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Can You Repair Badly Damaged and Peeling Clear Coat?

In this video we are going to see whether it is possible to repair peeling, flaking or heavily damaged clear coat on a car. As you might have seen in my previous video, it is possible to repair clear coat if you catch the damage before it reaches the base coat and start’s damaging layers bellow.

How’s it going folks so today as a follow-up to one of my previous videos on how to repair damaged clear coat on your car we are going to try to repair the clear coat damage on this 1995 toyota camry and as you can see unlike the previous video the clear coat damage on this toyota camry is quite severe as far as the hood on this car is concerned you want to talk

About clear coat damage there is no clear coat damage but that’s only because there’s absolutely no clear coat on this hood whatsoever now i know people are going to be curious about this so while we added and when we’re trying to repair the damage click coat on the fender we’re going to go ahead and spray some clear coat on the hood as well now before we go any

Further and just in case the clear coat repair we’re about to do here it turns out really really well and i think everyone needs to know that no matter what we do here the clear coat repair is not going to be a long-lasting repair and for this repair i’m going to be using this to ke clear coat that you see right here and obviously you want to try to use a toque a

Clear coat because they are a lot better than these one k or one single stage clear coat that you can buy at your local auto parts store as far as y2k clear coats are better basically a toque a clear coat is a two part care coat one part clear and then one part hardener see on these cans the hardener is on the bottom and i’ll show you how to mix it with the clear

Coat later now if you’re interested in this to kick they cook or any other tools of products that i’ll be using in the making of this video and you want to buy them online i’ll put links to where you can find them for cheap in the description box down below so don’t be afraid to click on at mine check em out as far as why the clear coat repair we’re about to do is

Not going to be a long-lasting your pair but also just to teach you the basics of automotive paintwork we are going to take a quick lesson in the steps involved in painting a car all right so fresh off the production line all the different panels on your car are going to be basically bare metal basically they’re going to look like this bare piece of metal that i

Have here so in order to protect this bare piece of metal the first thing that’s going to be sprayed on it is going to be some type of self-etching primer or any poxy primer and again this is to protect the middle against rust moisture and corrosion and next after that dries it’s time to spray some base coat base coat being what gives your car its color and your

Basecoat is going to be the thinnest layer the different finishes that are sprayed on your car and it’s just there to apply some color and then after the base coat dries and after a certain amount of time passes by then clear clear spray and clear coat has to be applied within a certain window after you apply your base coat let’s say about an hour up to 24 hours

And that’s so it can bond and stick to the base coat and the job of your clear coat is to protect your base coat against the sun and also give it that nice shiny gloss so this is not so shiny right now but pretty soon it’s going to have a nice shiny gloss there i think you guys can see it better at this angle alright enough for that now let’s get on to the repair

Procedure so first thing you want to do is to get yourself a bucket of clean water and then add your favorite car wash soap and then using a clean sponge thoroughly clean the panel’s that are to be repaired now it’s true that if you use a sponge and if you go hard enough you can put hairline scratches on your clear coat but again there is no clear coat on this

Car now after that you get yourself another clean bucket of water and thoroughly wash down the panels and obviously this would be a lot easier if you could use a garden hose but i just don’t have one here inside the shop well they just thought of a pretty cool tip i can you guys and that’s you know you can just use water to get an idea of how things will look like

After you apply your clear cut so for example here on the hood this is probably what’s going to look like after we apply our clear coat and give this panel that’s shiny gloss as you can see the discoloration in the base coat has been gone been going off or just way too long and you’re still going to see it even if you apply a clear coat to it but it is a bit of

An improvement i guess also you can use the same thing to see whether the damage to the lens of your headlight is from the outside or from the inside you know just spray some water and that’s pretty much what it’s going to look like if you were to apply clear coat to the outside of it now in the case of this headlight as you can see there is a lot of improvement

When we put water so you know a lot of corrosion to the outside of this lens but still 100% clear so you know there’s also some corrosion today inside of this lens as well all right next to grab yourself a microfiber towel and then thoroughly dry off the panel’s that are going to be repaired all right now as you can see we still have clear coat towards the bottom

Portion of this panel it’s but it’s completely missing on the top part now in order for the new clear coat that we’re going to be spraying on here to have that stick to this old clear coat we need to scuff up this old clear coat you can either use some 1500 grit sandpaper or a gray scotch brite pad and this isn’t just any scotch brite pad this is made specifically

For auto body and paint repair and if you’re interested again link in the description box and i prefer this because not only it’s easier to use than a sandpaper but it’s also going to be a lot easier using this to get rid of this flaking clear coat that we have around the edges you really need to get rid of all this otherwise you know whatever you spray over this

