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Buying Fake Lamborghini off Craigslist

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We just landed in seattle we’re about to pick up our new luxurious car very excited about this one also ben’s been wearing his heelies around the airport and he absolutely ate going into our plane did you save that video yeah my wheels got stuck i come around the corner did you see ben going straight into the jet legit baseband into the wall at full speed everyone

Just turned around because i mean it was pretty scary i’m feeling awesome today boys rumor has it seattle’s like the shittiest town in the world right now that’s portland oh that’s i was actually thinking of portland that’s the place with like the uh separate village chaz jazz thank you i was here ben we could leave you here you could join the only guy in our

Group that would join chaz would be micah like look at all these tents bro what is going on is this jazz no this isn’t charles you seem to know so much about chaz for never being here we are boys how you guys doing josh ben nice to meet you the car is actually up the street you guys think it’s funny because that’s exactly how i felt i saw it for sale and i’m

Like this thing’s kind of cool but like yeah it’s kind of weird it just makes no sense for like the normal person to want a lamborghini but for it to be fake like that’s just such a bad flex it’s like you couldn’t afford the real deal so you just bought the fake one and then you’re trying to like pass it off how we’re doing it it’s as a joke yeah but it’s it’s

Not funny when people think it’s serious right yeah it’s so funny like how many people like i stopped and got gassed and this lady’s like oh my gosh what kind of car is that yeah oh yeah people think it’s so real it’s so funny i can’t even tell you how many people were taking pictures really so funny here we go yes wow oh my gosh dude this color is incredible

This is perfect no one is gonna know bro it’s even faker than i thought those wheels are actually pretty sick does it actually have brembos no they’re fake everything on his face really so what kind of motor is in this like a pontiac 3800 supercharged v6 so like it’s not slow oh no way i didn’t know i had the lambo doors oh yeah oh my gosh yes the fact that i

Had the lambo doors makes it so much better it’s a manual holy the room is terrible i can’t fit in this thing i am so glad we aren’t driving this back we almost were going to make the decision to just mob this all the way home it would have been like a two day trip so just to be clear this is a diablo replica yes so what year would it be a replica of i believe

It’s like a 99 to 2001 okay yeah that’s kind of where i was 98 to 2001 i’m no expert in lambo as i’m kind of obviously not even new to the game i this is fake but for the longest time we were trying to find a fake countach and we found one on facebook marketplace and we we all messaged the guy separately trying to buy it and he would not sell it to us really

Yeah i don’t know if he knew what possibly gonna be done to it not saying that we’re gonna do anything to it i don’t care if you guys can do oh seem a little nervous therefore sounds pretty good it’s about what you’d expect a lamborghini like this to sound like i don’t know what i would even expect to sound like well should we go for a test drive what

Needs to be bolted wait what yeah it’s got to be bolted like right here i think we almost drove this thing back to minnesota holy all right hope we make it back oh oh yeah it’s rubbing on the body bad damn dude i don’t know if we should buy this i’m starting to second-guess this okay what oh my god what is that is that the wheeler still rubbing because the

Air lifts broken dude i knew it was gonna be a piece of but not this bad it’s tough because it looks so dope but for 26 grand trust me i don’t know if you want it cj dude what this guy’s reaction might have just sold it he goes just pull it into my driveway right there and i you know i’ll drop it off i don’t think you want it i don’t know about that just

Doesn’t feel like right what god damn it something about the color of it too is kind of worrying me what can everything that’s green like this we have trouble with i’m like where the brakes are going to give i’m going to go into this house right here jesus this house right here oh that would not be good they would end up in their living room hey what up want to

Ride in our lambo what just happened it just you can’t make this up you legit can’t make this up well it starts that’s good to fill the camera in the guy wants 26k for this thing we were under the assumption that it you know obviously had some flaws but it wasn’t this bad we’re under the assumption that it was a fake lamborghini yeah but it still functioned it

Was a functioning fake lamp yeah i don’t wanna pay 26k for this dude i’m completely honest oh now we’re gonna honk i’d honk back at him but my horn doesn’t work ah we’re in a tough spot here bud okay sorry i don’t think it’s my daddy’s oh really not he’s like oh really yeah a good boy no i caught him cheating with on my mom with our maid and so he literally

Just gave it to me to like hush money well don’t wreck it i should that guy maybe after that interaction is worth it what should we do i don’t know what to do i don’t know i think the front lift was fixed a lot of the problem would not be so bad please give it a thumbs up i wish the front lift work because like it’s so tough i really can’t even drive it out of

