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Can-Am Ryker ride to Oliver Lock and Dam on a nice Evening! #BlakICE #CanAmRyker

Hey, What’s Up? Blak ICE is comin’ at you with another one! In this Video, I took a quick ride on Carnage back to Oliver Lock and Dam on a nice evening! I enjoy sharing my rides with you, and I hope you love watching them! Please help this channel grow by hitting Like, Subscribe and hit that Notification Bell! As always, watch out for that Blak ICE on the road! Arrington, all day! βœŒπŸΎπŸ–€πŸ§Š #BlakICE #CanAmRyker #Carnage #RykerRyderz

Foreign thank you hey what’s up black ice is coming at you with another one on this particular day i’m riding through downtown no oh and i’m actually headed to oliver lock and dam this was a monday this past monday today is friday so yeah i’m a little late getting this one out but i’ve been working night shift all week and uh hadn’t really had the time

To put it to uh edit this video but i’m trying to do it real quick and bring something to you so thanks so much for watching and i greatly appreciate it man like i said before i’m headed to oliver lock and dam just to check out the scene on this fall afternoon or fall evening rather partly cloudy day probably in the 60s at this point i hadn’t been out here

To oliver lock and dam in a minute so i just really wanted to see what was popping enjoyed bringing these videos to you guys and i hope you enjoy watching these videos i enjoy seeing your comments and um i enjoy very much watching other people’s videos and and taking a small peek into what they’re doing into their moto vlog their riding experiences so it’s

Real cool i shot out a lot of y’all all the time because i’m truly a fan you know and i hope i bring you guys just a small taste of what you give me it’s greatly appreciated for real but as you can see i’m rolling through with the cut and uh repping rocket riders rapping southbound of course and i’m just rolling through if you would please hit that like button

Smash that subscribe button tap that notification bell so you’ll know in future videos are coming you can see on my right my left your right uh you can see the uh water from the dam over there and it was a lot of i passed by kentucky park and i think there was a maybe a travel ball game or something going on out there and going to the dam was pretty cool you

Know i mean i mean you go out there and just enjoy the peacefulness of it all for me i’m all about just protecting my peace so um that’s why i like to go out to the parks and stuff like that just to chill because um you know at times life life can kind of be a little overwhelming and it’s just time it’s a good time to take a minute and just take a breath like i

Said things like that things like riding on carnage for me are therapeutic my music is therapeutic my time with my family it’s therapeutic because there’s so many things in life that try the way you that try to weigh you and bring you down so i’ma stay up type of cat like i said i’ve always been a glass half full type of cat so um that’s what i try to do i try to

Enjoy myself and as you can see i’m pulling into the park at the oliver locking damn there’s a couple of cars there but i didn’t really expect anyone to be out there for real not um this late into the evening i just wanted to come out here and just take a look at the dam real quick i was finishing up my ride and it was on the way back to home so let’s check

It out together shall we let’s get it let me park carnage let’s get into this thing arrington all day you know what it is hey what’s up i made it out here to uh oliver lock and dam as you can see here is carnage my 2020 can-am riker rally and uh there’s nobody out here i’m just gonna walk just maybe one boulder i guess and uh just gonna walk down here to

The dam and uh show you what’s all what it’s all about i think i’ve done a video about it before but uh yeah ain’t nothing going on out here not for real but just trying to get my little ride in and uh i go back to work on wednesday today is monday tomorrow we are supposed to uh have some rain and we’re under a slight risk for some severe weather tornadoes

What have you um so hopefully it won’t be too bad so you can see on this side it says warning dam is 76.4 miles downstream and this is the mill creek boat ramp you can get an activity pass online boat ramp is for loading and unloading only no wake zone idle speed only no swimming or waiting so this ramp it’s actually a whole lot steeper than the one you know

When i usually go to the lake that ramp is not that steep this one here is it’s pretty steep actually but like i said i’m just gonna walk down here real quick show you what the what we got out down here at the uh at the dam we do have one boulder out here uh right over here i’m not gonna get too far in there because i don’t want to fall but anyway this is

For boat use only no fishing this little bridge uh you got the cable ties holding the bridge or whatever and you see the dam goes out as far as i can see people get on the boat and just ride out here and uh check everything out see the beautiful fall colors and uh that’s it man yeah man oh yeah it’d be a nice ride for sure no not today but yeah that’s a sir

Where am i riding from yeah uh just northport just riding around yeah trying to and that was supposed to be raining tomorrow so i’m trying to get out while i can yes sir all right y’all i’m gonna hop back on this bike here and get back to riding but as you can see the leaves are starting to change a little bit uh got some pretty nice little fall colors out

Here which is always nice to see it is not as nice to rake up in your yard when they start falling but different cut of leaves here it’s actually a beautiful sight to see and uh i guess people could come out here and do their boating or kayaking or what have you on the lake i mean the dam and uh or you could ride out here on your can-am riker like me and

Just enjoy the peacefulness of it all uh i’m all about keeping things as stress-free as possible i’m a glass half full type of cat uh i’ve been telling y’all my story on all my videos about what’s what i’ve been through in my lifetime cancer survivor uh accident that should have killed me the whole nine and uh but i’m here you know i’m hit or share a testimony

To somebody who may need it and uh it wasn’t my time yet so i’m taking the time to enjoy my time while i’m here because like i said before tomorrow is not guaranteed tomorrow’s not promising none of us so no regrets man i’m just going to enjoy life period and right now i’m enjoying my life on carnage you see uh these intake covers here uh those are dope

They probably about to be changed out i saw bill has got some new ones that are pretty dope and um i think i’m gonna cop those i do have my um ppa wheels i showed them in an earlier video the rims still waiting on the tires man and once the tires get in i’m gonna get them get those put on and when i get them put on i’m going i’m gonna do a little swapping around

Here these little panels here they’re gonna be changed to red and uh i’m gonna change out those intake covers man you just have to see what else man congress is gonna look a little bit different not much you know the uh the panels and stuff are still going to be the same the carnage vinyl on the front frunk as you can see here it’s still going to be there popping

But you know just a little few little subtle changes other than the wheels the wheels are going to be a big change but other little subtle changes you know and then you know i don’t want to like just overload it i wanted to keep it simple but personalize it a little bit so that’s what i’m trying to do with carnage here still a work in progress but i still love

This dude man uh 2020 can-am riker rally and we’re about to load up about to mount up roll out give me a little squeak gatorade there’s little gnats around here something serious get a little square made get a little squid gatorade or i may go to downtown lower port drink some gatorade and be out but uh you know what i think i’m going i’m gonna end this video

Here uh trying to keep these videos a little bit shorter uh if you would please hit that like button smash that subscribe button and tap that notification bell so you’ll know when future videos are coming like i said before i’m trying to get up to a thousand subscribers of course that’s the goal for most youtubers i’m not gonna say everyone but most youtubers

Do want to get up to a thousand subscribers i when i get to 500 subscribers i’m gonna do a giveaway when i get closer to 500 i’ll announce what i’m giving away so be on the lookout for that but like i said you got to help me get there man you got to help me get there so uh let’s continue to uh work together and get this channel to grow and be one of the uh one

Of the successful three-wheel channels out there man i’m trying to trying to get up there with all the rest of them so uh a little help would be appreciated for sure like i said i’m about to end this video here i’m gonna take it on in man and enjoy the rest of my day and um enjoy my day off tomorrow back at it on wednesday so uh let’s go as always watch out

For that black ice on the road arrington all day deuces

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Can-Am Ryker ride to Oliver Lock and Dam on a nice Evening! #BlakICE #CanAmRyker By Blak ICE