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The last signature on the board my guy right here chad what i always call you the wrong name shot my guy shot he actually came to houston for 17 hours i ain’t never seen somebody fly to houston hop in a slingshot drive around city and then get right back on the plane shout out to my guy right here yeah i mean up touchdown league record shot white all right

Delicious out here oh if you go to my page from the record boys on the point page the flyer there the address is there everybody should have the address of where we headed the address to the smorgasbord is 129.95 i play offense i don’t play defense raise your hand they’re going to be in the back i’m going to be with two sons y’all know me my ain’t slow

So i’ll run everybody down anyway amazing you’re getting saucy hey i would like for everyone people always lie about how many bikes it is it’s well we counted 45 people but i would say about 50. all right that’s a beautiful day we’re going up to the shore pa the shady maple sword all right now go show all the bikes i okay um um philly all

Right so i’m hanging out in the back a little bit just catching some air i mean i don’t want to be up up to in the front of the pack because that’s where you know uh a lot of things happen i kind of like it either always in the front or in the back to be honest so um it’s got a 660 degree day so it feels a little like 45 on the bikes 45.50 everybody’s hurting

Up and then comfortable and fresh warm nice day the dressing room a little cloudy it was raining in the forecast later on today but we still did the ride out talk to my god luke right there link is the only guy who stopped his bike in the middle of the highway to change this song you know what i mean gotta have the music right oh my god right there the powder

Coated king of philly you definitely inspired everyone to start powder coating the wheels and everybody’s crazy he’s the only person i know especially with the air intake arm powder coated very creative i got some i got l.a right here got the powder coated yellow rims you know i mean always holding the pack down it’s like the sergeant-at-arms somebody gotta

Hold down the back case people get lost you know very important job all right let’s keep going all right we’re going to the turnpike uh doing about 80 90 not too fast maybe like 70 80. you know rhonda up front really wasn’t flying too crazy she was giving everybody a chance to you know stretch their legs and i get lost you know i mean so oh we have 76 we’re

Getting a little gas station just in case people want to gas up yeah rhonda did a great job leading the pack rhonda shout out to my guy extra philly reggae boys right there let the pack today look at them communicating communication is key they organize this very well um shout out to my guys shat right there black west side jb biker moss j money with the

Green bike j with the green bike a lot of people they only be recognized by the color they bite so my god d money right there big billy went up from trenton three wheel motion always coming to a ride out it’s my guy right here he always come out my man right hey ow lee i would like to welcome all the new members of philly record boys this guy’s got his first

Time riding with us he just grabbed a riker stopping at a stop light and then people gassing up fixing a radio one thing about a bike is like you always adjusting something i always have always got to be adjusted so my guy right here again he expressing his head at the gas station my god monk that’s my man my guy tommy joy nice we got the rope let’s hit the

Road all right we we should say the bill smorgasbord beautiful run beautiful run on the way up i had short sleeves on i wasn’t even that cold beautiful run guys picked a great location great route great ride nobody got you know no accidents on the way up there it was a beautiful day you know overall had a great time hahahahahahahahahahahahaha hey

Transcribed from video