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Can-Am Spyder F3 / RT Handlebar Riser Kit

🛒Can-am Spyder F3 / RT Handlebar Risers:

What’s up spider owners brandon here with and today we have our adjustable handlebar riser kit for the canon spider f3 and 2020 newer spyder rt models now if you’ve been riding your can-am spider for as long as we have you know that being comfortable while riding is essential especially on those long twenty rides so if you’re having a hunch over to

Reach the handlebars you’re more than likely not enjoying your ride time to the extent that you should be so with comfort in mind we partnered up with a team over at show chrome accessories to bring you guys an aluminum handlebar riser kit that’s compatible with both the spyder f3 lineup as well as the 2020 newer rt and rt limited now this kit’s manufactured

Out of aluminum and then powder coated in a black finish for that clean factory look now this riser kit not only includes a pair of riser blocks but also includes two additional spacers providing you with up to three different bar adjustment options so you can fine tune your handlebar position that’s the most comfortable for you now before we get started with

The installation we’d recommend installing the riser blocks first then sitting in the riding position to see if you’re happy with the new bar height but if you feel you’re still reaching for the bars after the riser blocks have been installed you can go back through and install one or both of their provided spacers to accommodate your needs now today i’m going

To walk you through the installation process of both the riser blocks and the spacers on our shop after limited let’s get started start by adding a little dab of removable thread lock to the four new allen head screws provided in the kit then place a towel on top of your tank to prevent it from getting scratched when we lower the bars down later now unscrew and

Remove the four factory seven millimeter allen head screws with washers and put them aside since we will not be reusing the factory hardware now that loctite used from the factory is pretty strong stuff so the factory bolts may be a bit tough to remove now make sure when you’re removing the screws that you’re holding onto the bars otherwise they’ll fall and possibly

Scratch your panels next you can carefully lower your bars and remove your top plate now you’ll notice that when you remove your factory handlebars that there’s a center alignment pin that goes into a hole at the bottom of your bars to mark the center position now the manufacturer has designed this riser kit so that this pin will no longer be used once the risers

Have been installed which will allow for additional pitch adjustment of the bars so you can fine tune your handlebar position to where you like it now insert the riser blocks on their appropriate sides making sure that they’re sitting flat if you’ve installed your risers correctly they will sit flush like the image on the left if your risers look like the image on

The right then you have installed the risers incorrectly and we’ll need to make the necessary adjustments then you can set the top plate back over top of the bars and insert the four new eight millimeter allen head screws tightening them down just enough so that they’re snug now once your riser blocks are installed sit in your riding position to see if you’re

Happy with the new bar height and if you are make sure the middle of the handlebars are centered with the top plate then go through and tighten down all four allen screws evenly back down to the factory recommended torque spec also be sure that once all four screws are tightened down that they’ve threaded all the way through the base plate on the underside of the

Bar assembly and that you pre-applied removable thread locker to the end of all four screws prior to reassembly now if you feel your bars could still be a little bit closer you can install the spacers by first loosening the four allen head screws and then carefully lift up on the whole handlebar assembly so you can slide in the spacers underneath and then

Tighten down those four allen head screws back down to the factory recommended torque spec again threading it all the way through the base plate on the underside of the bar assembly so now that your installation is complete be sure that your handlebars clock all the way to the left and all the way to the right and that your bars feel securely in place before

Heading out for the next ride and there you have it folks so if an adjustable handlebar riser kit seems like something you’d like to have on your canon spider then be sure to head on over to today or click the link in the description below to grab one for yourself and don’t forget to like subscribe and hit that notification bell so i can keep you

Up to date on everything spider i’m brandon signing out until next time you

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