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Can Am Spyder RT. Random Thoughts at a 1000 miles. TRAVEL VLOG #3

While traveling a scenic route from Valdosta, GA. I travel through Quitman, GA and Monticello, FL .. enroute to Tallahassee, FL. My thoughts on the BRP connect app, Dealing with roadkill, Spyder handling, riding in the cold and the reality of commuting on the Can Am Spyder RT.

Hello friends coach bob here today and today as you can see i’m not my normal spots that i’m leaving out up i made a trip over to my hometown valdosta georgia to uh take care of my mom a little bit she had a few things going on you know the typical appointments and stuff man it’s great to be around my mom that would be able to come over here as often as i do the

Trip really is not a bad one it’s a little over 60 miles which led me to thinking what would it be like the commute on one of these way to go dude you know that 30 mile 40 mile trip that a lot of people in this great country of ours have to travel you know we really do put in some miles so it’s first off i was kind of curious what that would feel like and and

Then also what’s it like to ride in the cold and and what about turning speeds you know when i’ve been talking about on my first couple of videos about what this thing is like you know when you’re when you’re going into a turn and that weird feeling or or braking distances or acceleration and those sorts of things that that i’m starting to get used to and get

A little more acclimated to you know that that sort of thing and some of the hazards of the road cars roadkill and that sort of stuff we’re gonna be going through a couple little towns today we’re gonna be going through equipment georgia and monticello florida places like that and i’m gonna have an opportunity to to take you down really one of my favorite roads

And it’s called the asheville highway or as we lovingly know up here is county road 146 and you know that road is just beautiful its farmland its curves its hills it is just one of those roads that when you write it you just turn the music off and and you just enjoy the now this morning i’m gonna tell you i didn’t have the cameras going in a well today i’m really

Sorry that i that i didn’t have them going because when i entered equipment this morning coming towards valdosta a truck hit a curb man and he just sparks flying everywhere like man that would have been a great camera shot and and then you know i rode by the auto parts store what must have been being robbed there was half a dozen police cars in the park it’s crazy

And then i get into my hometown and there’s a building burning down fire trucks everywhere and police cars everywhere just crazy so ended up just running by zaca dudes of picking up breakfast you know gotta gotta feed the machine so i’m gonna stop here in just a minute get a little gas and get on the road and i’ll talk with you for a few minutes as soon as we’re

Leaving valdosta and then there is we hit equipment and then we’ll really start to talk when i hit that beautiful asheville highway all right see it a minute it’s all gassed up let me get all this this trip meter and stuff cleared here you know it seems like one thing i’m gonna have to get used to is the vrp connect app everything is done through this brp

Connect app for your gps and yes you’re gonna hear my gps talking to you it’s not like i don’t know my way home trying to get used to this thing while i am familiar with my surroundings so that when i get into unfamiliar surroundings that i don’t really make a bad boo-boo so but the brp connect app it’s a little arduous for me right now i can’t say that i love

It but i don’t paid it either i just have to just have to learn to use it and the way that you access it there is a usb cable that’s inside the front trunk yes they call it the franck and it’s kind of a pain because you have to have the vrp a pope and you have to have your map open you have to have the music open in your accuweather open now once those things are

All opened and you plug it in and you turn the kmo on it syncs up pretty well but there are some weird little glitches in it i’ve noticed a weird thing that comes up on my map sometimes the top maybe the top 25% we have as far as just the top inch of it is as a dark blue and then when i change the view of it that disappears and it looks fine so so i don’t really

Know what’s going on there and and i’ve had a couple of times where it didn’t read the app i had to unplug the phone we plug in the music thing it doesn’t really always pick up all of the artists or all of my playlists it does pretty good but i don’t want to tell you it’s great but i’m not gonna slam it yet because i know i can i’m gonna learn this thing because

It is a lot easier now than it was i have figured out a lot of things on this thing i wish brp or kin amer or whoever the people that actually make the handbook would maybe make this information a little more readily available it seems like it is a lot of hit and miss and that sort of things so anyway that’s really my my initial bolts on the brp connect out i’ll

Be doing some videos on that by the way so it’s it’s it’s just one of those things learning the learning curve is quite steep so but this is my hometown we’re leaving and i’m gonna hit the high road nothing but log trucks here i will talk to you as we enter a beautiful quitman georgia so welcome to lovely quitman georgia now i’m gonna tell you i really i really