Is going to flake off with it all right now since this is a pretty severe case pretty much no matter what we do there’s still gonna be some flaky clear coat around the edges but you know we’re just going to do the best we can also it goes without saying make sure you don’t scratch the adjacent panels when you go near them with your scotch brite pad you know put some

Tape on them if you have to yadda yadda but you know i’m not going to spend so much time on this car because this is going to the junkyard pretty soon all right so i’m just going to stop halfway i’m going to bother with the rest of this fender but if you were to do this properly you would you know use the scotch brite pad on the entire panel that way when you go to

Spray your clear coat you can simply spray clear coat on the entire panel and be done with it and you know what just for kicks and giggles i’m going to split this fender up to three segments to the center area we’ll leave alone so we can compare our repair areas with that on this left side we’ll spray our clear coat just that it is right now but on the right side

I’m also going to scuff up the base coat with the scotch brite pad see if that makes any difference again some of the green base coat is going to come off with your squash pipette but i tried it on this little area on the hood earlier and as you can see it does look a little greener and the rest of the hood oh yeah we’re gonna do the hood as well all the benefits

Of having a crappy car at your disposal i guess so they’re as expected bunch of base coat came off so once again after we finish sanding we grab yourself a clean bucket of water again thoroughly wash down our handle all right so normally next step would be to tape and mask around the panel that’s about to be sprayed but since this car is going to the junkyard again

I’m not going to bother with that so there’s that but if you’re doing this on a car that’s not going to the junkyard i recommend you put masking paper on the entire car or at least all the way to the rear windshield because these cans they’re pretty strong and when once you start spraying if the rest of the car is not covered you’re gonna get overspray on them and

Since this is 2k clear coat you’re gonna have a hard time cleaning it off all right so next we’re going to shake the skin for two minutes next we’ll remove this plastic cap from up top and place it on the bottom like this all right and next we’ll just turn this upside down and then press it down from up top and that mixes the hardener with our care cup and once

More we shake it for two minutes so what we’re going to do is to apply three medium coats to each segment with 50% overlap also it’s very important before you start spraying you grab yourself one of these no i’m your mom’s baby daddy so you want to spray this from about 80 inches away from the panel and also make sure you start moving your hand before you start

Pressing down on this and start spraying otherwise if you’re not moving before you start spraying you’re going to leave a blob of clear coat on one end so there’s that side all right so here’s what we have after our first pass you know a little bit of improvement but again you are spraying clear coat on a panel that has hardly any clear coat left so there is going

To be improvement but how good is it kind of come out that’s a different story all right five minutes later and now we’re going to make our second pass and our third and final coat all right next i’m just going to wait about an hour and then go ahead and remove the center piece and then we can look and see if you’ve made any improvements all right so it’s been an

Hour let’s peel these off as always as i’ve said before you want to peel these away from the clear coat you just spray it on there there we go alright so first here’s a look at the hood improvement yeah i would say so how much of an improvement not too sure all right there’s a shot at this angle you guys can see it better as you can see it’s still pretty clear where

The clear-cut damage was before we start spraying as far as whether this side is better than this side that we sand it down with our scratch pipette you know honestly i can’t really tell the difference maybe just a little bit better on this end actually just a tad from this angle at least actually wants to get closer i’m not sure if you guys going to be able to pick

These up but you can see some light spots lighter spots on this side where we sanded with our scratch brite pad whereas on this side is you know i still this there’s still clearly discoloration but it’s at least somewhat more even and here’s look from a little further back this might give you a better idea of how things look like so as you can see things are shinier

I mean that’s expected you’re spraying clear coat you’re going to have some improvement but you know the areas where we had the damage clear coat when it transitions to areas where there’s still clear coat the difference is still noticeable even though we have clear coat on both sides now i guess an argument could be made that if we were to spray the hood and the

Hood only there would be a noticeable difference and it would be a you know pretty big improvement but it will only be because there would be nothing to compare it to you know like on the fender discoloration to the base coat that has happened over time that this clear coat on the top portion has been missing when you spray clear coat on both sides you know you can

Compare it to each other and then there’s a huge difference whereas on the hood you know the clear coat is completely gone so you had nothing to compare to and what could argue it would make a huge difference now if this result disappointed you fear none because in the next few weeks i’m going to make a video showing you how you can sand apply primer and also base

Coat and clear coat using nothing but spray cans now before you go do me a favor and share this video on your favorite social network and also check out these other related videos of which i’ll put links to on this side of the screen that you can click on there will also be links in the description box down below as well alright thanks for watching i’ll see you guys next time you

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Can You Repair Badly Damaged and Peeling Clear Coat? By Ratchets And Wrenches