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BVM VLOG #134 – Sidecar Trials?

Craig & Laurence have both ridden trials for most of their lives but neither have ridden a sidecar trials bike before!

So we’ve been talked into riding a sidecar trial hopefully will be a bit of fun we’ve been very kindly lent a bike from steve saunders at trs uk um so it’s his own personal bike that i think has only done a couple of trials so we’ll try not to scratch it for you there’s a lot of engineering that goes into them all the chairs which is what the sidecar people call

Side cars are pretty unique they’re all kind of slightly different with their own little tweaks here and there it’s not like a standard type of fit you have to do a bit of modification uh steve’s chair’s got a olin shock absorber and a a mountain bike like a hope break that i thought the passenger was allowed to press but apparently no that’s for the that’s for

The rider the reason craig’s riding is because he’s quite a bit heavier than me apparently the passenger needs to be a bit lighter it helps with with everything yeah cheers for that lawrence i don’t think you need to highlight the fact i’m heavier than you before you go and slag us off for how bad we’re riding just please bear in mind look who i’m dealing with

Here lawrence is almost half my size half my weight although yeah lawrence is a good trials rider when it comes to sidecar it’s so different he’s got to put all of his faith in me so i don’t really know what he’s moaning about they’ll be fine so basically me and lawrence are going to try and ride a sidecar event we’ve never ridden one before so we’re having

A last minute lesson just like a few days before the event yeah does he know what he’s talking about what am i doing with the bike am i trying to like keep the wheel on the floor basically and keep it like even yeah essentially i keep getting okay yeah that’s your job yeah that’s your job don’t let that will come off the ground is it do you want me in mine to

Just ride about yeah yeah just so he can see like your body position i think like that’s what helped yeah you just replicated then you put your foot out so you basically need to lean into the hill everywhere we go okay bring your left foot with me again stay with me go ahead all right i thought you were um am i leading too far forward as well going up there

I think you are yeah yeah because it’s not quite gripping is it come on i think like pretty sort of you know no weight in it you all then have to go up over there craig yeah easy easy all right yeah just pop the just pop the front wheel up on and then go just go just you know and then there you’ll have to run the front probably up over there follow that

Groove help bob yeah yeah where are you so yeah so we’re heading back to the van after our little taster session it did go okay i reckon we were doing a lot of club memory sections we’re debating whether to do the the route lower which is what do they call it gentleman’s but we have feel like we’re going to have a go at the clubman route to give you guys a a

Profit a proper viewing something to look at it’s half seven we need to go over get some food this time yeah you

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BVM VLOG #134 – Sidecar Trials? By bvm moto