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Cardos 2022 Unit Line Up

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Hello and welcome to this year’s complete product line overview i’m mike told with cardo and in this video we’re going to highlight the many things that are new as of this year but also take a deeper look into the three different product lines in front of me the spirit line the freecom x line and the packtalk line but before we do let’s cover some blanket facts

That apply to all cardos every unit we make comes with toolless installation we’ve said goodbye to the allen wrench approach in favor of a clean flush mount that stays above the helmet line is super easy to install and takes up minimal space every cardo is going to be 100 waterproof uh which means if you find yourself in crazy weather either by choice or by accident

Your cardo is going to hold up every cardo has access to the cardo connect app now this app is amazing there’s one app that applies to all products on the table it allows for full configuration of the unit it acts as a full-fledged remote control of the unit we’re talking even the entry-level one um is user-friendly and is available on ios and android alike all of

These come with a standardized 3.5 millimeter plug for the speaker plug-in and the speakers that come with these they’re phenomenal but what that allows is if you wanted to use your own earbuds or custom in your molds or find your own helmet speaker that you prefer uh go for it you can use literally any of those with these systems every cardo unit has the universal

Connectivity meaning you can pair your headset with that of any other brand for intercom they can all utilize self-adjusting volume meaning that the system will automatically raise and lower the volume of the headset for you based on your ambient noise each of them can be used while taking a charge and have at least a two year warranty now if i take the two veterans

Off the table for a second these products left over the ones that have just been released just came out for this year really bring things to another level for starters each of them is powered by the latest bluetooth chip 5.2 the most advanced on the market all of these support truly over-the-air software updates all done via the cardo connect app we talked about

A second ago and without the need for a cable or a dongle or a docking station we’ve adopted usb type-c for all of the five units you see here and all of them support fast charging which is basically 20 minutes of juice yields two hours of additional riding time so the big question what makes them different from each other uh what we’ll do is we’ll break it down

Between our bluetooth headsets and our dmc mesh headsets and we’ll go from there let me get the table switched around i’ll be right back okay so these are our bluetooth-based intercom systems and the way to navigate through them is this starting with the spirit line spirit represents a rare combination of incredible capability and not a lot of sting on the wallet

What i mean by that is the things we just talked about a second ago bluetooth 5.2 over-the-air firmware updates rapid charging a lot waterproof a lot of these things that you only ever find in the mid level the high level you’re finding in the spirit line and spirit line is that entry level so if you’re looking for the absolute most for the absolute least you

Got to put spirit on your consideration plate um spirit spirit hd the difference between the two out of the gate hd you’re going to find the inclusion of an fm radio and bigger speakers so this has 40 millimeter hd speakers whereas the spirit comes with 32 millimeter speakers you also have a range difference 400 meters on the spirit bike to bike unit 600 meters on

The spirit hd bike to bike with hd you also find a wideband intercom which means just a higher quality intercom relationship lastly 10 hour battery life 13 hour battery life on the spirit hd that’s how you find your way through those two units if you’re looking for more if you’re looking for better bigger range if you’re looking for bigger sound or just that next

Level experience that’s when we start talking about the freecom x line when moving to the freecom x line there’s a few attributes you pick up immediately first is the design the ergonomics there’s a little roller wheel on the bottom that makes life very easy for changing volume and a few other operations but also the inclusion of sound by jbl both of these models

Come with the 40 millimeter jbl hd speakers three distinct sound profiles and offer a considerable bump in music quality music sound experience over the spirit line additionally the freecom x line introduces live intercom now this is an all new bluetooth intercom connection with exceptional audio quality and a very unique reconnect capability meaning when rider

Intercom disruptions happen which they do the system will automatically get to work in healing that automatically without the need to touch a bunch of buttons now your core difference between a 2x and a 4x is its intercom capability the 2x is designed for up to two people bike to bike or router passenger doesn’t matter uh at 800 meter bike to bike range whereas

The 4x can handle up to four riders whether that’s four different bikes or two up and two up whatever the arrangement is at a 1.2 kilometer range between unit and unit so as an intercom up to two people max up to four people max of course both include the waterproof the universal connectivity the cardo connect app all the stuff we talked about earlier one last thing

On the freecom 4x is the inclusion of natural voice 4x has natural voice operation 2x does not that feature alone opens up a whole world of hands-free operation one in which you’re not really touching the unit at all at that point you just say hey cardo and the command and it performs that function uh for example hey cardo music on or hey cardo mute audio or hey

Cardo volume down um very very capable feature okay that’s how to navigate through the bluetooth intercoms let me get the booth switched over and we’ll continue from there now that brings us to our premium products the packtalk line now all packtalks come with cardo’s dmc dynamic mesh communication cardo is the company that first conceived built and released the

World’s first mesh headset back in 2015 and has been refining it and improving it ever since then when it comes to crystal clear always-on flexible networking of reliable stable intercom connections dmc is still very much so in a league of its own but fight the urge to reserve it for only large groups there are benefits even with two or three riders involved that

Are inherent of dmc that outperform really the nature of any bluetooth headset cardo’s included those who are familiar with cardo likely recognize a few uh familiar faces on the table packtalk bold being the one that has led the mesh charge since 2015 and then packtalk slim which shares the exact same feature set as bold but packaged in a six and a half millimeter

Thin unit which basically becomes part of your helmet we call it semi-integration these two units have played a revolutionary role in the communication landscape and to be able to build upon that and create something like packtalk edge has resulted in something that’s truly remarkable physically packtalk edge is an all new design with an internal antenna instead

Of the pop-up and features an all-new magnetic air mount once you put the unit close to the helmet the cradle grabs it and is not letting go packtalk edge is our first unit to come with the second generation of dynamic mesh communication pairing has never been so simple pairing has never been so fast in addition you’ll notice an even higher quality when it comes

To voice intercom transmission the unit comes equipped with a redesigned sound by jbl it’s better stronger and louder and includes three new sound profiles the natural voice operation has been improved by adding a completely new voice reception technology and an improved noise cancelling microphone just say hi cardo and the command and let it take it from there

The edge comes stock with our three year warranty and of course comes packed with all the features that we mentioned at the very beginning of this video to put it very simply if you’re looking for the best intercom that exists it’s that one right there okay that’s it now you can always check out the full tutorial videos in which we take a much deeper dive into

Each and every one of these or seek out the product pages on our website for more information thanks for watching see you next time

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Cardo's 2022 Unit Line Up By Cardo Systems