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CBR300R Tech Talk

The Honda CBR300R, a new breed in LAMS approved super sports bikes. Available now

Hi i’m glenn griffiths honda motorcycles national marketing manager here it is the exciting all-new honda cbr 300r honda’s next generation entry sport bike affordable and rider friendly with plenty of power and style the cbr 300r is the perfect size motorcycle for a wide range of riders let’s check it out the first thing you notice about the honda cbr 300r is

Its new look the prior cbr250r model took its design cues from the honda vfr 1200 but the new 300 takes its style from honda’s cbr sports bikes our 500 600 and cbr1000 like those models the cbr300r has a full front fairing angular dual headlights and a sporty overall stance the cbr 300r is a well-balanced motorcycle with a great mix of power and handling for

All types of riders and all kinds of riding conditions the engine is designed and tuned to deliver broad power you get smooth usable power from idle all the way up to redline this can be appreciated by any rider no matter how much experience they have a larger displacement engine also offers a big boost in horsepower the cbr300r has 17 more power than the cbr

250 as well as a healthy increase in torque so it has plenty of usable power around town and for the open road all of this and still giving you great fuel economy another outstanding characteristic of the cbr300r is its weight this motorcycle is 10 kilograms lighter than its nearest competitor it also has a low center of gravity those features plus the 300s

Low seat height and narrow mid section make this motorcycle extremely nimble and provide great handling the cbr 300r is suited to riders of all ages and ability anyone looking for a great value versatile bike that’s honda reliable and fun to ride it’s a great choice for anyone just getting into motorcycling riders who want to build their confidence as well as

Experienced riders looking for a reliable cost-effective option it’s a perfect choice for commuting short trips in town or just riding around with friends on the weekend you’ll notice the riding position is slightly more upright than a super sports bike it’s this is giving it a more comfortable ride and the newly designed seat is low enough to fit almost anyone

Also the seat’s narrow shape makes it easier for most riders to touch the ground when they come to a stop this is a real plus for someone who’s new to motorcycling for riders who prefer the look of a naked sports bike honda also offers the new cb 300f compared to the super sport styling of the 300r the 300f has a stripped down street fighter look like our larger

Displacement cb500f the 300f has urban attitude it features a single headlight digital instrument cluster and handlebars that are taller and wider for a comfortable upright riding position and it’s even lighter than the cbr 300r for quick maneuvering in town honda’s also offering a lower narrower seat for both the cb 300f and the cbr 300r and to make sure both

Models are a good fit for anyone’s budget honda is offering the cbr 300r and the cb 300f at a very competitive price either motorcycles are the perfect bikes for riders just getting started in motorcycling or anybody looking for a great motorcycle at a great price the cbr 300r and the cb300f expand honda’s sports lineup so customers have even more options to

Choose from for the full range of sports orientated bikes from the 300s all the way up to the cbr 1000rr honda has models designed to fit every rider

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CBR300R Tech Talk By WesternMotorcycles