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CAKE :work series – Launch 2021

Introducing CAKE :work, a new line of motorbikes built for true professionals and mobile workforces – with boosted power, reach and efficiency

Cake work series today we’re presenting the mothership of power tools the new cake works series a new line of all-electric heavy-duty motorbikes built for professionals with overwhelming results with current business partners and bikes we’re taking the next step in optimizing new utility series in a number of vehicles engineered and tuned for the various businesses

In need of short-haul transportation yeah and built tougher than ever before with an increased battery capacity and tuned for additional reach load capacity and efficiency these bikes feature a new line of modular accessories enabling user-specific customizations thanks to the two-wheeled agileness the huge towing performance and cargo possibilities the bikes and

Accessories are designed to lower tco for every business from park rangers in the wild to the fastest express delivery in town getting more deliveries and effectiveness regardless of the working environment so except for never looking for parking and batteries that double as rolling power banks why cake works series andrea i’ll tell you why bring what you need

And never get stuck in traffic these steel bikes and their accessories are deliberately measured and tested the geometry on everything from handlebars to trailers are engineered to serve big loads as well as to be the fastest way on the road that’s right that together with long-range swappable batteries fast standard outlet charging allow business to roll 24 7 to

Perfect the craft thanks to low maintenance service for zero emission transport for great economics and unparalleled tco exactly flexible payments leasing options service programs and one account manager for your business so why don’t we let robina walk us through the new bikes the cake work assortment features three platforms and a number of models all tuned and

Optimized to be the best work tools for your business first out is the mukka work the urban shuttle available in two models maca range work and makker flex work the light and agile moped now with long-range battery and new power outlets that allow you to power electronic devices straight from the battery with a robust yet compact design the maca work is built to

Be the most convenient tool for short haul transits and quick city errands second the oso work the towing truck available in three models a powerful utility machine with off-road capabilities and boosted motor power with new accessories allowing it to carry heavier and bulkier loads than before like various trailers large work tools multiple boxes and more with

Convenient power outlets at the battery you can plug in heavy duty power tools like drilling machines angle grinders and more allowing for completely off-grid work the ursa work is the fastest way around with heavy cargo loads in all terrains third the calqwerk the outbound explorer the street legal off-road machine calc work deriving from the strong anti-poaching

Bike developed for the african bush the caulkwork is built to handle harsh environments from the heat of the savannah to the cold of the nordic forest this spike is the high performance off-road choice perfect for surveillance jobs patrolling inspection or other work that requires access to remote areas in tough terrain while cake work is a new series our bikes

Have already increased efficiency and productivity for businesses in multiple industries here are some of our rolling partners to further inspire you to choose cake work for your business get a quote at now finding what you need email me at andrea

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CAKE :work series – Launch 2021 By CAKE