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Cardo Packtalk BOLD JBL unBOXing and review

Cardo Packtalk BOLD JBL unBOXing and review! Very excited to share this one with you guys! Big fan of these Packtalks and Cardo over the years

What is going on youtube welcome back to another adventure with brady bobber and today we’re talking about the cardo pack talk bold and right here we have the duo so i’m going to be doing an unboxing and i’m also going to cut over and we’re going to do a little bit of a review talking about this system right here this communication device which i can tell you

Right now i absolutely love cardo i’ve been using a couple others already this packtalk bowl with the jbl well we’re going to get into it so we got that beautiful casing there there we go so you can see right here we have the duo pack really nice unit here going over the community like right here you have buttons you can easily answer with all of these like

If you have a phone call coming in you have your volume up and down button also this clicks i don’t know if you can hear that but it’s got a little nice click to it so play all that fun stuff right there little antenna for an extra extension so this one comes with both of those so for like me and bombshell biker riding together using comm units is always

A plus um bombshell may not want to listen to me all the time but she uh she at least gets to listen to her radio so a lot of stuff for install for the helmet we have the jbl speakers right here okay guys so right here we have one of the installation kits for the helmet for one of the units it comes with the new jvl speakers cardo got with jbl and did these

Beautiful little speakers here to fit in the helmet so we’re going to give those a shot you can see it comes with a mic setup right here like bombshells running her full face and i’m running a modular so we’re going to do a little bit different thing on mine but we have that right there you have your charging unit all your connectivity right here we have the

Piece right here that goes on the side of your helmet and connection wires alcohol pad to help dry speaker pieces these also right here so some helmets need a little bit more of a cushion to your ear like they put in there so you put this in between your helmet and your speaker if you need to change up the style helmet you have i can go ahead and throw that for

You we have this ring sticky on the side and use that as a clip instead of the little horseshoe like piece here and then you also have your like boom style mic which is real nice same thing we got the velcro pieces in here okay guys so right there you have the installation kit for one of the helmets and like i said there’s two in here so no reason to go over

That again but we’re gonna go ahead and move time forward the magic of youtube and talk about these on the helmets yeah all right guys as you can see we have the units installed on these two helmets here i have one on bombshell bikers full face helmet and if we take that down real quick you can see inside there i have the little mic velcroed up so and on mine

We have the modular and we have the boomstick on that one so it makes it a lot easier you could also run this on the three-quarter helmets and do like the extra dead cat stuff like that i believe there’s different ways to do it on half shells too i just have never tried so don’t quote me on that one but just so you guys can see it’s a quick easy install with

These they slide on the wiring and all the stuff goes underneath the padding just some velcro or like sticky just depends on how you want to set it up super simple to use these guys um you know everything’s real easy on the instructions there’s some talk stuff like hey cardo you don’t change the song you know hey to answer your phone stuff like that and even

Then let’s say everything’s loud it doesn’t want to pick up your voice any of these things will click to answer the phone even right here you have the click and that’s going to like usually be like player music stuff like that these also have an fm radio so you’d be like uh double click for that or one click for your phone connectivity for your music super

Easy to use super easy to skip like it’s one touch these are far enough apart like when you’re feeling them on the side let’s say you’re going down the road and all that stuff with your hand it’s super easy to know front top down and this button when you’re going usually you only need these two right here that’s all i ever you really use now yeah i can’t i

Cannot recall using a timer i didn’t use or i didn’t i did use those i use these two only super simple to use now the range on these you got your little antenna there i usually do use it i have noticed they worked a little bit better they claim a mile between riders and we’ve had six riders which helps the mesh network um you know connectivity front to back

Type deal and it worked fantastic if somebody fell off too far once they got back in they reconnected which is super nice just even for us too is very nice they do have a bluetooth network as well so you can swap out of the mesh and bombshell rode with her sister and her sister has one of our old freecom4s freecom4 is on the bluetooth network and this was

Able to connect to it without a problem and they were able to communicate which is super nice and then when she got back we switched it back over to mesh and then we were able to go back on our business now the biggest thing for me was the writing like uh in a group i think that helped out tremendously and being able to hear my own music especially when i was

On the scout and didn’t have the bagger at the time so all these things are really really nice yes uh if you guys know i have the indian scout bobber with the freedom two to one exhaust and i can easily hear these jbl speakers over that exhaust without a problem i still hear the exhaust but these speakers do a fantastic job i clearly hear my music and there’s

Been times when my music was too loud and i didn’t hear other things so i have to be cautious um the mile range i would say is fair but the more you’re out in the middle of nowhere the better that connection is because you don’t have i feel like with the city and everything else going around you you’re gonna get less um with the city you get more interference

Where outside the city you get less interference so that to me made a big difference on these uh they are waterproof and you know because if you’re going on the rain stuff like that you gotta have it where it’s gonna do that um i have tested this i have gone in the water and got my helmet wet about up to here i’m not saying you should do this i’m just saying

I’ve done it because you know you have your speakers on the inside and everything like that which don’t say anything about water but i sweat in my helmet like crazy i have not had a single issue with any of this stuff um you know right in 118 degree weather drenching these speakers uh and not had one issue whatsoever like i said super easy also this super

Great connectivity right here just a little click connection you got your little piece right here so you can charge it it does say 13 hours of battery life i would say that’s fair uh just depends on you know don’t leave it on stuff like that you know i’ve done that on accident got to work and just went to use my phone and i was like i can’t hear anything oh

Yeah it’s still connected to my helmet so that was one thing i think the freecom4s had a little bit better battery life but they weren’t pushing as big as speakers and they didn’t have everything else to them so these are if you’re not needing all the other stuff the freecom4s from cardo are fantastic as well i’ve used cardo a few times now we’ve had i think

It’s the cardo one and that’s just for a single rider you’re never gonna ride with a group you have your music and you’re good to go these one uh then the freecom4s which i thought were absolutely fantastic the battery life on those were amazing and then these guys uh but these are my favorite these jbl speakers and then the mesh network for group writing is

Just absolutely fantastic all right guys uh yeah after using these i absolutely say hands down i just really really love these i’ve never had an issue with this sticking off my helmet being in the way or anything like that just trying to really think about anything that you guys may be curious about for me that was one of them originally you know something

Else on your helmet you know everybody complains about gopros but you can see it and then the piece is super strong on there i don’t have the velcro one i do have the little like bone piece because with like a wishbone you won’t whatever you want to call it uh they do have different ones i can’t remember the name of it off the top my head but i’ll put that in

The description where they have the buttons and everything back here but to me i really like this unit really easy to use uh this volume turn is fantastic just it’s super easy to take your hand brush it back brush it forward up and down for your volume super easy button to use to press play or stop i love simple stuff that works well this works fantastic mesh

Network i once everybody’s connected and you’re following the instructions you are good to go like i said we had a group of six people doing this and i can’t imagine doing that right again without these all right guys if you have any questions go ahead and let me know down in the comments cardo you can check out their link in the description below as well and

Take you to their website and check these out uh if you guys get these i think you will not be mad about it these are fantastic all right youtube stay safe stay classy i’ll catch you on the next one you

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Cardo Packtalk BOLD JBL unBOXing and review By Adventures of the Bearded Bobber