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CCM Motorcycles | Packing a punch with the big boys…

We were fortunate enough to sit down with CCM Motorcycles’ Managing Director, Austin Clews to discuss all things CCM. In this video Austin tells us about his history with the brand and also where they plan to take CCM motorcycles in the next three years.

So my name is austin clues i’m the managing director here at ccm family business and uh it’s my responsibility to make sure that the business runs smoothly and profitably so my father bought my first motorcycle well he made it actually out of a corgi paratroopers bike when i was two and a half years old um and you know i enjoyed a great life uh in you know

Growing up to being 15 years old traveling all around the world really with my father um attending the grand prix watching the likes of vic eastwood bob wright john banks in the 70s um and you know watching ccm my father and his team really uh packing a big punch with the big boys um so at the age of 15 i left school and uh my first job here was cleaning all

The swarf off the machines uh cleaning up and to be honest with you ever since then i’ve done pretty much every single job in this in this uh business you know i’ve spent years in in sales spent years in design of motorcycles i’m responsible for designing a lot of the motorcycles through the 90s and ride up to date really with the help obviously of a of a

Great design team so yeah i’ve really done every single job there is to do here and i understand every aspect of it over the years what we’ve learned is that we need to always find a niche uh in what we do because clearly we you know we can’t compete against the likes of uh of katie emma honda and those those guys uh we just don’t have the budgets for that

Um so you know we we’ve always tried to find a niche product so for example in the adventure market uh 2013 14 15 you know we we did the gp 450 adventure bike which which was you know we saw an opening there in the adventure bike market that people needed a motorcycle to actually use off-road properly um it’s a very lightweight small dakar style type of

Bike and that gave us a good leg up in the business really and then after that the spitfire you know in the in the naked sector of the motorcycle market again you know trying to find something that is on the minute um you know garage build type motorcycle but in sufficient numbers uh to make a business with it um and we developed a full range of spitfire

Motorcycles which has been very successful for us in the uk i think we’ve delivered around about 1800 into the uk at the moment in fact in 2019 it was the 10th bestseller in the country in the naked set we’ve gone from a very small family company turning over three years ago about one and a half million pounds um to three and a half million the year after

That and this last year fy 19 we turned over 12 million so you know the business is growing very fast and it has been you know a challenge really to to navigate the business through that which we’ve done we’ve delivered around about 1800 spitfires now to the uk market but of course in doing that we have received thousands and thousands of inquiries from

Europe and from america so we have to now start thinking about getting this product into europe and that is our next big challenge the spitfire is perfect for the american rider you know they it’s it’s a cool bike and and those guys are cool aren’t they so um but as i said you know step by step and the first thing for us is europe uh we’ve got a three-year

Plan uh in europe to to increase our sales there and once we’ve cracked that then it will be time for america this year we supplied motorcycles to the marvel black widow film hollywood blockbuster actually we went we went to uh we went to the um to the place to to show our products for the for the bond film we were asked to go down we got to last two and

The one that got awarded it unfortunately promised the bond film a couple of million quid or so um which obviously never came about and then triumph stepped in obviously with a i don’t know what but but they they ended up with it but actually another producer saw the motorcycles down uh down there um and immediately approached us and said do you want to do

You want to supply bikes for the uh for the um black black widow the marvel film the next the next marvel film of course and they also bought the bikes as well so we didn’t have to give them which was brilliant so yes we did that that film uh scarlett johansson is riding the bike in the film and that film will be out well it’s been delayed again i think it’s

Out in may next year now and on the back of that we also got another hollywood blockbuster called um infinite which uh in which mark wahlberg rides a bike so you know we’ve we’ve got some great marketing assets coming up uh for europe and obviously a bit of brand building for the usa for us as well

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CCM Motorcycles | Packing a punch with the big boys… By Carole Nash Insidebikes