The neighborhood my guess is either the hose popped off the compressor or just the release is stuck open yeah so i’m no bs like when me and my buddy drove it it was working fine right like i was part of me was like do i really want to drive it because you guys are picking it up and i knew some dumb thing was gonna happen but i’m not trying to like yeah you guys

Obviously i’m not right hopefully you guys think i’m no no we know that you’re like no i’m not doing that at all i know for a fact what do you guys do anything it’s the brembo what’s it doing oh like melted i don’t know so being you know kind of unexpected issues with it would you be able to negotiate on the price what are you into it for i’m into it 22. if we

Give you 20 we’ll take it off your hands i can’t do that how about 22. i’d do 23 on that that’s like as low as i’d probably go will you do 23 and take care of shipping no because i mean we haven’t been made out of neighborhoods issues this is my word obviously i mean i drove it 90 miles home right never did any of this stuff so like of course all this stuff comes

Up but no i i understand where you guys are coming from yeah 26 grand a lot of money for it maybe in the middle 25 we got a deal i have dudes that are still lined up to buy the car like probably in every single state i have to do that will pay 26 and they don’t care about it all right so 22-5 22-5 i’m good with that all right okay let’s do it i’m good with that

All right cool all right we just bought a fake lamborghini now honestly it’s more of a pontiac fiero than a lamborghini at this point you’re good all right you know as much as i love driving this thing it’s such a driver’s car man yeah we’ll uh we’ll have to be patient until she gets delivered to cormorant are you sure you don’t want to just drive it home make

Sure you can wait right i just don’t want paint chips on it like scratches i want to keep this as low mileage as possible right right there she goes man i’m so happy to not be driving that thing anymore honestly i was i am going to have gray hair after this for a little bit of remaining hair i have yeah literally back in cormorant i just want to specify that

Josh was by no means trying to rip us off there or like pull a fast one on us i’m sure a few people would maybe think that after watching the video but the lift did truly stop working that day and he’s shipping the car to us so it should be here within the next couple of days this is a bit we like to call breakfast in bed he’s gone hey it’s just me pick that

Up it kind of did what kind of water splash was that i mean it was a water splash oh you like tiptoed in and just like slowly you should have smacked him in the face with it you said you said get him head to toe i meant like splash it up on him you still got wet we still got the gist bro i think you guys got the worst of it look at this i’m a sticky mess you

Two are truly a dream team you know that now mike’s got i don’t even know where he went look at this oh my god he scared me holy uh oh who’s the apple watch well obviously it’s mike ben what do you mean who’s that boy the flower though that’s a bad idea oh man that was supposed to be you but ken kind of up the whole prank i up the whole prank he’s still got

Water and flowers mike’s clean you are just filthy now this guy look at his back he’s still filthy oh yeah he got it pretty bad can you got it in your beer because this dude’s a psycho so this is more of a prank on ken and i not not so much ken kind of put it on himself he’s up that wasn’t the gist again the point was not to wake him up the point was to cover

Him head to toe in flour oatmeal and water okay well we were close now you just covered me in head to toe well we’ll get him next time came dressed for the occasion huh you like that yeah you look good what are you wearing ken did you even get one of those he was first in line you didn’t know that no nobody tells me anything i got you some waiters here ken oh okay

I’m just here to film yeah you’re doing the most ben well somebody’s gotta drink your beer thank you somewhat productive on this you’re the only one who hasn’t cracked the beer yet so i’ve never been so peer pressured into uh drinking a beer before but yeah welcome to bad for welcome to me 24 7. by who yourself all right so every year me and our buddy bj put in

My girlfriend’s dad’s docs and lyft and this year we convinced ken to tag along that’s how we had an extra hand basically we’re giving them some waders with a hole in it and then i got a surprise for him in the boot here ken’s really a heavy lifter 12 ounces at a time yeah his beer basically i would take these ones ken those ones have a hole all right break

His angle for a second oh it’s even warm and it’s been a while since i’ve seen a good old ice good good good okay okay all right you’re doing great man once you get that one out there then we’re gonna have you come back and grab the other one what what do you mean this one’s gonna leak just walking in water but being dry i love it i am not oh really how bad

There’s like both boots and my butt it’s like up to my ankles my nuts are getting a little chilly how much water’s in there a lot oh philly i think it’s not telling me it’s up to my knees oh no it’s up to my waist you good no crap these are ready holy ken why are you so wet i’m not joking when i said they’re leaking look at his shorts and his shirt you good ken

I’m cold ah get me out of here i had like hangover vibes when the one guy jumps out of that trunk don’t be so confused i’m gonna be running in traffic in my underpants that was not my fault whoever last ate the fruit which was me this thing was booby trapped

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Buying Fake Lamborghini off Craigslist By CboysTV