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CBT, Direct Access and my first big motorbike

My biker chick motorcycle journey: Starting with my bike CBT (compulsory basic training), through to my Direct Access Course (DAS), passing my motorcycle test (Mod 1 and Mod 2) and getting my full unrestricted UK motorcycle licence. After which, I bought my first first big motorcycle, a Suzuki SV650cc, and my first and second bike ride out on the road.

So i originally started motorbiking back in 2014 when i bought my first bike suzuki marauder one two five i absolutely loved this bike at the time looking back it was the worst thing i could have possibly bought the whole bike was rusting through the indicators fell off the exhaust fell off and then a taxi driver ran over it and the brakes were horrendous eventually

When i moved to the city i got rid of it and then i took a few years off recently i’ve been getting itchy feet again and i decided it’s about the right time to start biking again so i went ahead i booked my cbt and it went a little bit like this so i did my cbt completely smashed it piece of cake got it out the way and then i went on a few biking adventures

Like we borrowed a monkey bike from honda it was a lot of fun and we did go on a few other adventures too but after my cbt i did manage to try out a 650cc and the instructor sean convinced me that i should you know give having a bigger bike a shot so we enrolled on my direct access we went through all the motions of doing everything and doing the training and then

Basically all we had left to do was book my test and get it over and done with except well it went a little bit like this how was the test saffron i failed oh where is that i was driving on the wrong side of the road into incoming traffic how was the test saffron i failed oh no why i indicated the wrong way how did the tesco saffron i didn’t make it there oh no

Why not i couldn’t find my glasses so i couldn’t take my test i’m sure you handled that extremely level-headed i handled it in a totally responsible adult way i didn’t have a meltdown at all how did the test go surf well let me tell you i can legally ride on the road so i guess the only thing left to do is well put my boots on and find a big girl bike so this

Is the bike that i ended up buying it’s a 2017 sv 650 and i’m going to be completely honest this was not my first bike in fact i did everything i could to try and persuade ant that i shouldn’t have this bike i nagged i pleaded i begged i really didn’t want it originally i really wanted a sports bike however ant felt like getting a sports bike was perhaps something

That i should work up to having i purchased this bike second hand luckily for me it already been lowered because i’m quite sure anyway there’s some crash bars thrown on and there’s some oxford heated grips however everything else is fairly standard so if you have any ideas for what kind of mods i should do to it over the next two years drop a comment below so in

Case you didn’t notice the bike that i eventually settled on is the same bike that i actually took my test on now i don’t just mean the same make in the same model i mean it is the bike that i took my test on i bought it directly from the bike school so although i’d rode this bike before it was always under the watchful eye of an instructor or under test condition

So being able to go out on the open road on what is now mine it was just very incredibly special little did i know that anthony would become my new instructor all right no front brake at this pizza you ready for your heel start right we misses my partner nerve-wracking much nicer on the back breaking it oh well so after my first ride out it made me realize that

What i was really looking forward to was my second ride out because there would be no instructors no examiners and no fiancees all of which would tell me how to ride it was just gonna be me and the bike doing my thing do you know what it is actually really nice having a ride out with an anthony he’s so overprotective and i’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who

Can relate to this i don’t know maybe you just started dating someone who started getting into bikes they just kind of get a bit overly worrisome so it’s really nice to have this kind of like nice time to myself and just really enjoy it without anthony pulling me over every five seconds and saying oh you did this wrong my second ride out was absolutely fantastic

It was honestly it was just so good and i just i went up into the hills i just switched my sat nav off and i just i just went and it was just it was just it was so good i don’t even have the words to describe how fun having your first big bike is like when you have a one two five it’s fun and it’s great because you’re on the road for the first time but when

You upgrade to a bigger bike it’s just the whole new realm of opportunities above 60 open up it’s amazing and honestly i’m so happy and although this wasn’t my original bike choice i am super glad that anthony talked me into it because i really am just loving having this bike and it is super comfortable for long distance as well i will give him that although a

Sports bike does look cooler but i just love it and i’m just really looking forward to making more videos and getting out on the road more and just going to new places and yeah i’ve got an incredible year ahead of me and it’s going to be great fun if you do like the content that i’m making don’t forget to drop a comment below hit like and hit subscribe and i’ll

See you next time this is lawyer in levers signing off

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CBT, Direct Access and my first 'big' motorbike By Saffy Sprocket