs and actually ride the bike and be able to talk to

Y’all um so that’s what’s coming up next i will be ordering that that should be in the mail soon so hopefully my next video with this thing i’ll be having a mic and i’ll be riding but i’ve said that before so fingers crossed um we’re just going to take a trip real quick nothing special like i said i got things to do i gotta cut the grass today so i doubt

Y’all can hear me too well once i start moving nfl

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Buying a 2021 zx6r Off the Showroom Floor By juiceboxjigga