Do like quitman georgia goodman is the county seat there’s a phrase the county seat of brooks county georgia now there’s a car dealer here kasparek like a dodge jeep chevrolet dealerships anyway i went to high school with him i played football with him i hear on the radio every now and then going you know drive it like you stole it that sort of thing so anyway

Every time i drive through drive through cleveland i think it casts so chasm you see this how’re you doing so as i said earlier when i left tallahassee this morning it was pretty early and the temperature was somewhere around the low 30s and the high 20s when you were in the low-lying areas outside in the country it was quite a chilly ride but really it wasn’t

Uncomfortable now i do have the rt which means i do have a nice windscreen and everything on it but i don’t have a heated seat i do have heated drips i was wearing just a regular pair of jeans with like an under armor pants under it and then just a fleece with a joe rocket jacket that’s really a three season jacket and i did was wearing a pair of winter gloves

And it really wasn’t bad i was never really uncomfortable and the drivetime let’s talk about the drive time because we are talking about a 60 mile ride so i would think that a commute certainly a forty mile commute would not be out of the question on a machine at this time it was the time wise is what i would base it on comfort was fine so when i look at the time

I did pretty well i look at how long it took me to get there in my car always aware and then i compare that to how long it takes me to get there on the spider there probably wasn’t a ten minute difference which i think is absolutely exceptional to be able to ride outside and do your thing and not be exhausted when you get there the spider is a nice it is really

Nice right so so commute 40 miles he’s 29 degrees easy or as my wife would say crazy but another really cool thing about putting the georgia that that i remember always hearing about as a boy james pierpont who used to live here you wrote jingle bells so go figure that gallon equivalent georgia he wrote jingle bells that’s pretty cool also he was the uncle of jp

Morgan so bet you didn’t know that so here we are for my favorite road in the world oh yeah now one of the things on this road is that is a hazard that’s always after this road killed man always see a bunch of stuff i’m here a lot of wildlife out and that sort of thing pardon the sun man it’s just blinded in the afternoon i didn’t know if i am for me filming

But what the heck so but anyway a lot of animals so i have discovered that if you really line it up right if it’s small game like you know opossum the raccoon things you normally see in the road you can go slightly off-center it can go inside your front wheel and outside your back wheel but if you center it you try to straddle it you’re gonna feel the big bump

On the backside and that ain’t no fun so there it is there’s the roadkill part of it but if you see big game or big things in the road i saw a big aluminum ladder in the interstate we scared the heck out of me thank goodness i didn’t hit it look out for that stuff alright here’s here’s the first turn speed limit is 45 here so if you motorcycle guys and i try to

Accelerate out of the turn just like on a motorcycle that is way more comfortable now than it was a week ago on this road there are probably five or six turns like that this morning when i was coming in it was cold it was dark it was foggy i was a little a little more apprehensive on these things here’s the other one in the other direction and for whatever reason

I’m more comfortable going to the right i don’t know why i just am but oddly enough i’m more comfortable going left on a motorcycle i don’t know maybe that’s that pushing with the left-handed thing this is one of my favorite parts of the ride you know you just kind of get in that rhythm just settling farmland just goes for miles just up here on the left it’s not

Really already an amish community i think they’re the mennonites they have a place they live i don’t know what they call it you know what whatever they called it there everything that is absolutely beautiful here it is right here if you’re ever in north florida you ever get a chance to ride county road 146 between monticello equipment georgia it definitely need

To do it it is well worth your time what a beautiful beautiful so the finish of our trip is going to be here in beautiful historic monticello florida monticello county seat of its everything county there it goes again monticello is a town word basically there’s just a lot of old stuff here they have a little opera house here and a couple of restaurants and

I believe there’s some indian mounds and that stuff in the area and an old jail museum that i see when i drive through the monticello is a beautiful town and it’s really close to home i’d ride through here a lot when i’m just out cruising well that’s pretty much it for this edition i really do look forward to continuing to grow on this machine as i get better and

Start to understand more about it and its capabilities and i look forward to sharing that information with you so until next time god bless take care of yourself work hard stay fit and season

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Can Am Spyder RT. Random Thoughts at a 1000 miles. TRAVEL VLOG #3 By CoachBob3